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  1. Steve Y

    Pinball Arcade is losing rights to Bally and Williams tables

    Public Service Announcement for pinball fans: As of June 30th, 2018, Farsight, the developer of the digital pinball simulation Pinball Arcade, will lose the rights to its Bally and Williams tables and will no longer offer them for purchase via their Pinball Arcade platform. The tables going...
  2. Steve Y

    Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom (PS4, PC)

    This comes out tomorrow (March 23) for the PS4 and PC. Anyone else picking this up? I have it pre-loaded on my console and can't wait. I adored the story and art style of the first Ni No Kuni game (which was released on PS3), but the combat left much to be desired, to say the least. In fact...
  3. Steve Y

    Plants vs. Zombies (PC/Mac) (Highly Recommended)

    I don't normally find myself gushing about strategy games, much less games of the "tower defense" variety (where you must use a collection of defensive and offensive items to fend off a horde of attacking enemies). However, Popcap Games has raised the bar (again) with their latest flagship...
  4. Steve Y

    HTF Pumpkin, Why Do You Mock Me?

    Why do you arise maliciously each year from the ashes of last Halloween? When I'm ready to forget, why do your pin-prick eyes mock me with their soulless glare? What did I do to you? You threaten to eat not only the Home Theater Forum Logo, but me as well! Why? Is your appetite that...
  5. Steve Y

    Console Game "Re-releases"

    By which I mean: the re-release of console games at lower prices with more features and/or bug fixes. Devil May Cry 3, Midnight Club 3, Snake Eater, Fable ... and this is only the beginning. I love console gaming because it has a distinct lack of mods, patches, or revisions... the best...
  6. Steve Y

    Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

    Fans of The Sands of Time, rejoice! We finally have a sequel that lives up to the promise of that game. The third game in the Prince of Persia "trilogy" is a return to form for the series. Don't listen to lukewarm or negative reviews -- this one does not disappoint. I know Warrior Within has...
  7. Steve Y

    Castlevania - 3D vs. 2D (rant)

    Rant on the heels of playing Curse of Darkness... All of the the Castlevania games available for the Nintendo handhelds have been very fun. While I think the last two are the best, all were enthusiastically well-received and continue the classic Castlevania "line". I think a good fighting...
  8. Steve Y

    SSX On Tour - First Impressions

    A friend of mine got this game today (came out this week), and I've had a chance to play the PS2 version for a little while. Keep in mind I haven't unlocked a lot yet -- I haven't really had a chance to explore the game completely. Compared to SSX 3 (my favorite entry in the series), SSX: On...
  9. Steve Y

    HTF Scary Pumpkin Thread (2005)

    It's back. Many of you claim not to be afraid of it any more. But look at those jaws... when it's done eating the Home Theater Forum logo, it's still going to be hungry. And it's coming for you.
  10. Steve Y

    We ♥ Katamari

    The subject line is supposed to have a heart symbol in it - but it didn't come out right. So it should just read: We Love Katamari. Anyway, I just got this last night. It's basically the same experience from Katamari Damacy, only with slightly better graphics and slightly more defined level...
  11. Steve Y

    Jak3 vs. Jak2 - Rant / Comparison

    First I have to get something off my chest: Jak2 was a large, ambitious game which managed to transform the mood and change the direction of the series without sacrificing continuity to the first game. There's a lot to respect about it. Some of the missions are amazingly fun, the atmosphere is...
  12. Steve Y

    Katamari Damacy - Best Game Ever Made?

    You may want to read up on this one before a purchase -- those of you perhaps more into SOCOM or Grand Turismo or Splinter Cell, perhaps... but if the idea of rolling a giant sticky ball around & forming giant balls of matter out of pushpins, flower pots, batteries, people, and even cars and...
  13. Steve Y

    Does anyone here eat circus peanuts?

    I'm sure no one will admit to buying these neon orange sponge candies, but someone must buy them. They've been around for over a century but they're the kind of candy that makes your friends and family say "blechhh!". There was an article up in our weekly free paper about circus peanuts last...
  14. Steve Y

    I am frightened by the HTF pumpkin.

    It's back... the HTF pumpkin. Accompanied by its narrow, soul-less eyes and long sharp pumpkin teeth. Will it succeed this year in what is clearly its goal to devour the entire Home Theater Forum? More sleepless nights ahead. Ron and Packy - I am afraid. ~Steve
  15. Steve Y

    Jedi Knights drink Diet Coke?

    I don't consider myself a hardcore "star wars" fan. Just a regular fan. I watched the "episode II" trailer with some interest but my expectations aren't any higher than your average JSP. So the other night I'm dreaming (but of course I don't know I'm dreaming), and whaddya know! Episode II...
  16. Steve Y

    Review: two of the BEST Dreamcast games are imports!

    ...if you like puzzles, fighters, or puzzle fighters! I'm talking, of course, about Guilty Gear X and Super Puzzle Fighter IIX, the best representatives of the 2D fighting / puzzle genre (respectively) on the Dreamcast system. Unfortunately, They will not be made available in North America...
  17. Steve Y

    Will DD-EX play back on ANY 6.1 Discrete Receiver?

    I have a STR-DE1075 with "6.1". I'm not currently making use of my rear center output, and turned it off from the receiver's menu, for the time being. The receiver's documentation says that DTS-ES material will be matrixed from the L/R surrounds when the center rear is turned "off". And in...
  18. Steve Y

    Please help - Lightspeed 200 Cables not fitting into receiver?

    Pardon if this has been covered somewhere; the "search" function is overloaded at the moment. A friend of mine (who lives quite a distance from me) is hooking up his PlayStation2 (via its optical out - it has no coax out) to his new Sony DD/DTS Receiver. (sorry, don't have the model #) He...
  19. Steve Y

    Big Electronics Chains - Improper DVD/TV setups!

    Warning: this is a rant. I'm sure most of you are aware of the out-of-control contrast/brightness settings on most "floor model" televisions in Major Electronic chains (I won't name any names, but you know the stores, with cola and beef jerky up at the front, pianos playing music, dishwashers...