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    Halloween releases?

    It's just about the time when the studios start announcing their horror releases tied to the Halloween season. So, what are the titles you hope or expect this year? Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby...? I actually would like a little cheese on my Blu-ray genre platter---how about Race with...
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    'Best of' Star trek TNG Blu-ray set?

    Many of us know by now, the expense and time it would take to re-do the 178 episodes of TNG make it very unlikely they'd spend millions to do so, BUT what about the possibiltiy of Paramount taking the most popular 20 or so episodes and converting those? Even I, a huge trek fan would be paused...
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    X-Files on Blu-ray question.

    Does anyone know if the X-Files have the same 'edited on video' problem that the first 3 Trek spin-offs have? I am really wondering why we haven't seen at least season one on Blu-ray yet. The DVD sets had a decent number of extras and I hope they're not delaying them to include a few new ones...
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    Phillips BDP5010 questions

    Does ANYBODY know anything about the model Phillips BDP5010 ?? I can't find a review anywhere. I am loooking for a fairly cheap Blu-ray player with 5.1 or 7.1 analog outputs. Target has this model on sale for $159 (plus a free disney Blu-ray movie) It apparently decodes DTS MA 7 DDTrueHD It...
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    Removing firmware updates?

    I have a Sharp HD BD 20U that won't play my new Star Trek season 2 box set. Is there any way I could remove the firmware updates I've added and is there any chance this might help? The updates were for movies I wanted to rent and not for any i actually own. Also I still have the latest firmware...
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    'TV versions' on Blu-ray

    As an old timer I must say i was always facinated by the extended cuts of movies when they were first show on TV in the 70s & 80s. But as my memory fades i can only remeber a hand full of genre titles Superman 1-3 Trek 1 & 2 Dune Aliens From Superman 1 they only had two brief...
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    Two Blu-rays---one DVI input.

    I have a HDCP compatible HDTV with a single DVI input. I have two Blu-ray players..... least expensive way to hook them both up to the TV and get upscaling from both? I currently have one hooked up with component cables with of course don't do upscaling... ideas??? Thanks for any help.
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    Blu-rays with multiple versions

    The discussion about the theatrical only versions of the Trek movies got me thinking.... Has anyone compiled a list of blu-ray with multiple versions via branching? I know of these Alien vs Predator------Fox Alien vs Predator 2----Fox American Gangster----Uni King...
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    Any Paramount Blu-ray 'branching' titles?

    I wonder if there are ANY Blu-ray titles by Paramount with seamless branching. I am wondering because the first 6 Star Trek movies are headed for release likely this spring. I much refer and also expect that Trek 2 & 6 will the the Director's/extended cuts. But I know that some folks...
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    More Sharp BD-20/ FOX problems?

    After fixing the last problem playing Fox titles on my BD-HP20 with a firmware----I was really surprised that the Omen & Planet of the Apes wouldn't play now. Daredevil came out 9/30 and plays fine and Omen came out 10/7 and won't get past the menus !!! Same with the Apes movies with just...
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    HD A20 sound problem

    My HD A20 will not send sound from a HD-DVD disc via HDMI or Optical cable but will send sound from a standard DVD through both. This problem just appeared after 10 months of owning the machine. I haven't recently installed firmware or made any adjustments. Has anyone hard of a problem...
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    Sharp bd 20/ Fox disc problems.....

    I've had my Sharp player for about a month and hadn't had any problems, but now I am having problems playing all the new Fox titles: Jumper Shutter Point Break All are BD50 MPEG-4 discs. I checked the Fox titles had had watched with no problems and found most were either BD25 or MPEG-2...
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    Sharp BD-20u question...........

    I knew that my newly purchased Sharp 20u decoeded DD+ & DD HD for analog output and it is doing so very nicely to my ears. I was sure it DIDN'T decode DTS HD or DTS MA. I had been renting movies with PCM or DD HD soundtracks and then I finally rented a movie encoded with DTS HD 6.1 (Total...
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    Question on 48KHz/24-16 bit

    I see reviews of various discs and they say 48KHZ/24 bit soundtrack or 48KHz/16 bit. What does this mean? Are there other KHz number values besides 48 or bit numbers other than 24 or 16 bit. i assume 24 bit is better than 16 bit. Bigger is better right? Is there anyone who could...
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    Sony 350 / 550 sightings???

