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  1. Ethan Riley

    Doctor Who: Jon Pertwee Complete Season Four

    Looks like they're skipping all the way to year four of Pertwee's five years. https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Doctor-Who-Jon-Pertwee-Complete-Season-Four-Blu-ray/240786/...
  2. Ethan Riley

    R.I.P. Ken Berry (F-Troop, Mayberry RFD, Mama's Family)

    Word is circulating that Ken Berry has passed away today at age 85. I haven't seen an official news article yet, but his F-Troop co-star Larry Storch posted it on his wall and Ken's Wikipedia entry has been updated with mention of his passing. Favorite Ken role or show?
  3. Ethan Riley

    American Horror Story: Cult no Blu-ray?

    I discovered that Fox somehow cancelled the blu for American Horror Story: Cult. An amazon page was created ages ago; now it has the dreaded "Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock" message. The blu-ray does exist in Region 2...
  4. Ethan Riley

    R.I. P. Steven Bochco

  5. Ethan Riley

    2018 Track the TV episodes you watched

    Jan. 1 Bones 11-16 The Strike in the Chord (DVD) Jan. 2 Bones 11.17 The Secret in the Service (DVD) Bones 11.18 The Movie in the Making (DVD) Jan. 3 Scorpion 3.17 Dirty Seeds, Done Dirt Cheap (DVD)
  6. Ethan Riley

    Random Movies I Want to Upgrade

    I don't necessarily need the biggest hits in Hollywood--most of them will come out in their own sweet time. What I want to upgrade are studio pics and B pics and other stuff that I've had on home video for years but need to be on blu. The last year or so gave me quite a few from my grail list...
  7. Ethan Riley

    Dynasty Season 9 Announced

    http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/news/Dynasty-Season-9/19899 Well, it's near us finally. Now season One came out on April 19, 2005. Season 9 is scheduled for Sept 9, 2014. That means the dvds will have taken longer to come out as did the actual nine year series! But--there's no mention of the...
  8. Ethan Riley

    Scorpion Releasing to Limit Blu-Ray Titles

    Scorpion Releasing issued an interesting statement on its Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/scorpionreleasinginfo "Due to the dismal BluRay sales (most selling 600 or less) of the titles that had been out before numerous times on DVD, and the fact that the DVDs of some of these BluRay...
  9. Ethan Riley

    RIP Dave Madden (The Partridge Family, Alice)

    Another great from classic TV: http://www.imdb.com/news/ni56674168/?ref_=hm_nw_tp_t5
  10. Ethan Riley

    E.T. and Jaws Coming in 2012

    If you happened to buy "Eureka" Season 4.5 this past week, it came with the following insert:
  11. Ethan Riley

    MORE Movies You Like--(That None of Your Friends Have Heard Of)

    We haven't really done an all-encompassing "Obscure Films" thread in a while, so I thought it would be time to start fresh. This time, we can focus on movies that were perhaps big in their day but are now sadly forgotten. Or movies that were obscure in their day but easily became favorites of...
  12. Ethan Riley

    Which Shows Would Look Best on Blu-Ray?

    We've done variations on this theme, but not recently. Which shows, from the 50s onward, would look terrific if upgraded to blu-ray? We can choose any filmed television show that doesn't as of yet have a blu-ray release. We can discuss whether simple ports of existing prints would be viable, or...
  13. Ethan Riley

    Top-Rated, Nearly Forgotten DRAMAS!

    Since there was a lot of interest in the "Comedies" thread, I thought I'd try a similar one for all those Dramas that haven't made such a good showing on dvd. Again, I'm mainly concentrating on shows that ran at least 100 episodes, but we can make exceptions for any other notable show that...
  14. Ethan Riley

    Wildly Popular; Sadly Neglected SITCOMS!

    Here's a thread for all those long-running sitcoms that never seem to make it on dvd. We all know the story: it was a long-running series, possibly even the #1 show on television during its original airings, yet it never seems to make a strong showing in dvd land. Here's some good candidates...
  15. Ethan Riley

    Disney Animated Features: What's Next on Blu-Ray?

    After what seemed like an interminable delay, Disney has finally started catching up on its blu-ray animated feature releases, with the announcement of several titles this year alone. But even when Dumbo and the Lion King come out, we'll still have only 15 out of 50 animated features available...
  16. Ethan Riley

    Cheap Catalog Releases on Blu-Ray? Has it begun?

