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  1. AlexBC

    Who's worried about catalog titles?

    As much as I love the new blockbuster release, I'm really much more into catalog titles. And that's where my fear comes, regarding their HD presentation. Of course I'd love a DTS digital images (formerly LDI) sort of remaster on as many titles as possible. I know that's not likelly for now...
  2. AlexBC

    HD-DVD is out in Japan

    The Toshiba HD-XA1 player has been out for sale in Japan since 31/03 and it is shipping with 2 titles included (only until 28/04). They are Bioharzard (Resident Evil) and Moonlight Jellyfish. From what I read, there are no region codes. And the irony of it is that Resident is actually a Sony...
  3. AlexBC

    Point Break DTS jpn better than US?

    The review bellow doesn't mention a direct comparison to the R1 DTS track, but it does imply that the audio on the R2 jpn version is much better than the R1. From what I know there's been only one R1 release, and it carries the DTS track. Does anyone have information on this...
  4. AlexBC

    Ghost Ship & Two Weeks Notice question

    Just simple questions here, because I couldn't find it mentioned on any of the several on-line reviews that I tried: Do they have animated menus? And if so, does the scence selection index features still or moving frames? Thanks in advance, Alex
  5. AlexBC

    New Japan Superbits Announced

    Sony Japan has just announced 2 superbit releases for 05/26: Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc Erin Brockovich there's also the previously announced for 04/28: The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen Hook the preview covers can be seen at
  6. AlexBC

    Rare DTS and/or Anamorphic titles (Brazil R4 NTSC)

    Check out this nice list of rare titles released in Brazil, R4 NTSC (yes, no speedup!!!), and best of all, they're cheap (due to favorable exchange rate, U$1,00=R$3,00, these titles go for about U$13,00 - U$15,00). notes: -all the titles feature english menus and english & portuguese subtiltes...
  7. AlexBC

    Superbit Japan

    Can anyone talk about the audio/video of R2 Japan Superbits? I'd really like to know how's the quality of some titles released over there that are not available in the U.S. (i.e Few Good Men, Last Action Hero, Philadelphia, Jumanji) and how some Universal Pictures titles that are distributed...
  8. AlexBC

    Recruit (DTS - THX)

    Has anyone heard about it? Is it true? Most weird is that it lists as R1. And from what I know Warner is no longer doing DTS and THX.
  9. AlexBC

    Where to buy imported DVDs?

    Does anyone know where can I buy imported DVDs from Japan and Kora (not Japan and Korean movies but, but regular U.S. movies release there)? I know about CDjapan, but they're too expensive. Can anyone help me with that? Thanks, Best regards Alex
  10. AlexBC

    DVD vs. LD: Broken Arrow & Abyss

    Has anyone listened to both Dolby Digital LD and DVD of Broken Arrow and Abyss. Regarding sound, which format is the winner? Is there also much video difference (since the DVDs are non-anamorphic?