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  1. Michael_K_Sr

    What's that sound inside my wall?

    I've had a weird problem going on for a month or two now. I'll be home watching TV or reading and all of a sudden, I hear a single loud knock from inside my living room wall. Not scratching, just a if someone punched the inside the wall with a fist or rubber mallet. Usually I'll only...
  2. Michael_K_Sr

    Target iTunes cards - Buy one, get second 30% off

    This week only, available both online and in stores. Buy one iTunes card in 15/25/50/100 denominations and get the second at 30% off. REDcard members get an additional 5% off.
  3. Michael_K_Sr

    David Letterman retiring next year

    Announced during a taping of tonight's show... David Letterman Set to Retire in 2015
  4. Michael_K_Sr

    What's your backup strategy?

    Finally broke down and bought a 27-inch refurb iMac. Up until now, all of my machines are backed up redundantly...a local backup via CCC that gets rotated offsite every two weeks and cloud backup via CrashPlan. My plan with the new machine is to offload my Aperture library to an external...
  5. Michael_K_Sr

    iPhone 4S Discussion Thread

    First reviews are up... Pogue: iPhone 4S Conceals Sheer Magic Mossberg: The iPhone Finds Its Voice Baig: iPhone 4S Carries on the Apple Excitement
  6. Michael_K_Sr

    New Airs Announced

    Macworld with the goods before the store was even back up. i5's and i7's! Only fast can I get one??
  7. Michael_K_Sr

    Major Richard "Dick" Winters has died

    "Band of Brothers" inspiration has passed away at 92 God bless him. What a patriot.
  8. Michael_K_Sr

    Yosemite and tire chains/cables...need some advice

    I'm going to be out in Yosemite in a few weeks and I'm going to need to get some tire chains or cables to comply with the state and federal requirements both in the park and outside. Given that I'll only be using these things for a few days, it seems an annoyance to buy a pair just for one...
  9. Michael_K_Sr

    Time for an official Snow Leopard thread

    It's confirmed: Apple to release Snow Leopard on August 28
  10. Michael_K_Sr

    Looking for a great deal on a portable storage/backup solution?

    I never shop at Wal-Mart, but I was looking for a new portable hard disk and came across this kickass deal. Both FW800 and USB 2.0, it comes with a FireWire 800 dock and is a very respectable 320GB. Ordered mine two days ago and it was delivered today. It's quiet and has excellent write speeds...
  11. Michael_K_Sr

    iPhone 3.0 Discussion

    Now that I've been able to play around with the 3.0 firmware update on my iPhone 3G for a week, here is what I consider the pros and cons: What I like: •Spotlight search is great •The variable speed scrubbing in iPod video is awesome...even its implementation. No more skipping ahead ten...
  12. Michael_K_Sr

    Financial Gift for Newborns?

    As of March, I became a first time uncle and I will soon be a godfather. I'd like to lay the foundation for my nephew to have at least a little financial security as he grows up...neither of the parents have had long term employment over the last 5-10 years. I was trying to figure out the best...
  13. Michael_K_Sr

    Busted! Do I plead guilty?'s not like I killed anyone or broke into someone's house. I got pinched for speeding. I got my notice for my initial court hearing in a few weeks. I have the option of pleading guilty and paying the fine ahead of time and not having to go to court. Or I can plead not guilty and a...
  14. Michael_K_Sr

    Picasa for Mac now available

    Now available for download. Sure it's listed as beta, but what at Google isn't?
  15. Michael_K_Sr

    First what?

    Picked up my first LCD this evening...a Samsung LN46A850. I probably won't get around to unboxing it until Sunday, since I have to put together a new stand for it first. I have Comcast coming Wednesday to install CableCards in my TiVo HD. I guess the question is...should I do anything early on...
  16. Michael_K_Sr

    Deep Throat (Mark Felt) is dead

    The man responsible for probably the greatest journalistic secret ever and for helping to bring down a presidency is dead at 95.
  17. Michael_K_Sr

    iPhone 2.2. is out

    As rumored, they added a bunch of crap I'll never use. I wish they'd work on enhancing the core apps, like Mail. On the upside, the update claims to resolve a lot of the Call Failed messages when trying to place a call...something I see way more often than I'd like.
  18. Michael_K_Sr

    iPhone 2.1 software update is out

    Installation was rather uneventful. iTunes gave me an error that it couldn't connect the iPhone immediately after the update, but when I unplugged it and plugged it back in, it mounted fine. Other impressions. -Backups are faster but still not fast -New preference to wipe the phone after ten...
  19. Michael_K_Sr

    Morgan Freeman seriously injured

    According to news reports he was seriously injured in a car accident Sunday night and had to be extricated and airlifted to a hospital. Man, I hope his prognosis is better than the initial news would suggest.
  20. Michael_K_Sr

    What iPhone/Touch apps have you downloaded?

    Here's mine so far... Moo NYTimes PhoneSaber Remote Super Monkey Ball
  21. Michael_K_Sr

    Free time in Southern Cal...What to do?

    Headed out this weekend to visit with family in San Diego, but afterward we're going up to L.A. for 3-4 days before headed home. I know we're going to Universal Studios, but other than that, our time is pretty much open. Anyone have any good ideas on what to see other than the standard theme...
  22. Michael_K_Sr

    It's Official: iPhone 3G at 8 a.m. July 11th

    Thank god...I have a 6 a.m. flight on the 12th and wasn't relishing the thought of having to pick one up at the circus the night before.
  23. Michael_K_Sr

    DL2 Released

    Looks like Wil Shipley finally decided to sneak out Delicious Library 2.0 over the weekend. Eager to try this out and test the touted improvements in performance.
  24. Michael_K_Sr

    Amazing Warthog

    Hands down, the most sophisticated R/C aircraft I've ever read about. Wing Men: Mike Selby's 1:5 scale A-10
  25. Michael_K_Sr

    Fare thee well Nighthawk, we hardly knew ye

    F-117 flies off into retirement tonight.
  26. Michael_K_Sr

    YouTube's "Insight"

    Has anyone with videos uploaded on YouTube used the Insight feature they rolled out last month? You can use it to see detailed stats on how many times a video was opened on a particular day, how many times it's been viewed in a particular country and what sites a video has been linked from...
  27. Michael_K_Sr

    Blue Jeans lays a smackdown on Monster Cable

    After Monster Cable issued a C&D order to Blue Jeans Cable a few weeks ago against their Tartan cable line, today Blue Jeans' president struck back. "... I do not compromise with bullies and I would rather spend fifty thousand dollars on defense than give you a dollar of unmerited...
  28. Michael_K_Sr

    Backing up

    Lest anyone thinks it's worth taking a chance that your hard drive will never fail, we've had three MacBook hard drive failures in two weeks. Make sure you're backing up, especially with the Seagate drives found in the MacBooks.
  29. Michael_K_Sr

    MacBooks, MBP's updated...finally

    MacBook Pros have finally been refreshed with Penryn processors (up to 2.6GHz), better video card and multi-touch trackpad. The MacBooks saw a speed bump (up to 2.4 GHz) as well.
  30. Michael_K_Sr

    Apple Online Store Down

    Hope it's the much rumored refresh of the MacBook Pros. By the way, the hard drive in my colleague's MacBook Air has already died.