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  1. Vincent_P

    Warner Brothers- Disturbing new trend of cropping non-scope widescreen films?

    I've noticed a couple recent instances of Warner Brothers cropping non-scope widescreen films to 1.78:1 and am hoping this is an anomaly and not a new company policy, but felt compelled to point it out. And no, I'm not talking about "opening up" soft-matted 1.85:1 films to 1.78, but literally...
  2. Vincent_P

    WEST OF MEMPHIS- bare-bones 'rental' copies being sold as having the extra features?

    I just received a Blu-ray of the great documenary WEST OF MEMPHIS that I bought from amazon.com ("sold" from an affiliate of amazon, but "fulfilled by Amazon"). I also ordered two other Blu-rays in said order, those two were specifically "sold by amazon", not "fulfilled", and all three titles...
  3. Vincent_P

    A warning to Blu-ray owners re: water damage

    I just wanted to put this out there re: flood/water damage and Blu-ray discs. After a friend's apartment got flooded due to the recent superstorm, we've been picking through the damage and salvaging what we can. This includes going through hundreds of DVDs, HD-DVDs, and Blu-rays that were...
  4. Vincent_P

    GLADIATOR cinematography- use of 16mm?

    Hello again Charles, On another forum it's been suggested that 16mm was used for some of the cinematography on GLADIATOR. This is due to the old American Cinematographer article which states that an Aaton XTR camera was used for some hand-held work. Is this correct, or did AC possibly get...
  5. Vincent_P

    GLADIATOR remastered Blu-ray- color changes?

    Hello Charlie, There has been some "controversy" brewing about the remastered GLADIATOR, specifically regarding the color timing changes compared to the first Blu-ray and older DVD versions (see the last several pages of Hollywood Insider Penton-Man's thread on Blu-ray dot com). Can you...
  6. Vincent_P

    Question re: combing black-and-white separation masters...

    - make that COMBINING black-and-white separation masters to create a new pre-print element (I wish you could edit topic headlines here)... I'm not sure if this is feasible, but it's something I've been wondering. I know from reading a lot about color film restoration (mostly stuff regarding...
  7. Vincent_P

    HD software forum go bye-bye?

    Am I blind, or did that suddenly disappear from the main menu? What happened? Vincent
  8. Vincent_P

    HTF High-Definition software forum?

    Am I blind, or did that suddenly disappear from the main menu? WTH happened? Vincent
  9. Vincent_P

    Is Blue Underground starting to suffer from Miriamax-itis?

    I had a chance to check out two recent Blue Underground releases on my video projector, and I was shocked and surprised that both of them (THE FINAL COUNTDOWN and UNCLE SAM) suffer from the same extreme digital filtering plus edge enhancement that we've been seeing from such Miramax titles as...