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  1. morasp

    Region Free Multi Format DVD/Blu ray player

    I was wondering if anyone could suggest a region free Multi format (PAL, NTSC) Blu ray/DVD player. I found one by Sony that seems like it would work.
  2. morasp

    New Tricks Series 6 question

    If anyone has the Acorn Media 2012 region 1 NTSC DVD set of New Tricks series 6 could you check and see what the disc capacity is of the DVDs?
  3. morasp

    Budget Surround Speaker Recommendations?

    Just purchased a new home theater receiver that requires 6-16 ohm speakers. My old surrounds are 3 ohm and I have 4 6 ohm speakers. My options are to buy a good center channel speaker E.G. Elac with the hope of upgrading the other four in the future or buy a pair of surrounds now use three of...
  4. morasp

    Sub Woofer question

    I'm looking at a budget 5.2 Sony STRDH receiver but it requires a powered sub. I have an older Titan II LE powered sub from my two channel system that I'm not using. It has frequency and level adjustments and RCA line inputs. Would it work with the Sony or do I need to buy a new sub?
  5. morasp

    Shout Factory Leave it to Beaver complete series question

    I was wondering if anyone who owns the complete leave it to Beaver box set has compared seasons one and two to the Universal Pictures sets? In my system the season one audio is a little rough. Thanks in advance.
  6. morasp

    Best 4K UHD player for under $200

    I'm looking to upgrade my player to 4K but not break the bank. There are plenty of brands from Sony, LG, Philips, Sanyo, and Samsung. Does anyone have a specific model under $200 that they really like?
  7. morasp

    Complete tv series DVD purchase question?

    I want to purchase a complete series DVD set that that has been hard to find but I've found new copies from a third party seller on Amazon with a 99% approval rating for $60.75 delivered and Deep Discount for $75 delivered. If I ordered it from the Amazon seller it would be cheaper but if it is...
  8. morasp

    Shout factory Bob Newhart Show question

    I think I received a bootleg copy of The Bob Newhart Show complete series. The discs are 4.2 GB. I emailed Shout and received this response: Hi Steve, That does not sound right. All of our releases are on Dual Layered discs so the size would be closer to 7.8GB. If I had to guess, I'd say...
  9. morasp

    Combat the complete series

    I just received combat the complete series and put the first disk in my desktop PC. The properties say that it is a 4.19 GB capacity disc. I think that means it's a single layer disc. I don't know how to tell if it is encrypted or not. The date on the video files is 2/17/14. Does anyone...
  10. morasp

    Combat TV series question

    I was interested in picking up the Combat TV series and found individual seasons on Amazon from LA Entertainment with a 2018 release date. Does anyone know if they are a legitimate studio and/or if this is a legitimate release? I've never heard of them before.
  11. morasp

    Trying to decide what to order if anything on Amazon Prime Day

    I 'm usually not at a loss when it comes to deciding what DVD to purchase. Amazon is having their annual prime day and there are several items that are tempting. I'm considering backup copies of the Star Trek Sets which are the cheapest I've ever seen them. I'm also considering getting a...
  12. morasp

    Question Dick Van Dyke show DVD vs Blu ray set

    Does anyone know if the "remastered from 35mm negatives" 2015 Dick Van Dyke DVD set is the same remaster as the three year older 2012 Blu ray set?
  13. morasp

    Question on Emergency the complete series

    I was thinking about getting the complete emergency series but have read that the picture isn't as good as the episodes on Netflix before they took it off. The price of the set seems to be similar to the Rockford files DVD set right before Mill Creek announced it was releasing it on Blu ray...
  14. morasp

    Question on Blu Ray player

    I have a newer Samsung Blu-ray player and I've noticed that on some Blu-ray discs it seems to have a low frequency hum. I was wondering if this indicates a problem with the disc and/or if it i
  15. morasp

    New DVD sets at Wal Mart

    I just went to Wal-Mart and they had several new multi season DVD sets: Hawaii Five-O (classic) Seasons 1-4 $40 Mash Seasons 5-8 $24 Reba Seasons 5 and 6 $15 Sledge Hammer $20 Bones Seasons 1-4 $30 Bones Seasons 5-8 $40 Numb3rs Seasons 1-4 $40 That's from memory so I think there may have been...
  16. morasp

    Amazon Warehous Used Like New

    I was just wondering if anyone has had problems with discs from amazon warehouse rated Used but Like new?
  17. morasp

    UV code redemption question

    I have a UV code for scorpion season one and it says to redeem it at paramountmovies.com. Is there a way I can redeem it so that I can watch the episodes on VUDU?
  18. morasp

    Reba DVD reliability?

    I've been watching Reba on Hulu and saw the first four seasons at Wal-Mart for $20. That's a pretty good price but I read they were double sided discs. I was just wondering if anyone that has purchased them has had any of them fail?
  19. morasp

    International Warehouse 13

    Amazon has the region free UK IMPORT Warehouse 13 Blu-ray for less than $25. I was wondering if anyone has confirmed that this isn't a bootleg copy?
  20. morasp

    Star Trek Next Generation Blu-Ray

    The UK Blu-ray release of Star Trek the next generation is listed as region free and is for sale on amazon for $75.88. That's less than 43 cents per episode. I have read some bad reviews about the US release on the packaging and scratched discs plus it's quite a bit more expensive. Can anyone...
  21. morasp

    Rockford files on mill creek

    I see that mill creek has released the Rockford files on DVD and was wondering how it compared to the Universal release. I was going to purchase season one for $6.99 on Amazon to try it out but was hoping someone had already purchased it.