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  1. Paul_D

    Need a favor - Red2Blu

  2. Paul_D

    Planning on purchasing a player, advice needed!

    I'm leaning towards going for a Toshiba HD-XE1 and have 2 main concerns: 1) How do current owners feel about the machine overall? Are there any obvious weaknesses that aren't hinted at in the marketing material. 2) I will be buying a UK PAL player, but plan on importing HD discs from...
  3. Paul_D

    Silence Of The Lambs R2 Question

    Does anyone know the difference (if any) between the Ultimate Edition released last year, and the new Definitive Ediiton (Fox release?!?) being released on March 5th? Was planning on picking up Ultimate to sit alongside my Criterion edition, but possibly Definitive is superior??? Anyone know...
  4. Paul_D

    Difference between NTSC 3.58 and NTSC 4.43?

    Reason I ask is I just bought a TV that supports 4.43 but not 3.58. I'm in the UK, and I've got hundreds of imported Region 1 DVDs, so am starting to worry about them being NTSC 3.58 and not being viewable on the new TV. Not cool. Can anyone clarify the difference between the two, and set my...
  5. Paul_D

    Breakfast On Pluto - Trailer Music?

    Does anyone know what song is used in the trailer to Neil Jordan's new movie 'Breakfast On Pluto'?
  6. Paul_D

    Downfall: 3 hour cut on DVD?

    Does anyone know abything about the rumoured/upcoming 3 hour version of Downfall (Der Untergang). I saw it in a re-run theater a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it. Fantastic movie. I'd really love to see an extended version, and I believe the rumour is that a german TV version has been...
  7. Paul_D

    Original 1-Sheet Movie Posters - What are your sources?

    I'm trying to get my hands on a few original posters but am not having much luck with ebay. Other sources like movieposter.com and allposters.com don't have a very diverse selection. Does anyone have a reliable online source that has a good selection of more obscure titles? Specifically, I'm...
  8. Paul_D

    The Bourne Ultimatum - when can we expect it?

    With the critical and commercial success of the second Bourne installment, an adaptation of the 3rd novel seems an absolute certainty. But given how the film of The Bourne Supremacy diverged so much from the novel, how can we expect the 3rd film to be different from its source, and how far away...
  9. Paul_D

    Where can I buy UNCUT 'Malena' online?

    Title speaks for itself. I believe Italy is the only country that has the uncut version of Malena available on DVD. I bought the cheap french disc and its the US cut. Any help greatly appreciated.
  10. Paul_D

    'Cold Mountain' - any opinions of this disk yet?

    I'm on the fence about picking this one up. I found the film really uneven, but it had some wonderful photography and some memorable performances. I know it streets on Tuesday, but has anyone received theirs yet? What's the transfer like? Extras? Any opinions would be great.
  11. Paul_D

    Different Cuts of Kubrick's 'The Shining'. Clarification needed!

    I know Kubrick is notorious for cutting and re-cutting his films even after release, but the different versions of The Shining really confuse me: IMDB lists a US cut (145 minutes), European cut (114 minutes), and a fully uncut, supposedly extra gory Japanese cut (154 minutes), along with...
  12. Paul_D

    Godfather Remaster - Any opinions yet?

    Just noticed that the single disc reissue is released on Tuesday. Anyone seen a copy yet? I haven't thus far made a Gdfather DVD investment, so I'd be very interested to see if the massive improvements this remaster promised to deliver over the original box set disc are up to snuff. If...
  13. Paul_D

    Wim Wenders 'Paris, Texas'. R1 Status?

    Anyone know why this title just hasn't materialised? I remember reading a while back that Anchor Bay was releasing a Wim Wenders collection, and that this would be a part of it, but so far nothing?!?
  14. Paul_D

    eBay Auction - This can't be for real!?!?

    "Buy 867-5309 Jenny's New York Phone Number" (Admin note - Do a search on Ebay if you're interested) First, who the hell is Tommy TuTone? Second, look at the current bid... $67,400.00! With 5 days to go that seems a little silly for a phone number!
  15. Paul_D

    What new movies will be remade in 20 years time?

    The question occured to me while watching The Italian Job remake trailer: which current films are gonna go through the re-think machine for future generations to discover first-hand? Of the remakes I can think of, they generally seem to break down into 5 specific categories 1) to exploit...
  16. Paul_D

    UK Traders Look Here! ***Region 1 DVDs for trade!***

    Here's my trade list. All discs are region 1 and in only-viewed-once condition. R1 DVDs American Graffiti SE Blade Runner Cast Away SE (2-Disc) Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon SE Election Enough (sealed) Evil Dead II SE (Collector's Tin) (will do a straight swap for the keep-case version...
  17. Paul_D

    Zelda: Wind Waker - Frustrating gameplay!!!!

