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    The Last Blockbuster coming to Blu-ray

    I recently TLB doc. earlier this week, and it was very interesting, compelling, and nostalgic. I admittedly wasn't much of a movie fan in the VHS days - so, was much more into renting after I got my first DVD player back in 2003; access to the plethora of movies & TV shows on DVD made me both a...
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    Jessica Walter, star of Play Misty For Me and The Group died

    Huge fan of '70's cinema & TV, so am very saddened to hear about the passing of both Jessica Walter and George Segal. Play Misty for Me (1971) is one of my favorite Eastwood films. I really felt sorry for the JW character - despite her heinous acts in the movie. The film features a creepy...
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    George Segal dies at 87

    Sad news, but unfortunately not unexpected. California Split is one of late director Robert Altman's best films; great movie about gambling - but was about a lot more than that. Both Segal & Elliot Gould were fantastic in this. Also liked that this featured Reno, Nevada in one sequence - the...
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    Original Hawaii Five-O Complete Series Package

    I've been watching Hawaii Five 0 sporadically - but chronologically - on DVD for the past year or so. I recently started the 6th season. Extremely strong series, and I've enjoyed every episode (so far). It was interesting that in two episodes in the first several seasons, a similar plot point...
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    Criterion Press Release: The Parallax View (Blu-ray)

    Re: The Game - I did like the film, though it did require the viewers to "suspend disbelief" to a great extent. However, I will agree that TPV was far superior - for all of the reasons mentioned.
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    Criterion Press Release: The Parallax View (Blu-ray)

    The Conversation & Three Days of the Condor are both excellent films, and are definitely more accessible than TPV. However, I find TPV to be slightly better than either of those due to the film's disturbing complexity; it's "homage" (if you want to call it that) to the aforementioned political...
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    Criterion Press Release: The Parallax View (Blu-ray)

    My interpretation of the film's ending was that
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    Pre-Order Girl, Interrupted (1999) (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Great news! Girl, Interrupted is an amazing film, with stellar performances from the entire main & supporting cast, including Brittany Murphy, Angelina Jolie, etc. This is also my favorite Winona Ryder performance. The late '60's soundtrack is also incredible. I re-watched the DVD a while...
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    Physical Media might not be dead, but Physical Media in Retail Stores are accelerating the death

    I was more of a browser rather than a shopper at Border's Books. They had a good selection of books, graphic novels, and physical media (CD's/DVD's) - but I considered them way overpriced -even though they were MSRP. And, they almost never had sales. I remember CD's there being about $17-18...
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    Physical Media might not be dead, but Physical Media in Retail Stores are accelerating the death

    Back OT: The pic. above from a recent Best Buy is spot-on re: the decline of physical media in retail stores. The heyday of Best Buy's physical media section was probably the mid- 200X's/early 20XX's. Wow. You could go in there and find a plethora of DVD's, early Blu's, and CD's. In the...
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    Star Trek: Enterprise - The Complete Series (Blu-ray)

    I saw all four seasons of ST: Enterprise (2001 - 2005) on DVD in the 200X's & more recently on the Blu-ray set. I am truly blown away by the show - I felt that it was extremely well-done and interesting. The characters were likeable, the acting was solid, the scripts were exceptional, and the...
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    Press Release Star Trek Discovery: Season One (Blu-ray)

    I watched Star Trek: Discovery Season 1, on Blu-ray a while back. Excellent show! I was extremely impressed by the storyline, effects, acting, and cast. Well-done! Some observations: -Great opening theme credits & song; it had a retro late 1960's vibe/tone, which was obviously an...
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    Fugitive comes to DVD in a 33 disc set on Nov. 1st 2011

    Due to my relatively recent interest in old Quinn Martin TV shows (The Invaders, TSOSF) I have decided that my next classic TV show viewing will be the iconic 1960's series The Fugitive. I've never seen the series before (it was well before my time), but do remember the now-iconic 1993 Harrison...
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    Physical Media might not be dead, but Physical Media in Retail Stores are accelerating the death

    Possibly; I suspect that in many of these cases it's not worth it to a potential company to remaster the TV show/film (for either a physical media release or streaming) because they feel the release wouldn't make a profit. Also, music copyright issues can be & are a huge roadblock when it comes...
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    DVD Review The Invaders: The Complete Series DVD Review

    Recently finished S01. Again, incredible series. One of the many stand-out episodes was "Panic". This revolved around a young alien who was on the run from the main group of aliens. He had some kind of condition that caused any human he touched to freeze to death. He presented himself as a...
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    Physical Media might not be dead, but Physical Media in Retail Stores are accelerating the death

