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  1. JoshuaB.

    For Trade: OOP Criterion for OOP Criterion

    I'm looking for an unsealed copy of Criterion's Last Year at Marienbad blu-ray. I have an unsealed copy of Criterion's The Third Man blu-ray I'm willing to trade for it, if there are any interested parties.
  2. JoshuaB.

    The Simpsons S20 Coming to DVD

    According to tvshowsondvd.com Fox will be releasing The Simpsons S20 as the next DVD set. No official release date has been announced, but Fox released the cover art: http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/news/Simpsons-Season-20-DVD-Blu-ray/12796 It should be noted that S20 was the first HD season...
  3. JoshuaB.

    Any Good Repertory/Arthouse Theatres in NYC?

    I'm going to New York in less than two weeks and one of the many things I plan to do is check out some repertory/arthouse movie theatres. I've done a bit of research online, but I was wondering if anybody has any recommendations as to what are the truly memorable theatres to check out?
  4. JoshuaB.

    American Gothic needs to be released!

    Most of the Sam Raimi produced TV shows have been released or slated for a future release on DVD. I've read how Cleopatra 2525 is being released (by Universal), but what about the one series that had critics gushing (definitely not Cleo) and attracted a sizeable cult following? Universal also...
  5. JoshuaB.

    Night Gallery Season Two?

    I realize it might be too soon after the Season 1 release, but I'm wondering if Universal will release Season 2 on DVD in 2005. I have no idea if the first set sold well, but I bought it and enjoyed the episodes, despite the remastering/rstoring controversy, so it would be a shame to miss out on...
  6. JoshuaB.

    How Reliable is DVDAficionado in listing OOP Titles?

    I've recently started to catalogue my DVDs using dvdaficionado and it's fairly comprehensive for R1 DVDs. Some of my titles listed in my wish list, however, are listed as being out of print (eg. Mystery Train or Barcelona), yet when I check places like Amazon.com/ca there is no sign that those...
  7. JoshuaB.

    Harry Palmer films on DVD availability

    I'm a fan of the three 60s Harry Palmer movies (I despise the 90s movies), but how come The Ipcress File and Funeral in Berlin are OOP? Did the rights change to some other film company? IF was released by AB in 1999 and Paramount released Funeral in Berlin in 2001. The Billion Dollar Brain is...
  8. JoshuaB.

    Peformance (1970) on DVD?

    I love this strange little film starring Mick Jagger and Edward Fox. There was a VHS release years ago by Warner, but so far nothing has been released on DVD. Has there been any word on a future release?
  9. JoshuaB.

    Is the RoboCop Mini-Series on DVD Any Good?

    I picked up the RoboCop trilogy this week and I also saw a series of DVDs featuring the four Canadian-made RoboCop telefilms. Any RoboCop fans out there think the mini-series is worth picking up on DVD blind? I never saw the mini-series when it aired on Space, but I've read some good reviews...