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  1. FreyTheater

    Home Theater Popcorn Machine - Post Yours

    I own a very nice Gold Medal 2085 6 oz Popcorn Popper, bought it used about 3 years ago from a local newspaper ad, for just $100 - which was a steal, when they sell between $500 and $600 new... the previous owner had bought it to use at their community Lion's Club meetings, but they used it...
  2. FreyTheater

    Vote in our poll for a chance to win a $250 Amazon or Best Buy gift card

    I'm 52, and I loathe cable/satellite TV. I completely cut the cord on broadcast TV a year ago, meaning I refuse to even have an antenna for OTA reception. Can't stand the commercials, channel watermarks, mid-show pop-up advertising, and tickertape borders on the screen - and the garbage they...
  3. freymax24


    Here, a motley crew of movie enthusiasts enjoy an exceptional 3D experience in the FREYMAX 3D Theater!
  4. freymax23


    During my Monthly Movie Nights, I always stop the movie at the midway point for a 15 minute intermission. Time for some popcorn, snacks, and drinks - and usually a pit stop for everyone, too, lol!
  5. freymax22


    A closeup of one of the Art Deco light sconces installed on my columns, showing the colorful light pattern it throws. The secret to the light patterns emitted from the sconces? I'm using 25w "stained glass" incandescent bulbs made by GE, which give a "Tiffany lamp" lighting...
  6. freymax21


    A view of the right front corner of the theater, showing the recently installed PVC baseboards and crown moulding. A Harry Potter 7.2 movie poster and a lenticular Lord of the Rings Gollum poster are seen mounted between the columns.
  7. freymax20


    A small restroom with toilet and sink completes the snack area, a very necessary convenience with a keg fridge nearby!! My luxurious gold-plated beer tap can be seen in the foreground!
  8. freymax19


    A closer look at the candy counter, popcorn machine, and keg refridgerator.
  9. freymax18


    The large snack bar area off the rear of the theater includes, from let to right: The exit doorway to the garage; an upright freezer converted into a keg refrigerator with tap on the front door; a commercial Gold Medal popcorn machine sitting on a glass candy counter, a "Yuengling -...
  10. freymax17


    "The FREYMAX 3D Theater" is the new name of my basement theater - FREYMAX 3D being a play on the words IMAX 3D, of course! The plastic rail strips the letters are mounted on can be seen easily in this photo, reflecting in the camera flash.
  11. freymax16


    A new theater sign was added on the rear wall of the theater room in early 2013. These are the actual 12" Snaplok letters used on commercial theater marquee signs, and have metal clips that snap onto channel strips mounted on the wall.
  12. freymax15


    The media rack is home-made - it is constructed with 1x6" pine boards and adjustable shelf clips purchased at Lowe's, and then primered and painted with a satin black finish. Currently it houses over 500 Blu-rays, 90+ 3D Blu-rays, and about 1000 DVDs
  13. freymax14


    A closeup view of the Denon Professional DN-500AV rack-mount processor, the Berhringer MX-882 mixer/splitters for manual line-level control, and the Behringer compressor/limiter for the transducers.
  14. freymax13


    The processing section of my A/V rack features, from top to bottom: a Furhman PL-Plus C line conditioner with slide-out LED lighting to view the rack-mount equipment panels in the darkened theater room; A Pioneer DV-46AV Region-free DVD player; An oppo 93 Blu-ray player; A Denon Professional...
  15. freymax12


    The power section of my A/V cabinet - from the bottom up: A QSC MX2000a 2 x 650 watt THX-rated amp for the front mains; QSC Powerlight PL-218 1800 watts bridged amp for the Peavey Dual 18" subwoofers; a Mackie M-4000i bridged amp for the 3 seat shakers in the sofa; A Carver 5 x 200 watt...
  16. freymax11


