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  1. Nathan Bjork

    H/K AVR 230 problems

    Hi everyone, I have had my H/K AVR230 for a little over a year, I bought it brand new. I was watching The Simpsons on DVD with DD-EX and it was around 11pm, so the volume was set a -60.. down very low. My sub was sleeping because it was so low. Well I would hear a weird, low freq. buzzing...
  2. Nathan Bjork

    No sound out of left speaker

    Hi, The other day I ran my speaker ID through my H/K AVR 230, and there was no sound coming from my left front speaker. So I checked all my connections, and they are fine. I put in my calibration disc, and selected the speaker ID in Dolby and DTS, still no sound from my front left, but while...
  3. Nathan Bjork

    Upgrading System

    Hi, I got my brother old truck once I got my license, and he left me with a decent stereo, but it broke after a few weeks. I belive the amp burnt or somthing, because it will not turn on at all, and I checked all the fuses and connections, so it looks like im gonna be getting a new amp. I'm...
  4. Nathan Bjork

    Sony 685 SACD player, play DVD-A???

    I recently purchased a Sony 685 DVD/SACD player so I could cut down on space, so I wouldn't have to have a separte CD and DVD player. I started reading up on SACD and purchased a few and now I cant live with out an SACD. One of my favorite bands (The Doors) does not offer a SACD in any form, but...
  5. Nathan Bjork

    The Doors on SACD/DVD-A

    I did a search on this forum and I couldn't find anything on a DVD-A or SACD of the Doors. I also searched on google and only found an article that was talking about how great the song Riders on the Storm sounded in surround sound. So now I really need this SACD/DVD-A anyone know where its...
  6. Nathan Bjork

    Shipping to apartments??

    My mom just shipped my PS2 to a guy who bought it from me out in Americus, GA. But when she sent it she ignored the 3rd line which had UNIT B printed on it. this is what I originally had written on the pakage: Joe Blow 333 N. Main st Unit B Americus, GA 59390 and this is what I got...
  7. Nathan Bjork

    10" subwoofer surround worn out

    This is a speaker question, but the speaker is in my car, so I dont know where to put this thread. Admins move if you need to. I "inherited" my brothers truck ('94 Yota pickup) and he has a 10" kicker comp sub in the back. The sub has been very close to the front seat and when the sub starts...
  8. Nathan Bjork

    How to angle my surrounds

    I have my question at my website along with pictures (im not aloud to "hot link" pictures, sorry :frowning: )
  9. Nathan Bjork

    Im getting an SVS...

    I got an extra $200 for my B-day, and so I have just enough for a 25-31 shipped (600). Im in a 10x10 bedroom with -JBL S38II Mains -S-CenterII -N-26II SL/SR, N-24SB -H/K AVR230 -Replacing a Sony WM-500 _________________________ I have read alot about SVS in the past 3 Months and...
  10. Nathan Bjork

    HSU STF-2 or 2 Sony wm500

    I just got $400 for my b-day and I need a little ore bass in my room. I already have a Sony WM500 (12", 150watt), and it seems to struggle when I the bass that I need. So I can upgrade and I dont know what to do. Add another WM500 for only $99 or get one HSU STF-2 (10", 200watt) and replace or...
  11. Nathan Bjork

    Are my speakers "small?"

    Hello everybody, I remember looking at a thread a while back and it was on setting your speakers to small or large on your AVR. I just skimmed through the thread and didn't read much. I searched for this question but couldn't find anything. So if anyone can point me to a thread or give me an...
  12. Nathan Bjork

    Price of N24II's at Best Buy

    I went into best buy today to buy a pair of JBL N24II's to complete my 6.1 systems (one for my room one for living room). I checked BBs website because I had seen them for 89 a while back, but they were back to 99. A few months earlier I had purchased a pair of N26II's for $129.99. Well...
  13. Nathan Bjork

    Changing display adapters on Win-98

    Hi, My friend recently bought a new graphics card and gave me his old nVidia GeForece4 MX 420, and so I went to install this card into me 98 machine. At first it installed it as a standard VGA, then I went to the setting and couldnt change to 1024,or above 16 colors. So I went to change the...
  14. Nathan Bjork

    H/K AVR230 output levels

    I just purchased a H/K AVR230 and I ran the built in SPL EzSet option to calibrate my speakers (i will be getting an SPL meter in a month or so) and the setting are FL +7 C+2 FR+7 SR0 SR0. Now on every differnt setting (DTS, Dolby, Lodgic 7 etc) I have to change every setting to 7 2 and 7 again...
  15. Nathan Bjork

    A few DVD player questions

    Hi, Im looking for a new DVD player to replace a DVD-VCR combo I got a while back, I have about $180 to spend on a DVD player that might double as a CD player. Which brings me to my first question. Should I get a multi-disc DVD player and use it as my CD player also? Will the DVD player...
  16. Nathan Bjork

    H/K AVR230 power

    Hello everybody, Im getting a new a/v r really soon and I've heard good things about H/K. Right now I have a $188 JVC 7030 (110wattx6, dts-es, PLII-ex) and its in my 10x10 room set up to 2 JBL S38II's for the mains and S-Center II and a pair of N26II's for surrounds. My JVC has a max volume...
  17. Nathan Bjork

    PS2 and PLII

    I have my PS2 hooked up to my AVR with an optical cable and when I put in games like Socom II and XIII that have Dolby Pro Lodgic II symbol on the Disc, am I sopposed to get 6 differnt channels comming in (L/C/R/RS/LS/LFE)? Or is it sopposed to be an 2 channel signal? I dont have any Red and...
  18. Nathan Bjork

    Front effect speaker

    I heard something about front effect speakers, or somthing along those lines, and I was just wondering what that meant. Is it just a refrence to the Main L,C,R speakers or is it something extra? Thanks in advance
  19. Nathan Bjork


    Hi, I recently bought a Apple Power book and it has an S-Video out on the side. I have hooked it up to my TV before and it doesnt work. Do I have to activate the "out" in some way? Thanks
  20. Nathan Bjork

    Bass Shaker question

    Ok, well I was thinking about getting the Aura bass shakers from parts express (50w model). Now I have a small room (10x10) and I sit on my bed to watch DVD's listen music etc. I share a common wall w/ my older brother and he gets pissed off at me becuase I have a Sony 12" 150w sub. So i figured...
  21. Nathan Bjork

    Center channel placement

    I have my TV between 2 book shelves and the TV sticks out about 14in from they shelves. I have my mains (JBL S38II) placed on the shelves. My s-center speaker is between the 44in gap from the two bookshelves on a shelf. The 3 speakers are exacly the same distance from me to them (they are exacly...
  22. Nathan Bjork

    Speaker Wire

    I just got my JBL speaker package complete (S38II, S-CenterII, and N26II). So I went out and got some 14g speaker wire, and got everything put together and I started to wonder what my speakers were wired with internally. Is there only one way to find out by taking a woofer off? If it is a higher...
  23. Nathan Bjork

    JBL Northridge and Studio Series

    I recentley bought a pair of JBL N26II's for my HT mains, with the idea of moving them to my surounds once I got my S38II's. Well I just got my S38II's today and hooked everything up and it sounds great with my S-CenterII, S38II (mains), and the N26II's for the surounds, Sony WM500 sub. So I...