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  1. Brian L

    Due to Covid-19 EU Proposal to limit streaming quality

    https://www.macrumors.com/2020/03/19/eu-urges-netflix-to-limit-stream-quality-covid-19/ I don't do an awful lot of streaming (just Picard at the moment, and probably the Orville when they return), but I know a lot of you do and might find this interesting.
  2. Brian L

    UltraViolet is shutting down

    I received an email this morning from UV. Details are here: https://www.myuv.com/faq
  3. Brian L

    Sony Pictures Store is shutting down

    I got an email from Sony indicating that their online store is shutting down. For whatever reason, my Mac thought it was junk mail, but when I went directly to the website, there is a pop up replicating what was in the email. https://www.sonypicturesstore.com/login/ I did note that the email...
  4. Brian L

    Lost in Space on Netflix

    I don't tend to keep up with new shows that are in production, but having loved the show as a kid, I am very much looking forward to this.
  5. Brian L

    Jack White - Blunderbuss

    I find The White Stripes to be an acquired taste, but have come around to appreciating the song craft if not the sound quality. Blunderbuss turns that on its head. There are some pretty diverse musical styles on here, most of which I am really digging. Playing on my office system (NAD, NHT) I...
  6. Brian L

    Tosh posts 4.0 Software for HD-DVD Players....

    HD-DVD may be dead, but Tosh seems to be still supporting their players. Looks like 4.0 is available for pretty much all of their players. No details about the fixes. Also note that I have NFI if the updates exist over the web; I am talking only about what exists for download from Tosh's web...
  7. Brian L

    Apple TV 2.0 Update now available

    Just did the update myself. While I do not plan to rent many (or maybe ANY) movies, given the restrictions on the rental period, I did note something while browsing the list of available HD titles.... The Wrath of Kahn! yeah, I know it will probably not even approach HD Lite, but damn, its...
  8. Brian L

    Wrath of Kahn in HD.....but on AppleTV

    Just did the Apple TV 2.0 update to allow iTunes HD Rentals. Yes, I know....they are not likely to be real HD, but browsing through the available titles, one title REALLY caught my eye. Yes, The Wrath of Kahn! And it is said to be DD 5.1 as well. I may just give this a shot, just because...
  9. Brian L

    "300" Review in October S&V?

    Edit: OK, my point stands, but I got my facts wrong. Here is the real stuff. BR gets 3.5 stars. HD-DVD gets 4. So says Josef Krebs. Unless I am mistaken, both formats use the exact same VC1 encode (So says High-Def Digest). So, is Mr. Krebbs reviewing the discs, or the machines he is using...
  10. Brian L

    Sony to allow full resolution via component connections on their BluRay titles

    Saw this at another site: http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20060314-6377.html From where I sit, this is FANTASTIC news. It will take a bunch more studios to follow Sony's lead before I alter my intention to boycott both HD DVD formats, but it is surely a step in the right direction...
  11. Brian L

    Beatles/Harrison Fans - You MUST check this out!

    http://ukuleledisco.com/jake This was posted over at Steve Hoffman's site. All I can say about this dude is that he is the SRV of the Ukelele. This will forever banish any memories you may have had of Tiny Tin to there rightful place! Brian
  12. Brian L

    Bad Co. - Self Titled Release (Steve Hoffman mastering)

    This is a blatant shout out for the new, Steve Hoffman mastered, Audio Fidelity release of Bad Company's self titled debut. If you like early 70's hard rock, and this album in particular, BUY THIS CD. The sonics are stunning. I have been a huge fan of this music since its release back in...
  13. Brian L

    Aerosmith - Rockin' the Joint

    I thought I would start a thread to discuss the new release. I am a long time fan of the band, and was not at all planning to buy this, but I read a couple positive comments on the sonics, and coupled with it being on sale at Walmart for less than $10...well, I bit. Have not even finished a...
  14. Brian L

    Paul McCartney - Chaos and Creation

    :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: Any question about my views on this one? Lots of anticipation for this one at certain other sites, but I was not really expecting anything great, not having purchased a new Macca LP...
  15. Brian L

    Sound and Vision - No more test results in print addition?

