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  1. Ryan Wishton

    Watch Eli Roth's "Thanksgiving" Trailer - *Grindhouse*

    Watch Eli Roth's faux trailer for Thanksgiving -- Online Now! Warning -- Rated R! http://media.movies.ign.com/media/74...62/vids_1.html
  2. Ryan Wishton

    Is it worth learning "German" in the U.S.A.?

    I've wanted to learn German for a long time... I've been pondering starting lessons for a foreign language requirement; however, is it worth learning in the long run? Basically, I don't want to spend an abundant time on something I won't be able to use in the future.
  3. Ryan Wishton

    Annoying Food Allergies. Do you have any?

    I was just thinking about some missed foods that I can no longer enjoy. Anyone else have food allergies around here? They can really be damaging when it comes to leading a life. Anyways, I have them to Gluten Grains (Wheat, Barley, Spelt, Triticale, Rye) as well as Dairy and Eggs. I had...
  4. Ryan Wishton

    Elm Street Prequel to be directed by Henry: POASK Director

    Seems New Line in following the lead of recent "torture" flicks. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer director John McNaughton is set to direct the upcoming Elm Street Prequel/Sequel. Since this movie is set to take place at least partially before the burning, this is set to be more...
  5. Ryan Wishton

    High Def. Titles wanted. Who do I have the better shot with?

    I am thinking of being an early adapter. I will definately have a player by Christmas. Having a plasma with no Hi-Def at all kind of sucks. But, I won't pay those cable rates. They are insane. $120 a month in our area just for an HD package with no movie channels. I have been using my tv...
  6. Ryan Wishton

    FAILURE TO LAUNCH Reviews!!! Sarah Jessica/ Matthew M.

    Other than Matthew's abs (not gay, but would like the abs myself), the always-enjoyable Kathy Bates and??? Well... that's all there is to this astonishingly formulaic movie. I thought it would be tough to be worse than I expected. This is one instance where FTL excels. The plot is so bad...
  7. Ryan Wishton

    Started eating healthy, but haven't gone to the bathroom. No pain, but....

    I was about 10 pounds overweight (stomach area). I am not a horrible eater, but figured I could do better, so I'm trying. I figured I would try to get a better body, so I started exercising again. I just have one problem. I haven't gone to the bathroom at all in days since the weekend. I...
  8. Ryan Wishton

    Need Animated TV Show Suggestions??? Both Adult and Kid

    Looking for Animated TV Shows/movies that are entertaining. Can be geared towards either kids or adults. Preferably both, but not necessary. Looking for a variety to fill all age groups (young childhood/teen/early adulthood/nostagia). I see people from every age group there is pretty...
  9. Ryan Wishton

    My DVD Collection? Tell me what I need. I need ideas?

    Here is my DVD Collection. http://www.dvdaficionado.com/dvds.html?cat=1&id=mrjay's Looking for advice on other choices I should look into? I am pretty open. Favorite Genres include Action and Horror. Comedy as well. Also interested in pretty much any other genre as well. Decades are...
  10. Ryan Wishton

    What are some of your favorite foods and/or drinks?

    What are some of your favorite foods and/or drinks? Anything (Healthy/Non-Healthy/Desserts/etc.) apply. Here are some of mine (I am both a healthy/non-healthy eater depending, so I have included both): 1. French Fries (Depends of where they are from). But, in general they have always been...
  11. Ryan Wishton

    Any further Dynasty Seasons Planned?

    I viewed Dynasty: Season 1 a long time ago it seems like. The cliffhanger (a 20 something year old cliffhanger I know) made me curious to see Season 2. I never saw this show when it aired. Plus the arrival of the ex makes me curious to see it. Anyways, are there any plans for Season 2 to be...
  12. Ryan Wishton

    Your most favorite decade overall? Mine was the 80's so far anyhow.

    Which is your most favorite decade overall? The one you enjoyed the most overall? Culture/Personal Life/etc., all included. I would have to say mine was the 80's. I was a kid, had loads of fun, liked the movies (so kill me I was a kid), money was there and needed not be worried about by...
  13. Ryan Wishton

    Your movie/tv show opposites. Where u go against the masses?

    This thread is devoted to TV show/Movie. Basically, it's a thread for things which that you believe go against the majority of fan views, people in general, etc. Things you may even be a little embarrased to admit. Here I go. The Ring: I thought is was sleep inducing and I saw it before...
  14. Ryan Wishton

    Killer Workout AKA Aerobicide Review.

    You know Jason, you know Freddy, and you know Leatherface. Now, get ready for: The Safety Pin Killer! That's right, in Killer Workout, a dumb slasher movie if I've ever seen one, the unseen murderer dispatches his (or her?) victims with an oversized, novelty safety pin. It is an odd choice to be...
  15. Ryan Wishton

    Good Horror Recommendations: Not the Obvious???

    I have recently gotten on a horror kick. Don't know why really as I have been disinterested for a few years (due to seeing too many klunkers for me personally), but I am looking for suggestions. I am sure a thread has probably been done like this, but I am more looking for choices that...
  16. Ryan Wishton

    Legal Question about Best Buy/Computers?