    The endless sailing is beginning to irritate me no end. I'm at the beginning of the quest for the eight Triforce shards. Has anyone got a guide for collecting the eight pieces avoiding all the other treasure hunting rubbish? I have absolutely no intention of spending hours sailing around looking...
  18. Paul_D

    GTA3 Multiplayer.... It's real!

    http://www.guardians.ch/ggm/#download 8 player functional. Very laggy apparently, and there are numerous problems, but the only way is up! Also, I don't have broadband so I can't really experience it. Can anyone comment on playability?
  19. Paul_D

    Help me decide which game to buy!

    I've decided that I'm only going to get one more game this month (the first was RE0 which I just finished.) The candidates are: Splinter Cell (PC) Heard great things. Looks very cool. Never tried this type of game before. vs. Metroid Prime (GC) Also heard great things. never...
  20. Paul_D

    Resident Evil Zero - Different Endings?

    I just finished Resident Evil Zero, and I msut say, I was rather underwhelmed. I loved the train. But every area after was very samey. I was very disappointed that the Umbrella Research Facility was so similar to the mansion of the first game. Still a lot of fun, just didn't live up to my...
  21. Paul_D

    Petition Online Madness!!!

    I received a signature confirmation email today, congratulating me on my decision to sign some "licence live music for bars and pubs" petition and here's the issue: I didn't sign it. Not only that, when I checked out the list for my name, my FULL ADDRESS was listed! Now I'm angry. I sent off a...
  22. Paul_D

    'The Player' New Line Platinum Series - how is it?

    Saw this last night. Its been years since I've seen it and it was much better than I remembered. I know this is now a very old disc. But it is New Line, and as far as I know, they've never done a really bad transfer. So how is it? I'd love to own this film, and New Line haven't disappointed me...
  23. Paul_D

    Oskar Schindler - a question about historical accuracy.

    I watched Schindler's List today. I vaguely remember some controversy back in 1993 about how relatives of Schindler believed that the film misrepresented the man. That there were relevant, negative things the film didn't touch upon. I can't remember anything more, or whether any of this is true...
  24. Paul_D

    'Alien' Question.

    How did 'the Company' know there was an alien lifeform on the planet before the Nostromo picked up the distress beacon? I didn't notice this question answered in the film, and I'd be interested to know if anyone can answer it, from the film/s or otherwise. Thanks.
  25. Paul_D

    Database Problem?

    I keep getting a message when I post that there's a problem with the HFT database. Also, on the thread listing page, after posting and checking that the post was successfully added to a thread, none of my new posts are showing up either on the last poster or post number indicators. edit: the...
  26. Paul_D

    ER on DVD.......... when?

    Of all the TV shows, there's only one I'd love to own in its entirety.... ER. It also seems like an obvious choice for a series by series DVD release. Anybody have any news on such a release? Can we expect WB to start releasing seasons in the next year? Any news would be cool!
  27. Paul_D

    UK Zelda Release Question

    Does anyone know whether the UK release of the Cube's Zelda game will have the same preorder bonus disc that was available in Japan and the US, and if so, through which retailers is it available. I've got Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask N64 carts, but I'd love to have at least one with a nice...
  28. Paul_D

    Is the price of 'Donne Darko' going to drop?

    Just saw this and I need to own the R1 disc now! I know Fox have been doing price drops lately, so I thought I'd check if this one's up for a drop before I ordered it! If anyone can confirm if it definitely won't be dropping, then I'll pick it up now, I just can't wait to see this again...
  29. Paul_D

    R1 DVDs for Trade ...AND....3 PAL GameCube titles for trade or sale!!!

    Region 1 DVDs Election Blade Runner Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon You Can Count on Me X-Men Moulin Rouge (2-Disc) The Truman Show Eyes Wide Shut Girlfight American Graffiti All titles are in absolutely mint condition. None of the discs have even the slightest blemish and...
  30. Paul_D

    Does anyone have the MASSIVE ATTACK music video collection on DVD?

    If so, can anyone confirm if its Region 0 encoded? If so, I'll pick up the UK release. My equipment's all Region 1, so if not, I'll have to import. Thanks!