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  1. Kyrsten Brad

    Here’s a Switch. DVD And Blu-ray Player sales on the rise.

    Well chalk this one up to COVID-19. Sales of players on the rise for once. Twenty seven percent rise. Oh and streaming devices also on the rise:
  2. Kyrsten Brad

    The Choirboys (1977) coming to Blu from Kino

    Just popped up on my FB feed. One of my Favourite 70s titles awaiting a Blu-ray release. Date TBA. @Ronald Epstein : Feel free to hijack this thread for your Amazon link pre-order thread
  3. Kyrsten Brad

    Disney’s Jungle Cruise (2020)

    Well folks, this one is being released right before my birthday (July 24th). Of course it is a take on the Disney parks ride but I can’t help but wonder how much this movie will have in common with the Humphrey Bogart film The African Queen (1951). As Mr. Spock might say, “fascinating”
  4. Kyrsten Brad

    Bob Iger steps down as Disney CEO. Chapek takes over

    Just heard this on Fox News. Bob Iger is stepping down. Comments?
  5. Kyrsten Brad

    Quantum Leap Revival!! Please Lord (and Peacock), make the Leap

    Just saw that NBC Peacock is considering a on-line revival of Quantum Leap (1989-1993). Please Peacock, make The Leap...
  6. Kyrsten Brad

    Vizio M55 Quantum (M558-G1) my new Master Bedroom TV

    Well folks, after what 4 years, I’m finally upgrading our master bedroom TV with a new Vizio 55” M Series Quantum (4K of course) It replaces our 2015 model Vizio 50” M-Series (4K but no HDR or Dolby Vision). The 50” will be wall mounted in our den which could prove useful for movie viewing...
  7. Kyrsten Brad

    Poll: What to do with your Colorized IAWL Blu-ray disc

    Well folks, this is just me, the Great Film Colorization Heretic here trying to have some good natured fun here while giving home Theater enthusiasts some food for thought. ( HTF Admin, if you think this is not the place for this thread, my feelings won’t be affected if you move or delete this...
  8. Kyrsten Brad

    Skatetown USA (1979)

    Well folks, it took four decades but we finally got a high definition home media release of what had become a holy grail cult classic from the era of disco films which sought to forever destroy humankind’s sense of good taste. Skatetown USA (1979), two copies no less, arrived at my humble...
  9. Kyrsten Brad

    Harmony 700, just got my first Harmony

    Harmony Remote Advice welcomed. Well folks, my lovely wife just informed me that my new Harmony 700 remote has just arrived. Of course I have to wait until I get home to try it out but yes Virginia I can’t wait. (Also ordering a glow in the dark protective casing for the 700 after reading...
  10. Kyrsten Brad

    Disney (And Touchstone) titles now appearing on VUDU in HiDef (and the A&P)

    Well folks looks like certain Paramount titles aren’t the only ones making their HD debuts on Vudu (and Amazon Prime whom I humorously refer to as The A&P, older readers will get the joke). Seems now some of the Disney (And Touchstone) live action classics we’ve been waiting for are now...
  11. Kyrsten Brad

    Elvis Presley in HD Online. A Paramount trend in the making?

    Well folks the rather recent release (when I found out) of Little Darlings (1980) in HiDef online inspired me to look for some other film releases in HD online. @Josh Steinberg indicated in the Little Darlings thread that The Mountain (Paramount) was releasing HD masters to several online...
  12. Kyrsten Brad

    Little Darlings (1980) finally making its HiDef home media debut!

    Good Day Folks, Brad here. Now this was one I (and a number of HTF enthusiasts) was hoping (and still hoping) would appear in HD on Blu-ray. Well Little Darlings (1980) has finally come to home media in HiDef but only online. Amazon Prime is now offering this (I bought it) and so far it looks...
  13. Kyrsten Brad

    Jeannie (and other Animated Holy Grails). Will we get them?

    Well folks, I didn’t find any dedicated thread on this so thought I’d start one. This one is primarily dedicated to the animated Jeannie series from 1973, but I’ll also include The Partridge Family 2200 AD and My Favorite Martians from around the same time period. None of the aforementioned...
  14. Kyrsten Brad

    Physical Media Issue: Crutchfield wades in

    Endgadget Article Just popped up on my FB feed. Crutchfield asks users if they prefer digital or physical media citing a Engadget article (from Feb 2019). With the discussions still raging nowadays on the issue, here’s another. And no I’m not saying physical media will come roaring back...
  15. Kyrsten Brad

    VIZIO M-Series Quantum (55” & 65”)

    Now this is getting interesting. Vizio has brought their Quantum technology to their M-Series TV. Costco has the 65” M-Series Quantum for $789. Might just change my bedroom TV upgrade plans.
  16. Kyrsten Brad

    Killing Dumbo (The Blu)

    Well folks, I’ve been following the Disney and SOTS threads with aplomb and thought I’d put this up there as some advice. Since Disney appears determined to pretty much cleanse Dumbo (1941) of any “controversial” elements via alteration or outright censorship (most notably the Crows song), this...
  17. Kyrsten Brad

    Star Trek : Two new Animated Series announced

    Well folks, looks like two new Star Trek Animated Series are on the way. Star Trek, Lower Decks is coming to CBS All Access And is aimed at adult audiences. More info later. Star Trek _______(as yet unnamed)_ : is being released by Nickelodeon and will be marketed to the younger audiences...
  18. Kyrsten Brad

    Twilight Zone, Season 1 Disk Replacement, Advice Sought!

