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  1. Robin9

    Hal Roach Streamliners Collection Vol. 2 The Westerns

    Good news for fans of those DVD sets: I note Marjorie Woodworth is in two of these films.
  2. Robin9

    The Young Doctors

    Was there ever a DVD of The Young Doctors, a film starring Frederic March and Ben Gazzara with Ina Balin in a supporting role? I can't locate one anywhere.
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    I know this forum has many fans of B feature Westerns and this announcement should please them: If anyone buys this set, I'd be pleased to hear about the picture...
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    It seems - and that may turn out to be premature - that Warners have struck a new deal with U.K. distributor/vendor HMV to release some of their Warner Archive Blu-ray discs in editions especially tailored for the U. K. market.. The chosen label is obviously Premier Collection. The HMV...
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    I'm pleased and surprised that ClassicFlix is releasing Out Of The Blue on Blu-ray disc very soon. I've never seen this film and have wanted to for a long time because three actresses...
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    I know there are some Michael Shayne fans here, so this should please them: I might buy these myself.
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    I've received an email from Eureka informing that The Cockleshell Heroes is coming out on Blu-ray disc in July. I saw this film when I was a small boy but had forgotten about completely in recent years. I note from the cover there's a woman in it and I don't recall that. I don't even...
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    Has the Lana Turner/John Hodiak film Marriage Is A Private Affair ever been released on DVD? I know Warners is not a great fan of the big female stars of yesteryear and does not give them Blu-ray exposure, but many Lana Turner films have appeared on DVD-Rs. It seems strange that I can't...
  9. Robin9

    Trapped directed by Richard Fleischer

    I want to by a decent DVD of Trapped which stars Lloyd Bridges and Barbara Payton. There seem to be several around and one is from Alpha Video which I will not buy for the usual reason. There is also one from Film Detective who claim to have restored the film. Does anyone know if this disc is...
  10. Robin9

    Eunice Gayson: RIP

    Eunice Gayson, the first girl to dally with James Bond on screen, has died at the age of 90. May she rest in peace.
  11. Robin9

    International More 20th Century Fox titles on Blu-ray in U. K.

    Amazon U. K. are listing four new to Blu-ray 20th Century Fox titles from Signal One in the new year. The Inspector (which is also known as Lisa) a film I saw and enjoyed as a teenager when it first came out. The Gunfighter which I'm sure needs no introduction from me. The Halls Of Montezuma...
  12. Robin9

    Molly And Lawless John

    I'm a great admirer of Vera Miles, and I've just come across a film of hers I'd never heard about: Molly And Lawless John. It seems there are numerous DVDs of this film so I assume it's in the public domain. Comments on Amazon say the picture quality is awful but don't specify which DVD. Does...
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    I'm not enthusiastic about sleazy movies. It's just not my type of film, but every now and then one does arouse my interest because of some element unconnected with the subject matter. Every since watching a few episodes of Vegas on TV, I've been intrigued by Phyllis Davis and have wanted to...
  14. Robin9

    Pornographic Photo Fraud

    One of the most loathsome consequences of products like Photoshop is that sleazy degenerates can manipulate photographs to make it appear that famous people have posed in ways that they have not. I have seen several reproductions which purport to be of famous film actresses in various states of...
  15. Robin9

    T-Men On Blu-ray disc, October 10th!

    ClassicFlix are really spreading their wings as a supplier of Blu-ray discs. They have sent me an email announcing an October date for T-Men, a good crime film with a screenplay by John C. Higgins and photography by John Alton. The director is Anthony Mann, and T-Men is one of the films that...
  16. Robin9

    CRIME OF PASSION on Blu-ray disc.

    ClassicFlix will release the Barbara Stanwyck crime melodrama Crime Of Passion on Blu-ray disc in September. I've always enjoyed this film and Babs has two very strong co-stars. If informed opinion gives this disc approval, I'm buying.
  17. Robin9

    You Only Live Once: more Fritz Lang On Blu-ray disc!

