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  1. classictvfan40

    Time Life Dallas Seasons 1-6 on DVD Anybody know if these episodes are different than previously released? I know some of the previous episodes had been edited.
  2. classictvfan40

    Season 5 of Alice on its way!

    Posted by Warner Archieve Collection....
  3. classictvfan40

    Blu Ray Review for Miami Vice and Knight Rider

    Well there be a review of these two releases before their release date?
  4. classictvfan40

    VEI 2015 Releases

    VEI will be releasing the following in 2015 Grace under Fire Barnaby Jones Matt Houston Angie Hotel Canon... to name just a few
  5. classictvfan40

    I Love Lucy Season 2 on Blu Ray in July
  6. classictvfan40

    Maude complete series coming in March 17 Again if you buy from Shout you will get the DVD a month earlier.
  7. classictvfan40

    The Jeffersons (The Complete Series)

    Those that ordered their copy from Shout….your dvds were shipped this week and should be here by tomorrow!! Those that didn't have to wait till December.