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  1. Scott Weinberg

    Huzzah and rejoice: Leonard Part 6 is coming to DVD

    Bill Cosby Stars in the Hilarious Spy Spoof ************************************************** * LEONARD PART 6 ************************************************** * Debuts on DVD April 26, 2005 Culver City, CA (February 14, 2005) - Bill Cosby stars with Oscar®-nominee Tom...
  2. Scott Weinberg

    Halo: The Movie - moving forward!

    HALO, HOLLYWOOD Microsoft readies vidgame for first pic Bestselling vidgame franchise "Halo" has taken its first major step toward the big screen, but without the studio system that has ruined so many of its brethren. Microsoft has quietly put the finishing touches on a million-dollar deal...
  3. Scott Weinberg

    Advice needed on "Justice League" DVDs

    I have a friend who keeps telling me how much I'd like Justice League. So I head over to Netflix and I'm offered the following five options: Justice League Justice League: Justice on Trial Justice League: Paradise Lost Justice League: The Brave and the Bold Justice League: Starcrossed...
  4. Scott Weinberg

    Thoughts on DVDSpot.com ?

    I spent the last few days monkeying around and transferring my collection over to this new listing site. I've always used DVDaf, but this one has a lot of fun little bells and whistles. I know that we all have our favorite DVD tracking sites, but it's always cool to play with a new one...
  5. Scott Weinberg

    Exclusive SE of Alien vs. Predator at Blockbuster....

    Looks like Blockbuster has something extra special for those who really liked Alien vs. Predator. It's the WS SE packaged with two monster statuettes. Have a look.
  6. Scott Weinberg

    P.W.S. Anderson on the Event Horizon SE

    Came across this info at NowPlaying.com: Check the interview for more info. If they're taking votes from the fans, I'd cast mine for a Director's Cut with the deleted scenes put back in. Not much need for a seamless branching option...since all us fans OWN that movie already! ;)
  7. Scott Weinberg

    Paramount February Releases

    Feature Films Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow (2004) All in a Night's Work (1961) Hello Down There (1969) On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (1970) Bopha! (1993) The Reivers (1969) TV stuff Chappelle's Show: The Complete Second Season I Love Lucy: The Complete Third Season...
  8. Scott Weinberg

    CTHV Press Release: The Films of Ray Harryhausen

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment DVD Box Sets from the Master of Special Effects THE FANTASTIC FILMS OF RAY HARRYHAUSEN ************************************************** ********* Legendary Science Fiction and Legendary Monsters...
  9. Scott Weinberg

    Better than Pacino, De Niro and Hanks combined...

    Who could it be? WHO is Scott referring to?? Well, Jeff Bridges of course! I just recently took in The Door in the Floor, which is half-drab/half-fascinating, but Jeff Bridges gives one phenomenal performance in it. And then (as I often do when I see something new from an actor I really...
  10. Scott Weinberg

    Hellboy Director's Cut....

    Comes out in 2 days, but I can't find a review out there. Anyone have a list of "new" footage that's in the film? (I hope it's a real DC and not the exact same movie with a new "ending". I hate that crapola.) And will all the extras from the first DVD also be on this new set? That would be...
  11. Scott Weinberg

    Directors Happy October! A Horror Tournament!

    Hey guys! Everyone gets: 4 auto-ins 3 nominations 3 seconds You keep track of your own, please. I'll dole out more if we need 'em. Here's mine: IN: 28 Days LaterAbbott and Costello Meet FrankensteinAlienAliensAn American Werewolf in LondonAngel HeartThe BirdsBlack ChristmasThe...
  12. Scott Weinberg

    Young Doctors in Love! 12/7! Thanks, MGM!

    As a big fan of spoof comedies (the uncrappy ones, anyway), I've been waiting for Young Doctors in Love to be released on DVD, and according to DVDFile, it's now scheduled for a Dec. 7th release. I just hope the movie's as funny as I remember. It's been about 15 years since I've seen the...
  13. Scott Weinberg

    *** Official I HEART HUCKABEE'S DiscussionThread

    It's the new movie by David O. Russell, which is obviously a good thing. Starring Jude Law, Naomi Watts, Dustin Hoffman, Mark Wahlberg, Jason Schwartzman, Lily Tomlin and Isabelle Huppert. Scheduled for limited release on Oct. 1st. My advice would be to check out this official site and watch...
  14. Scott Weinberg

    'Online Only' Best Buy Game Sale: 3 for $50

    Click here for more info. This is a great chance for me to snag True Crime, D & D Heroes and Ghost Recon: Island Thunder. Most of the other Xbox options on this list don't interest me...or suck. ;) Here are the titles offered: Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu - GC/GBA Beyblade VForce: Ultimate...
  15. Scott Weinberg

    *** Official COLLATERAL Discussion Thread

    Just got back. Pretty damn good movie. :emoji_thumbsup: And this comes from someone who's hot & cold on Michael Mann. (My favorite of his is The Last of the Mohicans...by a long shot.) The two leads are great, the score is fantastic, the digital approach suits the narrative well, and...
  16. Scott Weinberg

    Shrek 2: Menu Shots & (Some) Specs!