    A closer view of the A/V cabinet and Subwoofers.
  17. freymax10


    A closeup shot of my 3D Lenticular "Legend of the Guardians" poster. This thing is totally amazing, I never saw a poster quite like this before. It is basically a 3/8" thick piece of lenticular plastic, and weighs a whopping 15 pounds! The frame flaps on my lightbox won't even...
  18. freymax09


    A custom etched, illuminated "The Frey Theater Now Showing" Blu-ray display shelf is mounted on the wall column next to the marquee poster box. It provides a nice presentation of the Blu-ray case for the crowds at my Monthly Movie Nights.
  19. freymax08


    The rear of the theater area includes a pair of 15" Infinity SM-152 speakers for the rear channels, a marquee movie poster light box with a spectacular 3D Lenticular "Ledgens of the Guardian" poster, and my "Twin Towers of Power" - a 6 foot rackmount cabinet filled with...
  20. freymax07


    A comparison photo showing my previous Optoma HD20 2D projector on the left, and my new Epson 5010 3D projector on the right. The Epson weighs in at a hefty 18 pounds, compared to the meager 6 pounds of the HD20, and is almost four times the physical size of it's predecessor.
  21. freymax06


    A closeup of the Epson 5010 3D projector as it hangs from the projector mount. Because this projector is 3 times the weight of my previous Optoma HD20 DLP projector, I installed a security chain from the downrod to the mounting plate, to protect the projector from a fall if the mount were to...
  22. freymax05


    The second row seating is comprised of a home-made bar counter I constructed from scratch from a piece of white formica counter top, 2x4's, and Oak plywood and trim. Textured paint was used on the counter to darken it and prevent reflections on the surface. Three solid cherry bar stools with...
  23. freymax04


    Mounted under each of the 3 seats in the sofa is a powerful Clark transducer, or "seat shaker," which adds yet another dimension to the 3D viewing experience - so the FREYMAX Theater can actually be considered a "4D" theater! The three transducers are wired in series to a 500...
  24. freymax03


    The front row seating is a 3-section leather sofa with recliners at each end. Also seen here are four of the five wall columns I installed on the right-side wall of the theater; there are another two columns mounted on the opposing wall.
  25. freymax02


    When the motorized projection screen is raised, a six-sheet Avatar movie poster from India is revealed hanging on the wall behind the screen. The poster is comprised of six 24" x 36" panels which have been individually framed and hung together to form a single 48x108" image.
  26. The FREYMAX 3D Theater

    The FREYMAX 3D Theater

    The Frey Theater underwent an extensive rebuild and upgrade since the basement theater room was flooded during Tropical Storm Lee in September 2011. New flooring, walls, wall columns and sconce lighting, A/V hardware, 3D projector, 3D lenticular posters, and actual Snap-Lok Movie Marquee...
  27. freymax01


    A front-facing view of the FREYMAX 3D Theater, showing the 120" projection screen, carpeted stage, 15" Cerwin Vega 380SE mains, dual 8" Premier Acoustics center channel, the newly installed commercial Vinyl Composite Tile flooring, new area rug, and new wall columns with art deco...
  28. FreyTheater

    The Frey Theater - DIY, but better every month

    Thanks Ben - actually, the renovations are already 80% done, I'm just a little behind on posting up photos on here - I'm adding a few pics at a time to my thread, as I get the time to do it... :)
  29. FreyTheater

    Small HT Dimensions

    I have a 120" screen, and my front row seating is only 9' from eyes to screen. None of my 100's of guests have ever complained about that seating being too close.... BUT, my projector is almost 13' back from the screen, and is mounted at the shortest throw to fill the screen (for maximum screen...
  30. FreyTheater

    The Frey Theater - DIY, but better every month

    FLOOD RECOVERY - Carpet and Wall Damage. By Sunday I had almost all of the carpet and padding pulled up from the floor. Fans and dehumidifiers ran constantly for the next two weeks. Under the carpet, the concrete floor had 4 layers of paint on it - and the top layers were starting to...