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  1. KPmusmag

    TV Show location theme park - maybe

    The idea of a TV show theme park by Marina Coats is such a cool idea. I would love for there to be such a place. I would definitely pay money to visit.
  2. KPmusmag

    Little Mickey Grogan 1927 silent film restoration

    Little Mickey Grogan 1927 silent film restoration I have no affiliation with anyone involved in this, but I thought some might find interest. This is a local (for me) effort to restore a virtually lost silent film from 1927, which has only 1 print in existence in France. Donations are low, not...
  3. KPmusmag

    Grace Under Fire complete series

    Has anyone picked up the complete series set of Grace Under Fire? I have been waiting for it and love the show, but I am curious about the quality. Some reviews on amazon reference defective discs, although I am more curious about the audio/video quality of the shows themselves. I have never...
  4. KPmusmag

    Cable movie channels before HBO

    I don't know if anyone will be interested in this blast from the past, but in doing some cleaning I found some listings from the first movie channel my family ever subscribed to. These listings are from 1977. If HBO existed at that time, our local cable franchise wasn't offering it (I believe...
  5. KPmusmag

    8mm titles offered

    I have a few Super 8mm titles (small sprockets) that I am offering FREE to the first person who wants them. I am not interested in keeping these titles, but I would like them to go to an aficionado rather than to the thrift store. I cannot vouch for their condition as I have no means to view...