    ClassicFlix have sent me a email saying that in mid-July they are releasing a Blu-ray disc of You Only Live Once. This is an early contender for the label "film noir" which is today is grossly over-used. Directed by Fritz Lang and filmed by Leon Shamroy who provides a few deep focus shots...
  18. Robin9

    A Man Alone: A DVD From Germany

    A Man Alone is a 1955 film that my father took me to see when it first came out. I loved the film and I still do. I've never met anyone who shares my high opinion of A Man Alone and a few people have told me they think my opinion is eccentric, but I do note that IMDB does have some favorable...
  19. Robin9

    Randolph Scott at Movies Unlimited

    Movies Unlimited have the following Randolph Scott box-set going very cheaply. For anyone without these...
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    Classicflix have announced a Blu-ray disc of The Killer Is Loose. They say the film has been restored. Unless I'm misinterpreting the text, Classixflix are releasing the disc...
  21. Robin9

    The strange case of the Villa Rides Blu-ray disc

    I have two Blu-ray players connected to my projector. One is for Zone A and Zone Free discs, the other is for Zone B discs. Today I received the Blu-ray disc of Villa Rides which I assume is a Zone A disc as it comes from Olive Films. My Zone A player gave the message "INVALID REGION" so I...
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    The Jigsaw Murders

    A few days ago I watched Blame It On Rio. This re-awakened my interest in Michelle Johnson whom I've never seen in anything else. Code Red are about to release a Blu-ray disc of The Jigsaw Murders which co-stars Michelle Johnson. Has anyone seen this film? Is it worth watching?
  23. Robin9

    IMDB Message Board - No More

    At the end of February, IMDb will close their message board system. This is the means by which people can express random ideas and opinions about films . . . and whatever else is obsessing them. Anyone who has visited IMDb boards regularly will be well aware that low grade people abuse the...
  24. Robin9

    Carnival Story With Anne Baxter

    I understand that this film is now in the public domain, which explains why there are so many different DVDs. As far as I can judge, most of these PD discs are of appalling quality. Does anyone know of a good DVD of Carnival Story?
  25. Robin9

    The best DVD player currently available.

    I still watch DVDs, and if it's sensible, I watch them projected. So the quality of the images is very important. My wonderful and much-loved Oppo DVD 981HD has suddenly gone brain dead and none of my three Blu-ray players displays DVDs in the same high quality. Robert Crawford once suggested...
  26. Robin9

    The Outlaw With Jane Russell

    I read yesterday on Amazon that the many bootleg DVDs of The Outlaw have different running times because they were derived from film prints that had been censored in various parts of the country. Apparently by far the best DVD came from Legend in a two disc package. The Legend disc claims to...
  27. Robin9

    Zsa Zsa Gabor: R.I.P.

    The film career of Zsa Zsa Gabor didn't amount to much. A few small roles in a few films, and that was about it. Some of these films have survived and are available on disc: Lovely To Look At and Touch of Evil being good examples. More than anyone else, Zsa Zsa Gabor was famous for being...
  28. Robin9

    Douglas Slocombe: R. I. P

    Douglas Slocombe, a very distinguished but strangely uncelebrated cinematographer, has died at the ripe old age of 103! I first became aware of Douglas Slocombe's talent when I saw The Lion In Winter. I was awestruck by the beauty of his images, and when I looked him up in reference books -...
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    Amazon U. K. are listing a Blu-ray disc of Blame It On Rio produced by Fabulous Films. I know nothing about Fabulous Films. Are they the new kid on the block or just another bootlegger? Does anyone have any experience of them?
  30. Robin9

    Where is Kiss The Boys Goodbye?

    I was driving with a Toni Arden CD playing. The next track was Sand In My Shoes, a wonderful song I hadn't heard for ages. It set me thinking. It comes from a 1941 Paramount movie called Kiss The Boys Goodbye for which director Victor Schertzinger and Frank Loesser also wote the title song...