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  1. Ryan Wishton

    25 reasons why Halloween 9 should not be made!!! Audition Tapes now online!!!

    I had a lot of problems too. Quicktime worked for me.
  2. Ryan Wishton

    Watch Eli Roth's "Thanksgiving" Trailer - *Grindhouse*

    I think that's the cut version. Actually, I'm almost sure of it. I read that the trampoline scene is violenty explicit and includes a beaver shot. Since that's missing, I assume the trailer's missing other shots too.
  3. Ryan Wishton

    Target employees read

    This is a little silly. If you can't make it to work that day, just call in. That's an option that's a gazillion times better than just not showing up.
  4. Ryan Wishton

    Is it worth learning "German" in the U.S.A.?

    I guess the point is is the following: I don't want to put years into a langauge just to lose it because there are no opportunites to use it. That's why I said, "Is it worth it?" It's obvious with a little deduction that I didn't mean that in a bad way. People have taken six and eight...
  5. Ryan Wishton

    Watch Eli Roth's "Thanksgiving" Trailer - *Grindhouse*

    Watch Eli Roth's faux trailer for Thanksgiving -- Online Now! Warning -- Rated R! http://media.movies.ign.com/media/74...62/vids_1.html
  6. Ryan Wishton

    Is it worth learning "German" in the U.S.A.?

    My uncle knows German, Polish, and Arabic from being in the army across seas. He didn't bother to teach his kids any of these. I think that's a shame because they probably would have picked them up much easier as young children. Mandarin scares me... I don't have the stamina nor time yet; in...
  7. Ryan Wishton

    Is it worth learning "German" in the U.S.A.?

    I've wanted to learn German for a long time... I've been pondering starting lessons for a foreign language requirement; however, is it worth learning in the long run? Basically, I don't want to spend an abundant time on something I won't be able to use in the future.
  8. Ryan Wishton

    25 reasons why Halloween 9 should not be made!!! Audition Tapes now online!!!

    The Principal, Ms. Myers, Rob Z., and "young" Dr. Loomis. Terrible style on Loomis; maybe he's into drugs this time around? I'm still trying to figure out why the Principal is holding a 12 incher? I understand it's not a movie photo, but...
  9. Ryan Wishton

    Rambo IV gets the green light

    Until this week, I didn't even know a new Rocky movie had been made. That's how "up with the times" I am. I'll see this Rambo movie one way or another. I personally prefer Rambo over Rocky anyway; I'm more an action guy than a boxer guy. However, I'll have to rent the new Rocky film too, now...
  10. Ryan Wishton

    24: Season Six thread

    With the corny way this show has been going, I wouldn't be surprised if it's reveiled that Audrey is an embezzler of the coveted "Golden Wanton" award and a traitor to the Mexican soccer team the terrorists in Season 3 followed, setting up Seasons 7 and 8 respectively. Is Sutherland leaving...
  11. Ryan Wishton

    College degree = worthless

    I actually got a promotion after losing 60 pounds. My boss mentioned that if I could handle the blandness of a healthy diet and exercise plan, I could handle the blandness of the new personnel (?). An odd choice of words to be sure, but people are nuts so I just go along with it.
  12. Ryan Wishton

    24: Season Six thread

    Was Kate Warner a hated character during her season? Is this why they sort of just dumped her with that 10 second phone call?
  13. Ryan Wishton

    Prison Break Season 2

    You're right, but there had to be better ways of handling it. How about Paul snipers her just as she's about to announce the pardon? She's off the show and it's logical due to Paul's current anger. There are better ways her appearance could have been worked into this, imo.
  14. Ryan Wishton

    Prison Break Season 2

    I personally thought the President's incest storyline pointed to this series running out of ideas. Then, she resigns due to a made up cancer story. What a dumb ending for one of the most important characters of the show.
  15. Ryan Wishton

    24: Season Six thread

    Sarah Gavin was one of the most useless characters ever on the show. She did nothing her season (wasn't important to any storyline) and was just fired. It was silly really for someone who got so much airtime. I'd bet my life that Audrey isn't dead. Maybe Palmer traded her for Jack and the...
  16. Ryan Wishton

    25 reasons why Halloween 9 should not be made!!! Audition Tapes now online!!!

    I was thinking "What the Hell?" when I saw this thread with my name on it. I was thinking: "I didn't make this thread" Then I realize it's from 2003. lol. So, I guess this movie has been in limbo quite awhile. It sounds interesting. I'll see it. It sounds like they want a fresh approach...
  17. Ryan Wishton

    Doesn't kill you when things you bought for a lot of money are now worth nothing??...

    I used to run into these problems. But, then I got pissed back in 2000 or so. This was a teenage/early college thing for me. So, now I am way more cautious and don't have nearly the same problems. I only buy what I must absolutely have and will get excessive use out of. I no longer buy...
  18. Ryan Wishton

    The Revolution has an OFFICAL name!

    Not a good name. But, im not buying for the name. I feel the launch will be semi-powerful when it comes to titles. Probably why they have been so quiet about things. But, I do feel the system will do better than the Gamecube in the long run. Not sure why, but I feel this system will bring us...
  19. Ryan Wishton

    NintendoDS Lite

    Is the screen good enough to warrant an upgrade? What I mean is other than looks are there features worth upgrading for? I am thinking of selling off my old one and upgrading if there is a worthy difference. That's why I ask. I haven't really followed this item.
  20. Ryan Wishton

    Would you refuse to buy the winning format if "your" format loses?

    Well, I am sure many would say they won't switch. But, in reality most (99%) would be lying. I am sure many said they would never buy VHS after BETA failed. Besides my uncle and Al Bundy, I don't know of anyone who followed through. Actually, Al Bundy did end up with VHS. He stoled the VCR from...
  21. Ryan Wishton

    HD-DVD is out in Japan

    $809? That's a pretty big price increase just to get one a couple weeks early. By the time it got here on regular shipping, the US ones would probably be released. That's if this April 18th date holds. Was checking the star reviews. Not very stellar for a hot item. Wondering what they say...
  22. Ryan Wishton

    Annoying Food Allergies. Do you have any?

    I was just thinking about some missed foods that I can no longer enjoy. Anyone else have food allergies around here? They can really be damaging when it comes to leading a life. Anyways, I have them to Gluten Grains (Wheat, Barley, Spelt, Triticale, Rye) as well as Dairy and Eggs. I had...
  23. Ryan Wishton

    Simpsons Movie Finally Under way

    I have to see it to believe it. There has just been way too many false rumors in the past with this project.