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  1. RBailey

    THE ROYAL FAMILY Redd Foxx on Decades Channel

    The Decades Network is showing all 15 episodes of the 1991-1992 series, THE ROYAL FAMILY as part of its weekend binge package starting Saturday, February 9th at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. The Redd Foxx-Della Reese series will have at least 3 complete airings through Sunday morning when a all-day...
  2. RBailey

    Exclusive Universal DVD Titles at Wal-Mart

    With all the conversation about some of the Blu-ray exclusives from Universal Studios at Wal-Mart (FAHRENHEIT 451, THE HINDENBURG), I wanted to post a notice that some additional exclusives are available on standard DVD as well. Over the past few weeks, I've seen the following at WM ... TAMMY...
  3. RBailey

    Weekend of March 10th on Decades TV Network

    I posted the message below on the 77 Sunset Strip thread but thought I would post it again in a new thread for those not interested in 77 Sunset Strip but might be interested in the other TV movies being shown this weekend...
  4. RBailey

    THE SHADOW (1940 Columbia Serial) Available on DVD

    I found out about this on the IN THE BALCONY website. Mill Creek has made available the 1940 Columbia serial version of THE SHADOW (with Victor Jory) as an exclusive to Sparks DVD Sales on Amazon. Mill Creek doesn't promote this on their own website but it's some sort of an exclusive deal for...
  5. RBailey

    FUTURE COP coming from Mill Creek ​ Looking forward to this release.
  6. RBailey

    Boris Karloff and Randolph Scott Sets from Mill Creek

    In September, Mill Creek will be releasing standard DVD sets of 6 Boris Karloff and 6 Randolph Scott features as part of their Sony deal. The Karloff set will include THE BLACK ROOM, THE MAN THEY COULD NOT HANG, THE MAN WITH NINE LIVES, BEFORE I HANG, THE DEVIL COMMANDS and THE BOOGIE MAN WILL...
  7. RBailey

    Mill Creek Releasing THE MAD MAGICIAN and others

    Just noticed on Amazon that Mill Creek is releasing two multi-film sets of sci-fi and horror films that contain some titles that have been previously released on the Sony MOD program. The "Classic Horror 4 Movie Pack" contains "The Mad Magician" w/Vincent Price and "The Man Who Turned to...
  8. RBailey

    Dobie Gillis Coming from Shout Factory

    Best news yet ....
  9. RBailey

    Warning about recent re-release of "The Mechanic" (1972)

    I thought I should post a warning about a Charles Bronson Action 3-Pack that I recently picked up for around $8 or so at a Rite Aid drug store. The package contains a single disc version of "The Mechanic" along with two of CB's Cannon efforts, "Assassination" and "Messenger of Death" on the...