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  1. Dave Scarpa

    C’mon Shout Factory Fernwood 2 Night

    Thanks for Mary Hartman, but Fernwood and later America 2Night was my favorite. These shows are so classic. It’s time these shows get a release and get found again.
  2. Dave Scarpa

    Emergency breaking fourth wall

    I’m watching the first season episode where johnny is lamenting over an Adam 12 episode he missed the end of, well not talking about the obvious shameless plug of your other series, wasn’t Emergency spun off of Adam 12 or didn’t they do a crossover at some point???
  3. Dave Scarpa

    Any chance mill creek

    Will Get the rights to Quincy like the did for Rockford? I want in the worst way to get Quincy but universal’s season sets are ridiculously priced. I got the Rockford mill creek set for a real deal
  4. Dave Scarpa

    Simple Remote for my 94 year old dad

    I Bought this From what I read it could be programmed for a Hopper 3 from dish, I could only get it to work with the tv functions. The hopper was set to allow IR commands. So I'm still looking for something similar...
  5. Dave Scarpa

    Need info on a TV Set Box

    I picked up the Lost in Space Complete series DVD set at Walmart for the great price of $19.99, problem is i ordered for pickup the last set they had, the disks are all fine but the container got cracked and smushed somewhat, does anyone know where i could buy a similar replacement box for
  6. Dave Scarpa

    Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie rewatch

    Started my rewatch of bewitched and Jeannie today definitely prefer these early B&W episodes of both, especially bewitched, like that you got more of darrin snoozing and drinking they are definitely more adult than the series became after they had kids, although those had highlights with Aunt...
  7. Dave Scarpa

    The Lone Ranger

    got my S1 and 2 set today really nice package for the $22 I paid on amazon. The transfers look great on my 65 inch 4K Samsung. Not sure if these are uncut yet. I never knew there were that many season 1 episodes. I hope these releases continue and universal releases the whole series. Recommended
  8. Dave Scarpa

    Space 1999 now on Amazon Prime, Comet TV

    season 1 only for now in HD
  9. Dave Scarpa

    Hap and Leonard Cancelled after 3 Seasons

    Dreck Like Last Man Standing gets revived while great television, the Highest Rated Series on Sundance (ok that doesn't mean Much), gets the axe
  10. Dave Scarpa

    4K titles For sale

    Email to [email protected] if Interested first to email and PayPal Gets it Postage is $2 a disk USA Only $10 Ea All have Slipcover and Blu Ray No Digital code Star Trek (2009) Arrival Wonder Woman Dunkirk $10 Has Slip Cover no Blu Ray or Digital Code Batman Gotham By Gaslight No Slip...
  11. Dave Scarpa

    The Day the Earth stood still (1951) 4K

    iTunes and Apple TV has The day the earth stood still in a beautiful looking 4K transfer right now for $4.99 it really looks nice solid print
  12. Dave Scarpa

    Ps4 COD WWII Camouflage Editiom

    Comes with Box and all accessories, includes WWII on Disk and Battlefield 1 Revolution edition $200 plus shipping USA only email to [email protected] if interested. Paypal and Apple pay accepted
  13. Dave Scarpa

    Trying to Decide between PS VR and a Switch

    I have a PS4 and I've been thinking about getting the VR headset, but I also think I might enjoy the Switch I've been a fan of portable gaming in the past with the PSP and Vita. Looking to getting a Gift for myself for Xmas, but not sure which one. Both have games I'm interested in, of course...
  14. Dave Scarpa

    Dropping alot of Shows this Year

    this is the year i start dropping alot of long time shows that i'm simply growing bored with many are spinning their creative wheels, all the CW super hero shows are going, Z nation has grown tiresome and over the edge, anyone else losing alot of shows this year?
  15. Dave Scarpa

    CBS all access

    so I can understand cbs’s reluctance to bring out or finish some series on dvd but why aren’t they on all access? Besides discovery being a draw why not all seasons of Beverly hillbillies or petticoat junction? Why isn’t past dvd shows like Mannix the fugitive, or have gun will travel there, or...
  16. Dave Scarpa

    Complete Series sets

    When i look at some of the prices for complete series especially the CBS Set, compared to what i paid for usually half season sets. I'm sad
  17. Dave Scarpa

    Gunsmoke Season 13 Any Word ?