    Check out this piece at Animated-News.com for some early Shrek 2 DVD news. Good stuff!
  17. Scott Weinberg

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Prequel to the Remake!

    Just got this in a Variety email: Expect more news, very soon I assume.
  18. Scott Weinberg

    10,000 Maniacs: Time Capsule DVD - July 6th

    I loved this band when I was in collge, and I just got a chance to look at this upcoming DVD. You can see my review right here. The track list: National Education Week Tension Pit Viper Scorpio Rising Maddox Table Don't Talk Wildwood Flower Like the Weather I Have Dreams What's...
  19. Scott Weinberg

    You can hear me on the radio! Ha!

    Baha. Seriously! I was hesitant to post this last month, because I didn't want to seem like I was hawking myself obnoxiously. Plus it might be considered against HTF policy, and if so I apologize and understand if the thread is closed. But I've done four appearances so far, and it looks...
  20. Scott Weinberg

    Who else is really psyched for the 2 Conan DVDs?

    I know they're only an hour each, but it'll be nice to have a little Cone Zone in my DVD collection. :) Plus, of course, that Triumph vs. the Star Wars Geeks is ... just freakin' priceless. So funny. It seems that Conan's 5th Anniversary Special is available on VHS. Perhaps that special...
  21. Scott Weinberg

    *** Official DODGEBALL Discussion Thread

    Just got back from the screening. Dodgeball is the first Hollywood Comedy in many a moon that I'll be giving a 5-star rating. It's consistently funny, it moves at a lightning pace, and the humor harkens back to the great old "slobs vs. snobs" conceit that we all love so much - when it's done...
  22. Scott Weinberg

    *** Official THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK Discussion Thread

    Two words, fellas: Battlefield Earth Yup. I said it. ;)
  23. Scott Weinberg

    Movie Poster Game. Fun!

    http://www.logogame.com/fame.php?id=6 I got 22 out of 26 on my own, and the remaining 4 with a little help from my friends. Enjoy!
  24. Scott Weinberg

    Upcoming Horror Movies! / News, discussion, calendar, etc.

    Note: Feel free to consider this the All Horror Discussion Thread! What with all the cool little horror flicks that are always on the horizon, I thought it might be fun to have one central thread for the Gorehounds to call their own. We'll keep it updated regularly with the latest news...
  25. Scott Weinberg

    BOTH Exorcist Prequels to be Released on DVD

    You can read the rest of the article at Video Business.
  26. Scott Weinberg

    OK, time to talk about... Anaconda 2 !

    Yep, it's on the way. And apparently it's NOT going DTV. At least not as of right now.... The skinny: Directed by Dwight (Free Willy 2, Halloween 4, Marked for Death, Rapid Fire, Murder at 1600) Little Starring Johnny Messner, Morris Chestnut, Eugene Byrd, Peter Curtis, Nicholas...
  27. Scott Weinberg

    Paramount: Coming in July

    Against the Ropes The Untouchables - Special Collector's Edition Danger: Diabolik The Assassination Bureau The Counterfeit Traitor The Spy Who Came In From the Cold Big Top Pee-Wee Crazy People Critical Condition First Monday in October Heartburn Miss Lettie and Me Star Trek: Voyager...
  28. Scott Weinberg

    George Romero and Ridley Scott to produce "Diamond Dead"!

    Source: The Guardian - There's more in the article, plus a rather cool Official Site!
  29. Scott Weinberg

    Best Buy to reformat their DVD department...

    I got this from Video Business Online :
  30. Scott Weinberg

    Dodgeball! Bahaha! Looks funny!

    ...at least I hope so. Here's the trailer . It looks to have a BASEketball vibe, only with a better cast. ;) Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Christine Taylor, Gary Cole, Jason Bateman, Rip Torn, Alan Tudyk, Stephen Root, William Shatner, David Hasselhoff, Brooke Burke, Chuck Norris, Brigitte...