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  1. Romier S

    Sonic Solutions dropping support for HD DVD in thier Scenarist software

    A rather big of chunk of news that no one has bothered to post or give any attention. For those not in the know, Sonic’s Scenarist software pretty much dominates the professional DVD authoring market and is already becoming just as significant to major studios/authoring houses for HD media as...
  2. Romier S

    Playstation 3 1.80 Firmware Update - DVD Upscaling to 1080p, 1080p/24hz support....

    I'm surpised this hasn't been posted. Sony released information on the 1.80 firmware update for the Playstation 3 which adds some rather sought after features. That includes DVD Upscaling via HDMI as well as 1080p/24hz support. On the game front upscaling of PSX/PS2 software has also been added...
  3. Romier S


  4. Romier S

    Problem with Tosh 42H82

    I'm experiencing a problem with my current rear projection set. It was ISF'd about a year and half ago if my memory serves (I need to get Gregg back out to recalibrate soon). The set works perfectly fine for the most part, however what I'm experiencing happens only when the set has been powered...
  5. Romier S

    Silent Hill movie, storyline revealed

    Silent Hill the movie has been revealed! At least the storyline that is. Producer Don Carmody has finally shed some light on the details here: Silent Hill storyline details Keep in mind that for some reason the final resolution to the story is mostly revealed in that link so if you want...
  6. Romier S

    Reliable source to buy Haute Tension..

    Hey there, I'm looking for a reliable retailer where I can buy Haute Tension (French horror film) on DVD. Region of course doesn't matter. Can anyone steer me in the right direction?
  7. Romier S

    Any word on Ducktales?

    One of my favorite cartoons of all time and unfortunately I have personally not seen any news at all concerning a DVD release. Any updates out there as to whether this is one is on the slate for release? (Perhaps with Darkwing Duck following closely behind? "Lets get dangerous!";) ).
  8. Romier S

    Otogi 2 (Hyakki Toubatsu Emaki) Import Impressions

    Let me begin with some background for those who may not be aware of my opinions of the first Otogi. In short, I felt it was one of the top action titles to come out in 2003. Its gameplay borrowed and improved on elements from various games that came before it and it is these improvements that I...
  9. Romier S

    Legacy of Kain: Defiance Full Review

    Read the review, as well as future reviews here: Legacy of Kain: Defiance Legacy of Kain: Defiance (Xbox) LCVG Review Developer: Crystal Dynamics Publisher: Eidos 480p: Yes 16:9: Yes DD5.1: Yes There was a vampire here once. You know, it’s interesting to witness the...
  10. Romier S

    Bortherhood of the Wolf 3-dis Canadian...some help..

    Checked the search and found some discussion on Brotherhood of the Wolf but nothing on where a good place to buy it is. Been meaning to order it for awhile. Anyone have a good suggestion for an online retailer where I can order the 3-disc Canadian disc? Thanks for any help, its appreciated.
  11. Romier S

    Bombastic! Where have I been...

    I didn't even have a clue this was coming until now but I'm excited for it. Not a huge puzzle fan personally but I ejoyed Devil Dice. Bombastic!
  12. Romier S

    Sega restructures.

    Well here it is. The new restructured studio setup for Sega has been completed. I was hoping to see Smilebit remain autonomous but its merger with Amusement Visions could make for some interesting titles. Now that this has been completed can we PLEASE get back to announcing and developing the...
  13. Romier S

    Blizzard loses four.

    Here is the story folks:
  14. Romier S

    Max Payne 2 screenshots!

    Here you go: http://www.imgmag.org/images/tase1z/maxpayne2_3.jpg http://www.imgmag.org/images/tase1z/maxpayne2_4.jpg Looks very much like the Half-Life 2 source engine....
  15. Romier S

    *** Official "DYSFUNKTIONAL FAMILY" Review Thread

    I've been a fan of Eddie Griffin's since I saw one of his original HBO appearances on Def Comedy Jam and later when he was finally given his own HBO comedy special. Over the years he's made the natural shift over to the movie industry appearing in such films as "Double Take", "Undercover...
  16. Romier S

    Gregg Loewen..Genuis at work.

    Hello all, Just wanted to put up a few comments commending Gregg on one hell of a job on calibrating my Toshiba 42H81. Rarely do you meet "technical" folks who are as down to earth as he is and who are willing to take the time to explain the process to you. Gregg arrived at my home in...
  17. Romier S

    Arx Fatalis coming to the Xbox. RPG fans rejoice.