    Since they are supposed to appear in July, i was wondering when the first sightings might be. It seems that since the Samsung 1500, Funai models were spotted some time before their actual announced release dates--it might be the case with the Sonys. I heard one poster say that the someone...
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    Samsung 1400 question...........

    Yes i said 1400 not 1500 !! I was wondering if the 1400 decodes TrueHD in 5.1 channel as opposed to the 1500 which it looks like decodes it in TWO CHANNEL. If the 1400 decodes in 5.1 chanel & has 5.1 analog outs, then I could hook it to my reciever and get PCM AND DD TrueHD and only be...
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    PCM question

    A little more help needed! How many ways are the lossless PCM soundracks on Blu-ray discs output from the players? HDMI only, or can the soundtracks be sent through Toslink & via 5.1 or 7.1 analog outputs?? Thanks very much!!
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    Another Blu ray audio question.

    I'm am getting very close to buying a Blu ray player and have another audio hook-up question. First, I have a very nice older Denon receiver that has a 7.1 audio input, but no Dolby TrueHD or DTS HD MA built in. I'm going to buy the first Blu ray player that has 7.1 analog out and internal...
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    Samsung BD 1400 audio question.

    My older Denon reciever has an 'exterior in' hook-up with center/sub, Front L/R, Sur L/R & SB L/R. Does the Samsung BD 1400 have compatible hook-ups? I know some models of hidef players don't have the 'Surround back' jacks and others none at all. Thanks to anyone who can tell me!!!
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    Spielberg Titles?

    I know Spielberg favors Bluray, but what titles does he control as far as what is released.... Juarassic Parks Indiana Jones E.T. Jaws How about stuff like Gremlins & Back to the Future where he only produced? Does anyone know for sure??
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    DD Plus vs True DD Question.

    I have a Denon reciever that is pre HDMI & pre True DD. I have my Toshiba A2 hooked to the reciever with an optical cable and I get good sound. It shows on my reciever as 'DTS' as I was told it would, by a knowledgeable person here before I hooked it up. My Question: Using this set-up...
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    Old MGM movies on HD DVD?

    I remember some time back, some folks talking about the fact that WB had control over older MGM titles and could release them on HD DVD. I was wondering what some of those titles are and what old MGM titles have already been released on HD DVD. I am hoping Wizard of Oz & Logan's Run would...
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    Lack of second-tier titles.

    I just got my HD DVD player 2 days ago--so I'm hardly in a position to complain, BUT why are there so few second-tier titles available? I understand that there may be problems with franchise movies like BTTF, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones & Star Trek. They may want to hunt for all kinds of...
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    Toshiba HD A2 questions.

    I just got a Toshiba HD A2 last night. $379 and 18 months no interest from Sears. I am thrilled. Can't believe it took me nearly a year to upgrade. I got 4 HD DVDs--Hulk, Batman Begins, Superman: the Movie & Supermann 2 Donner Cut. As soon as they release some more comic book movies on HD DVD...
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    'Upconverts to near HD quality...'

    A few years ago i saw the ads for upconvert DVD players and didn't know if it was true, BUT I had an HDTV and my old DVD player was dying so i got one. Honestly I never could say for sure if there was much of an improvement. Granted I never put the two DVD players side-by-side with the same...
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    Help. Explain DD Plus.

    I mentioned in the other thread that I'm about to get a Toshiba HD-A2 player and had wondered about sending the picture to my Sony HD-TV with DVI input via a converter cable and the sound to my Denon receiver with an optic cable. They said it could be done that way. My receiver has DD-EX & DTS...
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    Hulk HD-DVD reviews?

    Reviews heck. Can anybody find it?
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    Wizard of Oz?

    Which company holds the right to Wizard.. in hi-def. And what format does that company belong to HD-DVD, blu-ray or both? Thanks.
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    Dune HD-DVD reviews?

    I can't say I wasn't disappointed when the HD release was announced without the extended version included as well BUT, I still would like to know how it looks in high def. I guess it got crowded out with all the Nov 28 superman hype. How about it? Anybody get it?