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  1. Tim L

    Wireless question-please help

    okay I am new to this wireless world- but i finally did and it hasn't been easy. Bought a linksys wrt54gs-got it installed on my desktop (dell XP-comcast). got a new dell laptop inspiron 1501. after hours and hours talking with linksys tech support we finally got the laptop to recognize the...
  2. Tim L

    best place for DVDA discs?

    i was wondering where the best places to purchase DVDA discs (and some SACD) would be-either BM or online. ANyone have any favorites-as to prices and/or availability? thanks Tim
  3. Tim L

    B&K Ref. 50 & 200.7

    color is Silver, Mint condition, original owner, boxes, manuals. Asking $2700 plus shipping for both. Also FYI these were unopened for the first year or so-until I moved into my home-and now I use them only to watch DVD movies maybe once a week with them-so usage has been minimal at best. Tim
  4. Tim L

    best places to buy HD Movies

    I finally made the plundge and pre-ordered a new HDA2-but was curious as to where the best places to buy the movies would be-online and B&M-and which places I should stay away from. I am hearing conflicting stories with Amazon (some say shipping the titles out takes forever?). I guess for the...
  5. Tim L

    waterless car wash

    winter is fast approaching here in new england-so the traditional washing of the car can be somewhat unpleasant or impossible at times. I was checking around and came across this waterless car cleaning system. just curious if anyone has tried this or heard of it before-looks interesting (if it...
  6. Tim L

    Car wax/and or polish-whats the best?

    Ordered a new car -Accord EXL now I have been out of the "I give a crap" about my car's looks for many years- and now it seems there are dozens if not more care care waxes and polishes to choose from..very confusing. I even went on some car forums like corvette and mustangs- and most of the...
  7. Tim L

    buying new car-costco-carmax,AAA-whats the best?

    Okay- I first off I have a car that 15 years old-but its going fast- I knew I would dread this day- but I am going to buy a new car (I'm cheap when it comes to cars-but not HT equipment..priorities-you know)..anyway-I was looking ino these different programs that can offer the customer a...
  8. Tim L

    Netflix lawsuit settlement

    I know that netflix had to make due on the lawsuit which would up the ante to peoples accounts- for example I currently have 3 movies out at one time- but I signed up to accept netflix's response to the lawsuit- so I should be receiving 4 movies out at one time. When does this take effect? I was...
  9. Tim L

    HD cable HDMI or Component?

    I am getting HD from comcast hooked up this week- was wondering is there a difference between using component or HDMI for picture quaility when hooking up the box the set? thanks Tim
  10. Tim L

    please help-upconvert DVD player newbie

    Hey everyone- I just recently took the plundge and picked up a new 50 inch panny plasma from costco-with dual HDMI. I also picked up a sony DVPNS71HP DVD player that upconverts via HDMI- the problem is I hooked up the HDMI to the panny but for audio I connected the Digital coax from the dvd...
  11. Tim L

    any thoughts on the Panny TH50PX6U

    This set is available at my local Costco for around $2899-looked okay in the store- just wondering if anyone has any first hand experience or other info about this set- there is also a 42 inch version as well. thanks Tim
  12. Tim L

    newbie to wireless-please help.

    I currently have a desktop with comcast internet service. I would like to add another computer in another room and have internet service in there as well. I already have a cable line in the room- but not sure what I need or have to do do get internet access onto the second computer. I know I...
  13. Tim L

    Looking for good wireless home security cameras

    Having a couple of problems as of late with some vandalism and theft. So I was l looking for a good wireless security system-preferably that will allow me to record and watch while I am at work via the internet. Recording on a DVR of some sort or my computer harddrive would be nice as well. I...
  14. Tim L

    Question on Panasonic plasma

    hey everyone, i was thinking off taking the plunge to get an HDTV plasma-I was looking at a panny TH50DPM5OU that I saw at Costco. I wasa thinking of buying there because of their generous return policy-that way I feel much more comfortable buying a $3200 set. My question is that the set has...
  15. Tim L

    Web Hosting and build site help

    I am in the process of designing a web site but the problem is i can design the site and get all the files ready to go (slicing and optimizing) but after that I am lost. I don't know dreamweaver or HTML. I was looking at sites like to host a site at- but you have to use pre-made...
  16. Tim L

    Why does my old desktop image keep showing up?