    This may not rightfully go here, but I didn't really think ANY category fit, so lets try it here. The mods will move it as they see fit. The new S&V arrived the other day, and in addition to an overall reformatting of the magazine (which I hate, but thats just me), they are no longer...
  16. Brian L

    New track from the band "Europe" - Got to Have Faith

    This is one ass-kicking track! Yup, these are the same boys that brought us "The Final Countdown". And this is NOTHING like that! Thankfully! I heard this on XM's Boneyard this morning, and could not believe it was Europe. What a killer track. I googled the band, and it looks to be on a...
  17. Brian L

    Pink Floyd said to reunite for Live 8....Really!

    http://www.brain-damage.co.uk/ Click on the link on the home page. Very, very, cool news indeed! I so wish someone would broadcast this in HD. Mark Cuban, are you out there???????? Brian
  18. Brian L

    Robert Plant - Mighty Rearranger

    A couple things about Robert's new release.... First I like this CD...a lot. Certainly some Zep echos here and there (particularly some of the drum beats sound as though they were sampled from Bonzo), but I do not consider any of that a bad thing. And being Robert, the usual Middle Eastern...
  19. Brian L

    FS: KEF Q10 Bookshelf Speakers - Excellent Condition

    Up for sale are one pair of KEF Q10 loudspeakers. They are in excellent condition, in good working order, and have served me well as part of my Home Theater and Two Channel audio systems. I purchased these new several years ago, and have used them ever since. The only evidence that they are...
  20. Brian L

    BFD Users - Cool Software Set-up Tool

    Anyone check this out??? http://homepage.ntlworld.com/john.mu...meq/index.html And there is an AVS thread talking about it here: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...hreadid=529224 I have not actually tried to use it, but I did load it and fired it up, and am going through the...
  21. Brian L

    Downloadable Test Tones - Another Source

    Found this linked over at AVS: http://www.realtraps.com/test-cd.htm#Top Nothing new for some of the regulars here, but I did find their comments about not pre-compensating for the known Radio Shack offsets rather interesting. There was a bit of discussion here a few months back, and the...
  22. Brian L

    2005 Grammy Discussion Thread

    I can't belive that there were no Grammy posts this morning. All-righty them, I will start... For me, the best performance was the Janis Joplin tribute with Joss Stone and Melissa Ethridge. It was shocking to see Melissa walk on stage completely bald, but given that the women is fighting...
  23. Brian L

    Othyrworld - Beyond Into the Night of Day

    I need to take a moment to plug HTF member Jeff Ulmer's new CD, Othyrworld - Beyond Into the Night of Day. This is a wonderful recording, and gets my highest recommendation for fans of melodic hard rock. I spoke positively of this back when Jeff had only posted a few samples to generate...
  24. Brian L

    Billy Idol's New Single - Scream

    This was mentioned in the ongoing 80's thread, but I thought it would be worthy of its own thread.... Billy Idol is out with a new track, and it kicks ass. I happened to see that iTunes had it listed, and gave the sample a listen. Wow, vintage Billy Idol. This track rocks, and would fit...
  25. Brian L

    OT: Ultimate A/V (formerly SGHT) goes T.U.

    Just opened my mailbox to find an issue of Home Theater Magazine, with an insert advising that UAV has ceased publication, and the rest of my subscription would be fulfilled with issues of HT. While UAV had its good points, I though SGHT went steadily downhill ever since they went to a large...
  26. Brian L

    Joe Perry on the Food Network

    OK, maybe hell has frozen over. Food Networks "Inside Dish with Rachel Ray" has an episode devoted to Joe Perry of Aerosmith (it will replay on 1/15). I have always been a huge fan of the band (I am 44, and lived in Massachusetts until '93....you can figure it out), and I consider Joe to...
  27. Brian L

    BestBuy/TurboTax - Free CD deal...you may get an SACD?

    Title says it all. I normally buy TurboTax around this time of year, and note that the Sunday BB circular lists a free CD (up to $14.99) with the purchase of TurboTax. When I got to the store, I thought I would see if I could get a free SACD instead. The gal at customer service said she did...
  28. Brian L

    Huge deals on SACD at Sony Music

    Check out this thread at Steve Hoffman's site.... http://www.stevehoffman.tv/forums/sh...ad.php?t=45281 Combine the Sony sale with an AMEX card discount (20% off), and its a smokin' deal. Plus, free shipping on orders over $25. Picked up three titles myself (Joe Satriani, Blue Oyster...
  29. Brian L

    Tragically Hip - Up to Here

    This is a dusty old CD, that's for sure, dated 1989. And what a great disc it is. I bought this back in the day based on air play for "New Orleans is Sinking". There is not a bad track on here. Great hooks, great guitars, and excellent production values. I was going through my cee-dees...
  30. Brian L

    Flaming Lips on Austin City Limits

    This one wins hands down for "Weirdest performance I have ever seen". I can't really begin to describe the show, other than to say that the highlight for me was a cover of Sabbath's War Pigs where the lead singer was draped in an American Flag, and pours a vile of fake blood over his face (a...