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  1. Jonathan_Clarke

    Panny 65" on sale- should I grab it?

    Just bought a new house in another state and my wife has agreed to a bigger tv for the living room. I'm eyeing this one: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Panasonic+-+VIERA+/+65%22+Class+/+1080p+/+600Hz+/+Plasma+HDTV/9431242.p?id=1218104302511&skuId=9431242 It's got great reviews and I already trust...
  2. Jonathan_Clarke

    Extras - season two

    Season 2 just started. Should we resurrect this or start a new one? For some reason the HD Channel was not anamorphic. The widescreen picture just sits in the center of the screen.
  3. Jonathan_Clarke

    Star Trek V: the audio commentary of the audio commentary

    Play Cole is proud to introduce audio commentaries of audio commentaries. Yes, we're the first. We watched William Shatner's "Star Trek V" with the director's commentary hoping he might explain the intentions behind the worst Star Trek film ever made. He didn't. But we did. We recorded an...
  4. Jonathan_Clarke

    Is HD DVD worth it for an ED set?

    I have a Panasonic Enhanced definition plasma screen. For dvds it looks fantastic. I run an HD signal throuigh it and it looks much better than digital cable but that's not too hard. With HD DVD on the horizon, will I see a great improvement over DVD? Or will my set's slighly lower resolution...
  5. Jonathan_Clarke

    My first film on the Web!

    Hey everybody! Don't know if I mentioned it before but my friends and I make short comedy films on the side. We've had them at screenings and film festivals and now our first one is online! Go to www.notinmybook.com and follow the link to "The Job Interview". Then let me know...
  6. Jonathan_Clarke

    Anyone heard of boxed tv series.com?

    http://boxedtvseries.com/ These prices are amazing. Too amazing. I found this banner on a well reputed site but I still can't believe it. Anyone know anything about these guys?
  7. Jonathan_Clarke

    DVD to Mp3

    I've heard of people lifting audio commentaries and dropping them onto ipods. How do you do this? I'd love to save some scores and dialogue as mp3s but none of my recorders seems to recognize the dvd in the DVD ROM. Any suggestions?
  8. Jonathan_Clarke

    classics vs. old loves

    When I think of all the shows I've loved over the years, I wonder if I want to revisit them all. Some are classics and some just get dated. When I watch the dated ones I get filled with nostalgia. Not a bad feeling but I do realize the show hasn't held up quite as well as I remember. And maybe...
  9. Jonathan_Clarke

    TV Show sets continuing in 2005?

    Reading the last thread, I realized I'm more excited to continue my existing shows than add new Season 1's. In 2005 assuming all these shows will release another season, I'll be buying sets of: Simpsons Millennium Sanford and Son Batman: the Animated Series Superman: the Animated Series...
  10. Jonathan_Clarke

    PS2 to PC input

    I want to use the PC input on my plasma for my PS2. Seems simple enough. Get an adapter that goes form the PS2 connector (scart?) to a 15p. Problem is I can't find anything like that. Does it exist? Am I chasing a dream? What cable am I looking for exactly? Thanks in advance.
  11. Jonathan_Clarke

    Component or DVI

    I need to get another card for my plasma. HD is running through s-video and it's not happening. a DVI card and a second component will cost be about the same so which will give me a better signal?
  12. Jonathan_Clarke

    buying a plasma-name me an etailer!

    I'm ready to plunk down on a Panasonic 42" plasma and I'd like to know who to order from. I've looked at tvauthority, dtvcity, plasmaconcepts and more but since I've never dealt with any of them, I don't have a history. Tvauthority ahs the ebst price but has anyone dealt with them? I know...
  13. Jonathan_Clarke

    getting an ED plasma... name me a dvd player

    I'm about to order a Panasonic enhanced definition plasma screen. Both my dvds are non-progressive so I think I need to get a new player. Anyone recommend a good one? I need something that will upconvert the signal hopefully to 720dpi.
  14. Jonathan_Clarke

    Panasonic TH-42PWD6UY

    I am VERY close to buying this plasma. The price is right the blacks look good and I'm fine with ED. I'm not ready for HD yet. Any thoughts on this set? Good or bad?
  15. Jonathan_Clarke

    Panasonic TH-42PWD6UY ?

    I am VERY close to buying this plasma. The price is great, the blacks look strong and I'm in no rush to get a HD tuner. Anyone here know anything about this? Good or bad?
  16. Jonathan_Clarke

    HD DVD- backwards compatible?

    So all over I hear about HD DVD. It's coming. It'll change everything. You'll need a new player. A new player is not a problem. I've been thinking about getting a progessive scan and a recorder in a year or so so I could always hold out for HD. My question is, will HD DVD players play regular...
  17. Jonathan_Clarke

    Re: questions

    From what I've heard (mostly from Jim Harvey) the sales have wildly exceeded WB's expectations and have way outsold the single discs. Season 2 and Superman are likely, while Batman Beyond and Justice League remain a possibility. These episodes are in production order with minor revisions...