    Hopefully someone here has an answer to why when I boot up my computer (XP) does my old desktop image keep coming up- then the image that I have currently set shows after the boot up- it also seems the boot up is hanging longer because of this? its pretty annoying-infact I deleted theimage but...
  17. Tim L

    RSS Feeds?

    Somebody at work mentioned and briefly tried to explain this to me (never heard of it before) the concept seemed interesting- I was wondering if anyone here is familar with it and maybe could explain it better for me and how I could possibly use it? thanks
  18. Tim L

    DVD-CD Burning program for computer-which one?

    I recently picked up a new computer (Dell XPS 400) which came with Sonic Digital Media Le. I was backing up some stuff when all of a sudden the program stopped reconizing my drive. So I installed an older version of roxio I had which worked but only allowed me to burn at 4x max. Dell says I have...
  19. Tim L

    Hard drive enclosure kit question

    My computer died and does not reconize any HD that I put into it- so I picked up a new computer. It uses the newer sata drives so I cannot plug my older ones in to retriecve my information. Someone mentioned that I should try a HD enclosure kit-I have never used one- do you simpky place your HD...
  20. Tim L

    HP or Sony Computer?-need to buy

    My computer died (dell-4 yrs old) the hard drive crashed after a virus- clean it up - now I get errors "unmountable boot volume". I would like to buy from costco since they are close and have a good return policy-the choices though are either Sony line (VGC-Rb33g4 or VGC RB46G4) or the HP media...
  21. Tim L

    Help-my computer was wiped out overnight!

    I can't believe this happened- and don't know how it could happen-I booted up my computer this morning (windows XP) it seemed to be booting nomally- but when my desktop came up it was only my desktop background-nothing else! everything is gone- I can't right click- infact there is nothing to...
  22. Tim L

    Darn Deer Flies!

    I am currently in the process of clearing alot of trees and stuff on my proerty- but lately it has become unbearable because of those biting deer flies (I live in MA)-I tried spraying off all over me but it just doesn't work and besides I don't think its too healthy (deet). I saw this crazy tape...
  23. Tim L

    LCDs with cable=crap

    I am currently looking to buy a few smaller LCDS for the bedroom and another room in my house-but everyone I look at that is displaying a cable feed look horrible. I bought a rather cheap proview LCD from Costco (17" for around $300) to replace a 14" crt I have, and the $99 -14" magnavox (crt)...
  24. Tim L

    I want to set up a simple web site-need adivce

    I would like to set up a simple informative web site- but not sure how to go about it. If I design it or have someone design it- how would I make it active? Is there a legit place that will host the site for me for a monthly fee and I supply the design-images etc (no flash or anything fancy)...
  25. Tim L

    Portable Evaporative Swamp Coolers

    Okay, this is basically a AC unit that is portable-free standing (no window) and no vent attachment to theoutside. My question is how good are these things? has anyone here have any experience with one of these? I have aroom in my basement that this would be ideal-I am running a dehumidifier now...
  26. Tim L

    Pressure washers-what kind to buy?

    I am looking into buing a pessure washer-nothing too powerful (2000 PSI give or take) mainly to clean paint off steps-clean vinyl siding etc. I'm not sure what brand to get- I was looking at some Troy units (Lowes) but couldn't realy find any reviews on any units- there is a home depot near me...
  27. Tim L

    Painting Concrete Front Steps? Help

    Okay my steps when I first painted them last year were new-with no exsisiting paint on them- I used Beher Concrete latex paint (for floors-patios etc). I don't use the steps that much but just about all the paint has flaked off and is peeling-now it looks pretty crappy. I went to a local paint...
  28. Tim L

    Monitoring Home security Cameras via WEB

    I am isolated from the street view and I would like to set up a somewhat modest (price wise) security camera system for my house-wireless would be preferable- but I wouldlike to monitor the cameras from anywhere (work etc) from a web address or maybe have the images sent to my e-mail addresss...
  29. Tim L

    Anyone have chainlink fence?

    Soon I will be having a chainlink fence installed on part of my property- around 500ft. I am going with the black-vinyl coated with the privacy slats- my contractor says they are pretty durable -I am just wondering if anyone has this type of fence and if so- what are the pros and cons- are you...
  30. Tim L

    Why would my AMP make these noises?

    I am currently using a B&K Ref.%0 with B&K 200.7 amp-tonight while watching a movie I noticed static like noises coming from the left surround and left front speakers- during the whole movie- when I power the AMP off it emits a high pitch whine that slowly gets quite then a POP comes form the...