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  1. Jason Reich

    Looking at building in wall equipment rack

    I am looking at making an inwall equipment rack in my room. The rack would be in the ajoining room's closet with a glass access door in theater. I am looking for any toturials on how to do this. I have a good idea how to do it, however I would like to hear of any headaches you have run into...
  2. Jason Reich

    horror movie name- help!

    I am trying to remember a horror movie I saw as a child. I only remeber a couple things about it but I have faith the movie gurus here can help me out! 1)horror movie 2)I think it takes place in the mountains- I have memories of a logging operation. 3)the creature, I do not think you...
  3. Jason Reich

    Wife freindly touch screen remote

    I need help from the pros.. I recently finished up my theater, and everything came together great! however, since we have went from tv- cable box- and dvd, three remotes to five, my wife is frustrated. I had to leave two pages of directions on how to activate and use each component. She is...
  4. Jason Reich

    def-tech or energy?

    I have demoed each set up, but the comparision was unfar. The Energy take 5.2 I demoed in a sound room. The Def-tech pro cimema 100(80's in the rear) was in a wide open showroom. Even with the set back of a poor room the def tech sounded great. I am torn, I am looking on feed back on these two...
  5. Jason Reich

    HT under constuction.....HELP!!!

    I am in the process of building my HT. I am running all my wire in-wall. The problem I have is though I know the receiver I am getting and I already have my DVD player and VCR, I will not be able to purchase my receiver until the room is finished. I am getting a Marantz 5200, I will be running a...
  6. Jason Reich

    SVS shielded?

    Are SVS subs shielded? I will have to place my sub(when I buy it) near my set. most likly three to four feet away. My theater is not very wide. I have a RPTV so does it even matter? Please excuse my ingnorence about this but I haven't a clue and a search yeilded no results.
  7. Jason Reich

    getting new puppy name help needed

    In a couple weeks my family is getting a puppy and I do not want a normal name. I would like something different and fitting- please give ant ideas you may have. We are getting a -shitzo- I know thats spelled wrong- the dog is white and black- I came up with sachmo but my six year old hated it...
  8. Jason Reich

    Office Space Question

    O.K. Movie buffs I am looking for a word and its driving me nuts!!! For the life of me I cannot remember this term from the comedy "Office Space" When Jennifer Aniston(sp) is getting talked to at her waitressing job, the manager points out she has the bare minimum of on her outfit. All the...
  9. Jason Reich

    Zelda and Metroid on the "Cube"?

    I am REAL close to making my final leap into a new machine. Gamecube looks like the winner but I must know.....will I see a Zelda title for the cube? Metroid? Knowing these titles are in the works plus the fact that Resident Evil is exclusive will be the deciding factor. I have played PS2 and...
  10. Jason Reich

    Home electrics....HELP!!!

    Got a question for all you home electrains out there. My microwave started turning off whenever you turned it on. This happens only when it is plugged into the outlet behind it. If I unplug and plug into a different outlet then it works fine. The curcuit breaker for the outlet behind it does...
  11. Jason Reich

    preimaging for inwall speakers

    O.K. I had decided on some speakers for my living room based HT. The Wife put her foot down and does not want speakers showing in the room. We agreed on in wall units(except sub and center). My question is seeing as once these speakers are installed I have no way to aim them, the speakers I...
  12. Jason Reich

    BOSE for my HT

    I am looking for a 51. system with small "cube" style speakers. My wife will not go for towers or even bookshelf sized speakers in our tv room. I went and checked out the BOSE acustimass 15 speaker set. I was impressed with the sound and size, but not the price. So I have 2 questions: 1>...