    OK cue the laughter but for some reason I never got around to replacing the defective Disk 4 in my TZ Season 1 Blu-ray set under the Image Entertainment replacement program. It’s probably long expired now. Any advice on getting a replacement? Or should I just rebuy the whole Season 1 set?
  19. Kyrsten Brad

    LaserDisc Players apparently available on eBay (one in new condition)

    Did some eBay searching. Looks like you can still get a LD player, even a new one. I put up a link in the Bargains & Deals Forum. Was tempted to jump on it myself but I don't own a LaserDisc. I figured someone here at HTF has LDs they'd still like to play and thought I'd post this info for...
  20. Kyrsten Brad

    Brad new Laserdisc player (Panasonic LX-121) on sale at eBay.

    I was tempted to jump this one myself but I don't own a LaserDisc. But I'm sure someone here on HTF does and would kill for a new player. Here's at least 1 (and possibly 2)...
  21. Kyrsten Brad

    Laserdisc: Any chance of new players coming out?

    Reading all these posting on Laserdisc, I now wonder if there’s any chance of getting at least 1 manufacturer to produce a new Laserdisc player with up-to-date features (like image up-rez) to enhance LD playback to something close to modern day picture quality standards. Shucks, 33 1/3 LP vinyl...
  22. Kyrsten Brad

    The Brady Bunch 50th Anniversary. Might we finally see a Brady Blu-ray

    Well folks, the 50th Anniversary of the 1969 premiere of the iconic TV series The Brady Bunch (1969-1974) is fast approaching ( September 26th, 2019 to be exact). Will the powers that be (Paramount unfortunately) finally set for to release this all important TV series in high definition onto...
  23. Kyrsten Brad

    UHD Alien (1979) coming to UHD (4K) Blu-Ray per The Digital Bits

    Alien (1979), 40th Anniversary Edition coming to UHD (4K) Blu-ray, 1 April 2019 (yes I know what day that is). NOTE: The April 1st release date is for the UK version. TDB noted that a U.S. release may follow a week or so later.
  24. Kyrsten Brad

    Coming To America II. Hollywood to ruin yet another 80 Hit Classic.

    UPDATED: It’s official. Eddie Murphy is set to reprise his Prince Akeem role in Coming To America II. Dollars to Donuts bet Hollywood will ruin MY happy memories of the 1988 original. Ah felgercarb...
  25. Kyrsten Brad

    Sony UBP-X700, Need Help. Player refuses firmware update

    Well folks, ain’t this the Home Theater pits. For the past week, I’ve been trying to install the firmware update from Sony ( M43-0225) on my Region Free Sony UBP-X700. First of course, tried to update it online. The X700 says it cannot locate the network server despite the fact all the online...
  26. Kyrsten Brad

    Going 9.2 with the new Denon X4400, Advice & info sought

    Well folks, with the new Denon going into action, would like some info & advice on utilizing the 9.2 speaker capability (up from 7.2 and no Atmos). Obviously I'll be utilizing Dolby Atmos on the front end (two height speakers (Leviton/JBL AEH50s )up near the ceiling on the front but I've...
  27. Kyrsten Brad

    Over 100 Movies That Ought To Be on Blu-ray (and DVD) But Aren't

    Well folks, on a rare night that I get to play on the laptop, I came across this 2014 article in the New York Post which listed & briefly described "Over 100 More Movies That Really Ought To Be On DVD" (by Lou Lumenick) but of course are not as of that writing. By extension of course Those...
  28. Kyrsten Brad

    Press Release Wired Press Release: Blu-rays are back; Streaming Isn’t Everything

    Well folks, looks like we’re not the only ones who feel Blu-ray is alive & well. Brian Rafferty penned this interesting article on Excerpt: STREAMING ISN’T EVERYTHING, AND BLU-RAYS ARE BACK TO PROVE IT Some are drawn to Blu-ray because of the unsatisfying video quality of streaming...
  29. Kyrsten Brad

    An interesting Home Theater Build Story

    This human interest article appeared in my FB feed. Read for some interesting ideas.
  30. Kyrsten Brad

    Sweet Charity (1969) coming to Blu from Kino

    Just saw this announcement pop up on my FB fueed. I know there’s several existing threads requesting this film be released on Blu. Looks like we’re finally getting it. Release date is currently listed as “coming soon”.