    I'm nearing the end of Season 12 and am looking forward to my Yearly Gunsmoke Fix, c'mon paramount can't you just release these things at least 2 seasons a year ?
  18. Dave Scarpa

    Wireless Router Recommendations

    Hey guys I recently went to the 150mpps Internet package from comcast and was getting nowhere near that speed, so I hooked my Cable modem right to my PC and It was fine, meaning my old Netgear Router, which has started to act up needs to get replaced. Looking for suggestions for a good reliable...
  19. Dave Scarpa

    The Walking Dead S6 UV Code

    $10 to the 1st person to email and paypal me, Email to: [email protected]
  20. Dave Scarpa

    A few TV sets for sale

    Excellent condition Columbo The complete series box $50 Barney Miller the complete Series $50 Torchwood series 1-3 all region blu Ray $35 $5.00 shipping each Accept PayPal Email to [email protected] if interested
  21. Dave Scarpa

    MASH and HD

    Has mash ever been transferred to HD ? I noticed Netflix recently added most episodes of the series save for the back half of season 11 and the final episode, unfortunately in SD. Netflix has gotten shows in The past in HD if availablty i
  22. Dave Scarpa

    Oppo bdp-93 Blu Ray player

    Lightly used player in excellent condition. With box and manual, $350Plus shipping, accept PayPal.Email to [email protected] if interested.
  23. Dave Scarpa

    I'm looking for Some pricing Advice

    I want to sell my lightly used , in excellent condition Oppo93 Blu Ray player and I'm wondering what would be a fair price Thanks guys Dave
  24. Dave Scarpa

    Anyone else tired of jimmy Fallon's act yet?

    I have problems with the tonight show since he took over, not that Leno was any great shakes, but Fallon's monologue is terrible, and his insistence to duet with everyone just wears on my nerves, how did this guy get this gig ?
  25. Dave Scarpa

    Samsung D-7500 Blu Ray Player

    I picked up this player last year and it has gone largely unused after the basement TV it was connected to stopped working. It's in excellent condition, I have the remote for it and I'm sure I have the Manual as well. I'm selling it for $150, if interested you can email me at [email protected]
  26. Dave Scarpa

    Warner Archive seems to be getting better

    What's everyone's opinion > I Re-downloaded the app on my roku and there seems to be quite a bit more streaming TV and Movies and quite a bit of stuff is HD where the MOD program only offers it in DVD Format, so anyone who has it care to comment if it's worth the $10 bucks a month yet?
  27. Dave Scarpa

    Cable Won't have an Oldies Channel I'll do it myself

    I am fortunate to Have Cozi TV and Antenna TV in my Area, but I find their programming to be hit and Miss. No METV unfortunately which is better. But if Cable refuses in the sea of crap channels they air to have a dedicated Oldies Channel, then I'll do one myself. I have an Extensive TV On DVD...
  28. Dave Scarpa

    Tales of Wells Fargo are they going to Complete it

    I have the first two season, haven't bought the final season yet. But any chance of the rest of it getting released at some point
  29. Dave Scarpa

    My summer movies so far

    Movies that don't respect their subject matter. So far this summer filmakers have taken three big icons of my youth and have really just trashed them. The bottom line to these guys is money, but why bother to make movies that adopt iconic characters if you don't stay true to those characters...
  30. Dave Scarpa

    Lot of 31 HD-DVD's for Sale

    31 HD-DVD Movies and TV Shows, all disks excellent condition, some unopened. Titles Unforgiven Superman Returns Army of Darkness Phantom of the opera Lucky Number Slevin Bourne Ultimatum King Kong (New) Smokey and the Bandit Constantine V For Vendetta Apollo 13 Midnight Run Serenity Clerks...