    Another PC RPG has been announced for the Xbox. Arx Fatalis which shares its first person view point in common with Morrowind (and thats the only thing it shares) is now Xbox bound. I've played and beaten the game on the PC and thought it was a very high quality RPG with stunning graphics, a...
  18. Romier S

    Splinter Cell PS2 demo. Some quick impressions.

    In my rather short outing today whilst looking for (and subsequently purchasing) Tenchu 3 I got my hands on a PS2 demo of Splinter Cell. The sample level is the chinese restaurant mission from the main game. It gives you a good sampling of the gameplay and the kind of graphics and sound quality...
  19. Romier S

    There is a god and he does love us PC adventure fans (Longest Journey 2 is coming!)

    Well he loves us every once in awhile but not nearly as often.:frowning: Thank the lord Funcom realizes that there are PC adventure fans left in the world. The sequel to The Longest Journey is in the works. As a big fan of the original game I cannot wait. If it weren't for Castlevania on the...
  20. Romier S

    Quantum Redshift developer Curly Monsters closes down.

    Here is the report: Curly Monsters closes its doors Unfortunate as the sequel to Quantum sounded like it was shaping up to be very interesting. Yet another in a line of development houses closing their doors:frowning:
  21. Romier S

    January Game Sales.(NPD numbers)

    Top 10 Selling Games for PS2 for January 2003 (Retail Sales $) Title Publisher Pro jected $'s Projected Units 1 THE SIMS Electronic Arts 13,138,460 266,852 2 GRAND THEFT AUTO:VICE Take-Two 11,163,550 225,383 3 THE GETAWAY Sony 10,353,790 262,024 4 DEVIL MAY CRY 2 Capcom 8,113,732...
  22. Romier S

    Splinter Cell Xbox Live content.

    Found this while browsing around. Enjoy Splinter Cell fans: Splinter Cell content
  23. Romier S

    Sega and Sammy Corp to merge.

    Reported on Bloomsberg: Sega and Sammy Corp to merge. Supposedly this deal is upwards of around 1.1 billion. If I recall correctly Sammy Studios (Responsible for Galerians Ash and Guilty Gear X2 recently) is a fully owned subsidiary of Tokyo based Sammy Corp. A tidbit that has this...
  24. Romier S

    Sega Sports makes it official - no more GameCube sports titles

    The Gamecube will no longer recieve any Sega Sports titles. Reports have been coming for awhile now and this was exptected but today came official word from Sega: Sega Sports on the GC cancelled A disappointment for Sega Sports fans on the GC no doubt. With sales as low as they have...
  25. Romier S

    Some good news and some bad news for Gamecube owners....

    First the good news. Not suprisingly Retro is supposedly already in the planning stages for a sequel to Metroid Prime! Tentatively scheduled for a 2004 release. Here is the report: Metroid Prime 2 Some more good news. Nintendo is bringing back thier Players Choice line. First three...
  26. Romier S

    Men of Valor: Vietnam. 2015 is back.

    The folks that brought us the ever so awesome Medal of Honor Allied Assault have a new PC game in the works. (That looks mighty fantastic). The game is also scheduled to appear on the Xbox. Both versions are due in 2004. Take a look guys: Men of Valor
  27. Romier S

    Devil May Cry 2 Pre-release thread (Box art for all three regions)

    A short week and a half from the release of Devil May Cry 2. Color me excited! I'm looking forward to once again stomping monster ass with Dante and his new hottie friend Lucia. Heres the box art for all three regions: USA: Europe/PAL: Pal DMC2 Japan: Japan DMC2 (Man what I...
  28. Romier S

    Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (Box Art and Screens)

    Here is the box art for the game (Rather damned snazzy might I add): And some screenshots for you: KOTOR 1 KOTOR 2 KOTOR 3 KOTOR 4 Enjoy.
  29. Romier S

    Konami announced Gradius V.

    Man GO KONAMI GO! There are two screenshots on Gamespot for Gradisu V on the PS2. Its looking pretty good. Wish there were some media to look at but I'll be looking forward to this one. Hopefully games like Contra, Ikaruga (soon to be on the GC) and recently PDO will ignite a good comeback for...
  30. Romier S

    Ladies and Gentleman, The Castlevania Legacy continues...Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

    Panzer Dragoon Orta and now I get the announcement and new movies for a new Castlevania. Set in the future no less! Once again this one is for the Gameboy Advanced (Konami can the next gen systems get a Castlevania bone please?). Yes I know just like you I want a new CSTLV game on the next gen...