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  1. Gary King

    My 25-31PCi arrived!

    w00t! I just upgraded from an Atlantic Technology 162PBM... The PCi gives a whole new meaning to 'feeling it in your bones.' And hair... and walls... and windows... and floor. One Lobby Shooting Spree was enough to attract the neighbor's complaints already.
  2. Gary King

    Favorite Halo Rules

    Now that Halo's been out for a couple of weeks, I'm sure most of you have played around with the mutator... What are the best custom Halo multiplayer games you have come up with? My new favorite is a little beauty I call "Queer Smear" (because Smear the Queer didn't fit). Game Type: OddBall...
  3. Gary King

    Just got one!

    Wow... even without real HD material, it's amazing how good a TV can look. I just got an RCA MM32110 (32" direct view, only $1k from Amazon) today, and spent the past 5 or 6 hours playing through scenes on various DVDs... I'm still amazed at how good Braveheart, Toy Story 2, and Mask of Zorro...
  4. Gary King

    Xenosaga MP3s

    The GIA ( posted some Xenosaga MP3 samples a couple days ago. If they're any indication of the whole soundtrack, Xenosaga will have Mitsuda's best soundtrack (OST or arranged), by a *very* wide margin.