    For the most part, even TV shows/movies on VHS that haven't ever been released to DVD/Blu are available via streaming - in some capacity. Typically, the streams are no better than a VHS rip - but they are no worse, either. For example, the iconic 1977 film Looking for Mr. Goodbar (starring...
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    Physical Media might not be dead, but Physical Media in Retail Stores are accelerating the death

    I agree with you. I'm not one of those that believe Vinyl sounds better than CD's/Digital. But, there are those that prefer them - go figure. I haven't had a Vinyl record player since 1990, and never plan on getting another one. However, I do understand the preference for the larger cover...
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    Physical Media might not be dead, but Physical Media in Retail Stores are accelerating the death

    Agreed. I will never understand the "nostalgia" for VHS tapes, especially now that we have so many far superior formats around - i.e. streaming/Blu-ray/DVD. I hated the VHS format back when they were the only home video format around: They were heavy/bulky/ugly; you had to rewind them after...
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    Three's Company

    Agreed. I wish they had done more with the Lana character. As a kid watching the show, I thought Ann Wedgeworth as Lana was beautiful & sexy....but if hard-pressed to choose would have picked either Terri or Cindy as being more attractive. However, now that I'm going back & watching the show...
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    Three's Company

    I recently watched the first episode of MATH (for the first time) shortly after seeing S01 of Three's Company, and it was interesting to see how similar both shows were. The first episode of TC is literally an almost exact re-telling of MATH. I did note that the landlords in MATH (George and...
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    Three's Company

    Three's Company was a clever & funny series, and much of the humor was based on misunderstandings & innuendos - LOL. The show depicted a "swinging" & somewhat care-free, sunny California lifestyle that was definitely a product of it's time. I didn't see much of the show when it was originally...
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    Peter Mark Richman, R.I.P.

    MPR was a great character actor. I recently started my first re-watch of Three's Company, and noted that he played Chrissy Snow's father, Reverend Luther Snow - LOL: https://threescompany.fandom.com/wiki/Reverend_Luther_Snow
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    "Fry's Electronics" - what's going on with this store?

    Agree with all of this. Though Fry's was not perfect, as I mentioned earlier it was my go-to place for Electronics for much of the late 200X's & the majority of the 20XX decade. I first noticed that they were going downhill several years ago, when I couldn't even find any Blu-ray players for...
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    Big Lots Sale

    I went to my local BL about a week ago, and was not lucky enough to find the 3-pack of all the Cloverfield films; I like all three, so this would have been a good deal. I did get: Cloverfield (original film) Blu - $5 Cloverfield Paradox Blu - $5 Kingpin (1996) Blu - $5; very funny &...
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    DVD Review The Invaders: The Complete Series DVD Review

    I've thought about this as well. I suspect that Vincent's profession gave him some kind of credibility in the context of the show. Also, Vincent's almost always being dressed in suits & being well groomed, etc. is probably designed to make strangers more likely to hear him out. I..e., if he...
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    DVD Review The Invaders: The Complete Series DVD Review

    Still making my way through TI S01. Really impressed by the PQ in this DVD set - overall, it's excellent. It's on par with the Hawaii Five O & Streets of San Francisco DVD sets. I.e., very crisp & clear remastered picture (for the most part), with good color, etc. One of the best episodes...
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    Press Release Warner Archive Press Release: Thundarr the Barbarian (Complete Series) (Blu-ray)

    To add to my last post about TTB: Thundarr was obviously "inspired" to a great extent by Star Wars, Conan the Barbarian, Dungeons & Dragons, the '70's DC comic Kamandi, the Last Boy On Earth, the first two Planet of the Apes films, etc. It's also worth noting that Thundarr was one of the...
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    DVD Review The Invaders: The Complete Series DVD Review

    Just started watching The Invaders for the first time; I'm currently on the first season, and just finished the second DVD. Excellent show! The storyline is great; Architect David Vincent has a new adventure each week as he travels across the U.S. & seeks to blow the lid off the alien...
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    Blu-ray Review Mission: Impossible: The Original TV Series Blu-ray Review

    I also like Steven Hill as Dan Briggs in S01. I saw these episodes for the first time on the DVD set(s), and before watching them wasn't even aware that Hill played the lead in S01, and was replaced by Graves from S02-on. That being said, I don't believe the show would have become as popular...