    I have a theory. Seeing as how Target suddenly plopped out a half-dozen cheap catalog releases on blu-ray for a whopping $5.00, are we seeing the beginning of a virtual avalanche of such discs? The general consensus among forum members seems to be that the Target discs were hit-or-miss, but in...
  17. Ethan Riley

    Musicals: From Stage & Film to Blu-ray

    With its 30th anniversary soon upon us, I think it's high time they started work on Annie for bluray. But somebody tell me what the deal is with the bizarro world soundtrack on that film. That movie always sounded extra funky to me. The ambient sound seems to be on a different recording style...
  18. Ethan Riley

    Top 100 Films of All Time Available on Blu-Ray

    Here is the list of the Top 100 Films of all-time according to Filmsite. This is their "adjusted for inflation" list, because if you just use the top Gross list, they're mostly all very recent films and already pretty much covered on blu. Going by the "adjusted for inflation" list gives you a...
  19. Ethan Riley

    Shout for Sony!

    Just a list of Sony's many abandoned shows, and the number of seasons it would take to complete them on dvd; it may be too early to speculate on whether any of these will be picked up by Shout Factory, but oh well, let's do it anyway. All this stuff has its fans; seems to me Shout could produce...
  20. Ethan Riley

    FALCON CREST: Season One! ~~ April 20, 2010

    Seemed like it would never get an official announcement, but here it is at last~~! http://tvshowsondvd.com/news/Falcon-Crest-Season-1/13134 I notice the pre-order price from that website that's named after a South American river is only $27.99; down from the MSRP of $39.98. Not bad; DONE...
  21. Ethan Riley

    Cancelled TV Shows DVD Release Dates

    Update for Oct 4, 2012 This thread lists the release dates for upcoming shows on dvd. The release dates are from the tv-on-dvd site, not Amazon or studio sites. For the sake of brevity, I have primarily limited the list to U.S. shows that are getting complete (or half) season releases, and...
  22. Ethan Riley

    The "We GIVE UP on Season Releases Thread!" Time for some Complete Series Sets...

    I give up. There's too many tv shows on dvd that got stalled halfway out the gate. As time goes by, the likelihood of certain releases gets diminished. But it occurs to me that Complete Series releases get more press than season releases (generally), and are typically more economical...
  23. Ethan Riley

    Star Trek: Phase II web series

    Parallel Universe: The Observatory: DIY Fandom This story ran on msn this morning. It seems like some fans have been making a TOS spin-off for the web, and they've been doing it for quite a few years already. They use authentic looking sets and even feature original cast members as guest...
  24. Ethan Riley

    List Your Unfinished TV Shows on DVD Collection!

    I just wanted everyone to post and compare their lists of tv shows that they own that haven't been completed on dvd, in which further seasons haven't been announced, and that are getting more and more unlikely to see completion as time goes by. Here's mine: All in the Family American Dreams...
  25. Ethan Riley

    Your BR Blind Purchases

    And by "Blind Purchase" I mean movies or tv shows that you did not previously own on standard def, and also movies that you had never seen before at the theater or elsewhere. Just total blind purchases of films that caught your attention while shopping at Best Buy or wherever. I know as soon as...
  26. Ethan Riley

    Older TV Shows in HD!!! It's time...

    I was looking at the CBS/Paramount syndication site and it lists old shows and their HD status (whether they've been transferred to HD yet). It seems like a growing percentage of (mostly very popular) shows have been transferred thus far. Here's a short list: Andy Griffith Show Becker...
  27. Ethan Riley

    Dynasty Season Four Announced

    Dynasty DVD news: Announcement for Dynasty - The 4th Season, Volume 1 | TVShowsOnDVD.com It's good news and bad news. The good news is--it IS coming! The bad news is--it's another half-season. Can't begin to tell you how much I despise half-seasons. I don't think half-seasons are doing the...
  28. Ethan Riley

    Pushing Daisies Season 1 thread

    Well, here it comes. The reviews have all been enthusiastically favorable; the promos look bizarre, but intriguing. We will see what we will see--
  29. Ethan Riley

    Ugly Betty: Season 2 Discussion Thread

    Only one more day 'till the premiere. I really did enjoy the multiple-cliffhanger ending of season one. I haven't seen anything like that since probably the 80s with Dynasty or whatever. Except that Betty's cliffhanger was handled far better than anything on those old primetime soaps. To recap...
  30. Ethan Riley

    The Mod Squad Season One

    They have now released box art: http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=8016 I love the design, but is it my imagination, or is that picture not from the first season? The actors look too old. For all I know, the pic is from the 1979 reunion movie. And while I'm thrilled the show...