    I recently purchased a computer at Best Buy on Sunday. The thing was nothing but problems and on top of that was virus infected. The box even looked to have been open. Keep in mind, this was sold and delivered to me as a new item. I returned it today. They charged me a restocking fee which...
  17. Ryan Wishton

    I got a speeding ticket. Need advice if I should go to court?

    I got a speeding ticket. It was for going 41 in a 35. The problem is that the officer marked going 41 in a 31 mph zone. 31 is marked on two spots of the ticket. Now, I have never heard of a 31 mph zone? This officer obviously added extra miles to this ticket. Should I go to court to...
  18. Ryan Wishton

    Will there ever be an HDTV Plasma/LCD that gives great SD quality?

    I own the Sony 37xs955 plasma. It is ok on standard tv. By standard tv, I mean ana. and dig. channels. I was just wondering as technology improves, will there be a very good quality plasma or lcd that will be able to give great quality on these sources? As good as an old set? I realized...
  19. Ryan Wishton

    Super Mario Bros DS. New Mario 2D Platformer for the DS

    Anyone else looking forward to Mario's return in a 2D Platformer? I loved Mario 3 and Mario World. I believe the last Mario 2D Platformer was in 1993 when Mario Land 2 was released for Gameboy. The 3D games such as Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine just didn't do much for me at all. I don't know...
  20. Ryan Wishton

    Probably one of the scariest sex offenders ever

    This comes from DVDTalk. You can read the following at that link. Please be aware that this is a real person and real photo at ths link. He is registered in Lucus County, Ohio. Members of Ohio who live in this are should use caution. Below includes all his info so you can use caution if in...
  21. Ryan Wishton

    Class Dissection Of Live Dog Outrages Parents, Students

    Class Dissection Of Live Dog Outrages Parents, Students A biology class lesson in Gunnison, Utah involving the dissection of a live dog has outraged some parents and students, according to a report. "I thought that it would be just really a good experience if they could see the digestive...
  22. Ryan Wishton

    Pictures of your Pets!!! Devoted to the Animal & The Strange

    I thought it would be neat to see what peoples pet's look like. We have a very strange dog. People are always so surprised when they see. Certainly not the type of pet you see everyday, but that's what makes Sophie even more special.
  23. Ryan Wishton

    The Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Copycat Killer. Yes, we have a psycho on our hands

    For those of you who haven't heard the news yet, it's true. We have a Jason wannabe running the streets. Of course it's after this movie series. As if it didn't have enough problems in the 80's. Maybe someone viewed Jason X and flipped out from how bad it was. Sorry. bad joke. I don't believe...
  24. Ryan Wishton

    Why did "I Love Lucy" end while Number 1

    I was just curious if anyone knows why the show "I Love Lucy" ended when it did? The show never went below #3 in the Neilson in it's entire run. Nielsen TV Ratings History: #3 in the 1951-1952 season #1 in the 1952-1953 season #1 in the 1953-1954 season #1 in the 1954-1955 season...
  25. Ryan Wishton

    Riding the Bus with my Sister??? CBS 2005. Rosey O'Donnell

    Has anyone seen this movie? If anyone will be getting an emmy this year, it will be Rosey for her insightful, high reaching, and emotional portrayal in this film. One of the best performances in the last 10 years. 4 out of 4 stars
  26. Ryan Wishton

    The Exotic House of Wax! Opening Theatrically 2006! Predicts/Opinions?

    Talk about just strange. After being shelved for years, they intend on giving this film a Theatrical release sometime in 2006? No doubt this has something to do with House of Wax being released. They even have a dumb blond AKA: Paris H. House of Wax eerily looks as if it took a few ideas from...
  27. Ryan Wishton

    Anyone else have the French Fries/Potato Addiction???

    So, Anyone else here just love the potato? For the life of me I just cant figure it out. This I am sure will sound just stupid, but this is my problem. The potato to me is what alcohol or gambling is to others. I can cut out the alcohol at will. I can avoid every refined sugar out there...
  28. Ryan Wishton

    Why is the Sony 32 inch XBR LCD Tv so grossly overpriced?

    I saw this tv at Circuit City. I liked the design pretty much when seeing it in the store. I thought i would make a nice set for a smaller room. What I cant understand is why is it so grossly overpriced at $5000+? I thought this was some kind of pricing error. But, it wasnt. I was absolutely...
  29. Ryan Wishton

    Ever get dumped by Credit Card company for paying in full every month?

    Well, it's no big surprise Credit Card companies love people who keep a balance. I mean if no one had a balance, the companies wouldnt be in business. Seems those who pay off their balance in full every month are the enemy. The question is have you ever been dumped by your credit card...
  30. Ryan Wishton

    Sony KV-30HS420 vs Sony KD-30XS955. Help.

    I was wondering if anyone has these tv's? Both are 30 inch Widescreen tv's. I am thinking about getting one of these for now and waiting another year or two for price decreases on bigger (42 inch) models of other technologies. Sony KV-30HS420 $999 Sony KD-30XS955 $1399 Which has a...