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  1. Pete Battista

    Hello again!

    Hey all I have not been here in quite a while. Thanks to an E-mail from Dave I have re-found the forum. Lots of changes since I was last here. The most important being I have become disabled do to some ongoing uncurable illnesses. But that just means I have more time for movies and TV! Hope to...
  2. Pete Battista

    A TV Show Contest

    My idiot of a roommate don't realize how much TV shows I can watch. She challenged me to a contest for the month of June... who can watch the most TV shows in a month. With the prize being an Amazon gift card. Here is her challenge to me: 1 point per 1/2 hour episode (as originally aired) - so...
  3. Pete Battista

    The Matrix Question

    I just upgraded my Matrix collection with this box set... The Ultimate Matrix Collection It has the movies, the Animatrix and The Matrix Experience 2 disc Databank. So this seems to cover everything I had on DVD except The Matrix Revisited. I was wondering if "The Matrix Experience 2 disc...
  4. Pete Battista

    Looking for Ideas...

    I am looking for ideas for people on a budget.In May is both mine and my roommate's birthdays. Only a week apart. So every year we been having a joint party. And we both love movies so they are usually movie related themes. Two years ago we had an Attack of the Killer Tomatoes party, Last year...
  5. Pete Battista

    James Bond Question & Film Reviews

    I have to watch a couple of the Bond films for my 100 Movie Challenge. I never watched the Bond films before... and didn't have them in my collection so I went ahead and bought this set... The James Bond Collection All the Bond films are gathered together in this one-of-a-kind boxed set–every...
  6. Pete Battista

    Hammer Horror

    Years ago after watching a single Hammer film I basically written them all off because I really didn't care for the film or it's style... so in my head the Hammer films were not for me. That film being The Satanic Rights of Dracula that I got in a public domain set. But recently I watched...
  7. Pete Battista

    2018 Challenge: Box Office TOP 100 FILMS OF ALL-TIME (Domestic Gross)

    Box Office TOP 100 FILMS OF ALL-TIME (Domestic Gross) (Adjusted for Inflation) From: www.filmsite.org/boxoffice.html OK I am back to being able to watch movies... my brother is at rest, my stress level is lowering. But I don't feel up to continuing the earlier marathon with so little time...
  8. Pete Battista

    January Movie Marathon: Actresses of Yesteryear

    Actresses of Yesteryear This month I decided to do something a little different with my marathon... while working on seeing some more of the classic films. I am taking a list of well known actresses from the past and each day that I can watch at least 1 movie I will draw a name by random and...
  9. Pete Battista

    Always (1989)

    A Little break from Christmas movies.... today I decided to watch.... Always (1989/United States) IMDb |Wikipedia |Trailer | Universal Studios Home Entertainment (United States) Director: Steven Spielberg Writing: Jerry Belson (Screenwriter), Chandler Sprague (Original Material By)...
  10. Pete Battista

    My Christmas 2017 Marathon

    Christmas 2017 Well it is that time of the year again. Christmas time is among us. This is the first year since my wife passed away (right before before Christmas) that I actually feel like I can get into the Christmas spirit and am actually looking forward to this month's marathon! I will be...
  11. Pete Battista

    A Christmas Challenge?

    Like I am sure most of us do... I like to watch Christmas movies, shorts, TV Eps., etc. the whole month of December. So I was wondering if there will be Something like this done in the community much like the Halloween thread we had. If not community wide I will do a thread like my current one...
  12. Pete Battista

    My November Movie Marathon: Classic Comedy Greats

    Yes I admit it... I was one of those fools that used to never watch the old Black and White films. While I have seen the light several years ago and began watching them I am very far behind on films from really anything older then the mid seventies.. So I thought this month I should rectify...
  13. Pete Battista

    Horror Related TV Series?

