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    Need Help Please - Testing Speakers.

    Hello Everyone, So I have a chance to buy a set of, USED Def Tech BP-8 or Def Tech BP-10's locally from someone. He does have power I can use there, but no Amp. Any thoughts on a way I can test the speakers to be "somewhat" certain they work well? I have a 7.1 Receiver but I would really...
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    Using two Centers as front left & Right

    Hello everyone, Excuse my ignorance but.... Can I use two Definitive Technology Pro Cinema 60 Center speakers, as Front Left & Front Right?? It would be Two separate center speakers from this set: PRO cinema 60 Center Link Here are the specs for that speaker: Center Speaker: Two 3.5"...
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    System setup & Speaker help Please. Thank you!

    Hello Everyone, I was hoping I could pick some of your brains about a setup and speakers. Ive had HTB's in the past but the Frankenstein set of equipment I have now requires knowledge beyond my home theater aptitude so I would really appreciate some help, if possible. I have: A) VSX-1131...
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    Hello Everyone

    Have had a few systems over the years, but now actually getting more into home theater & trying to learn more. Hopefully I can pick some of ya brains... Regards, Mark