    What with it being October... and the fact that Horror is my favorite genre... I was wondering if there was any good horror TV series I am missing. I have a fairly nice selection but always looking for more to add. My Collection: Titles in bold are ones I haven't watched yet The Addams Family...
  14. Pete Battista

    My Month of Horror/Halloween Viewings

    Every year I do month long Horror and Halloween films in October. Thought some here would like to see what I am watching and my thoughts on the films... I do my best to keep what I write spoiler free so I tend to talk very little about what happens in the film and leave it to how I felt...
  15. Pete Battista

    North by Northwest

    We are about to watch this classic Hitchcock film over here. It is one I never had the opportunity to see before now. But I have heard a lot of good things about it. Thoughts on this one?
  16. Pete Battista

    The Towering Inferno

    I am watching this one for the very first time. I been hearing for years how good this one is... glad to be finally able to watch it. I am watching the Blu-ray release. This one has a lot of big names in it!
  17. Pete Battista

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

    Decided to start watching the original CSI tonight. This is a long running series... so at a couple episodes per night it should take me quite a while to get through them all.
  18. Pete Battista

    Crossing Jordan

    I just finished watching all of Crossing Jordan on Netflix. Good story line... and I liked all the characters. I found I enjoyed it for the entire run. So I hope to add it to my physical collection before too long. Now that I am done with it... I need to decide on the next TV series to...
  19. Pete Battista

    Not New... But Returning Member

    It has actually been years since I been here. Lost track of the site due to a lot of changes in my life... including moving from Maryland to Kentucky. But I am now back so hope to start participating again. I buy mostly blu-ray now...even though I am sure most people here has went to 4K. That...
  20. Pete Battista

    Help with a Christmas movie

    I have an out of state friend that likes to send me gifts for birthdays and Christmas. But instead of just wrapping them and making me wait... she plays trivia games with me. This year she sent me 7 Christmas movies for Yule (Dec. 21st... she don't celebrate Christmas)... they are on the way to...
  21. Pete Battista

    Thanksgiving Episodes

    I am planning a week long (Thurs. - Thurs.) Thanksgiving marathon.... to attempt to see if I can watch every Thanksgiving episode of any of the TV Series I own on DVD. So far looking through my collection I came up with... Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Own all Seasons): Pangs Commander in...
  22. Pete Battista

    Opinions on Some Old War Movies... Please

    When my mother passed away recently I ended up with her DVD collection. She was a huge fan of war movies... both old and new. But she had this one old Mill Creek Entertainment boxset... and since I know next to nothing about war movies... especially old ones... I was wondering if any of these...
  23. Pete Battista

    Booker: Collector's Edition... Worst case yet?

    OK... I just got the TV Series Booker (spin-off of 21 Jump Street) And I must say I absolutely despise the case they used. It is one I personally never seen before.. and hopefully will never see again. Granted this set is very cheap (I paid $9.17 for the set of 20 episodes)... but they should...
  24. Pete Battista

    Tales from the Darkside: Season 2

    Season 2 of Tales from the Darkside has been announced. http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/news/Tales-Darkside-Season-2/12292 In time for Halloween... October 6th!
  25. Pete Battista

    Friday the 13th: The Series: Season 3

    Season 3 of Friday the 13th: The Series has been announced! www.tvshowsondvd.com/news/Friday-13th-Series-Season-3/12204 I can't wait to complete my collection!
  26. Pete Battista

    OMG! Werewolf: The Series

    I can't believe it... Werewolf: The Series is coming to DVD!!! Werewolf DVD news: Release Date for Werewolf - The Complete Series | TVShowsOnDVD.com This is one I will be pre-ordering as soon as it is up for pre-order!
  27. Pete Battista

    Opinions on Complete Series sets

    I recently found out that I will be getting some extra money to play with within the next few weeks. And after enjoying my purchases of sets such as Twilight Zone: The Complete Definitive Collection and Brady Bunch: The Complete Series I would like to put this extra money to one such set. There...
  28. Pete Battista

    A Year in Review - Purchases Made in 2008

    As the subject says... this is purchases I made through-out 2008. I keep track of all my purchases with DVD Profiler... and on another forum we were posting our yearly totals. While doing so I noticed the majority of what I bought the past year was TV Series/Miniseries/TV Movies... so thought...
  29. Pete Battista

    Stocking up on Horror Movies

    Hey everyone... Anyone else here stocking up on some new (to your collection at least) horror movies... to get ready for a fun-filled October? Within the last month I bought several horror movies... most of them "Blind Buys"... most of them I got very cheap so hopefully they won't be too...
  30. Pete Battista

    Charmed: The Complete Series is COMING!!!

    That's right... They are releasing a Charmed: The Complete Series set. But not just one... 2 versions of the complete series! a regular complete series set and a Limited Deluxe Edition complete series set. This is one show I always said I would do a double dip on if something worthwhile was...