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  1. David Weicker

    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Just picked up The West Wing: Complete Series I had loved it in its original broadcast. Re-watched it last summer (unemployed - binged in three weeks). Finally pulled the trigger. Shame its only on DVD, the HD versions looked nice.
  2. David Weicker

    Where is Warner Archive?

    Well, technically they never 'refused to release' those seasons of Paradise. It just hasn't happened yet. And according to one of the most recent podcasts, these final Paradise seasons have had new scans and there was talk about a 2022 DVD release. And I don't think they've 'refused to...
  3. David Weicker

    Blu-ray Review Broadway Melody of 1940 Blu-ray Review

    Got my copy today. What a wonderful film. I knew there was a reason that Fred is my absolute favorite star to quote Patrick Dennis in Auntie Mame "Our only god was Fred Astaire. He was everything he wanted to be: smooth, suave, debonair, dapper, intelligent, adult, witty, and wise. We saw his...
  4. David Weicker

    Disney+ THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

    But it was murder. It doesn’t mean a thing if there were previous deaths. The Captain showed no restraint. Revenge or not, murder is murder. But his training was as a man of action. Someone who got things done, who ran into danger. I don’t think he was trained to be patient . Plus, they...
  5. David Weicker

    James Hampton passes age 84

    I think one of my favorite performances of his was 'Aaron Ironwood' on The Rockford Files "Dare To Win"
  6. David Weicker

    Where is Warner Archive?

    NO, you don't. You've ALWAYS been able to order Warner from multiple sources all along. Outside of the 4 for 44 sales, WB Shop was one of the highest priced places to order stuff from. Please read through the dozens of other threads that talk about Warner releases where its been stressed...
  7. David Weicker

    A Few Words About A few words about…™ The Greatest Show on Earth – in Blu-ray

    Has anyone received their copy from someone other than Amazon? My Deep Discount order went to BackOrder on Release Date, and I notice that both Bullmoose and Best Buy list it as not available. I thought about switching my order, but Amazon's current price (with tax) would be $8.64 more than...
  8. David Weicker

    The COVID Vaccination Thread

    Thanks for the responses. It was more of a case that his appointment fell right at lunch time, so wasn't sure the best way to handle it. Some (other) medications state 'with food', some 'no food within xx minutes'. And googling didn't help - only brought up those worthless sites that...
  9. David Weicker

    The COVID Vaccination Thread

    I have a quick question, since my son and I both have upcoming appointment (dose 1). What did you do about meals? My son's appointment is for 12:15. Should he eat lunch before? After? Skip? Mine is for late afternoon (4pm), so same question, but dinner related, I guess.
  10. David Weicker

    The COVID Vaccination Thread

    Well, My son has an appointment Friday for his first dose (Moderna), and I have my first dose schedule for next Monday (Pfizer). His is a 45 mile drive, mine is a 22 mile drive (Chicago Western burbs) We should be 'safe' before Memorial Day.
  11. David Weicker

    Press Release Warner Archive Press Release: Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (1948) (Blu-ray)

    Can't wait to see the beautiful colors in this release grayish-yellow-green (not robin's egg or daffodil) best-butter yellow bluish (between rosebud and delphinium) white (warm, not hospital) healthy winesap/unripened jonathan red
  12. David Weicker

    Stranger Things Season 3?

    I do notice the second date has Lions Gtate Entertainment - both on the back cover and the disc And the one without the misspelling is Lions Gate, not Lionsgate.
  13. David Weicker

    Press Release Warner Archive Press Release: The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939) (Blu-ray)

    Strangely, this is one of the few Errol Flynn titles I don't like. Oh, I'm sure it will look tremendous (obviously better than the DVD, which I acquired as part of a set and gave away), but it just left me cold. Something that none of the the other Flynn titles do. Now Captain Blood is my #1...
  14. David Weicker

    Pre-Order The Sting (1973) (4k UHD) Available for Preorder

    Those listed Bonus Features have the exact same titles listed on the Blu-Ray release from 2012. So unfortunately, the listing itself doesn't confirm new content (the extras might have been updated, but still retain the same name)
  15. David Weicker

    Disney+ THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

    Did anyone else say 'language' during the interrogation scene at the beginning?
  16. David Weicker

    Is Warner All MOD now?

    If you actually read the thread, you would realize that the OP completely misunderstood his communication from Amazon. Amazon is not and NEVER WAS 'cancelling all Mod'. That headline is a total falsehood. Amazon is ceasing creating MOD releases (primarily independent content) and will not...
  17. David Weicker

    Coming Soon From Classic Flix: The Little Rascals Preservation & Restoration Project

    Robert, Amazon (and other retailers) have always had a June 1 date. That was the 'wide' release date. The April 13 release date was for people who ordered directly from Classic Flix (and they hinted that it might change). For Vol2, the wide and direct dates are (for now) the same - June 29.
  18. David Weicker

    Netflix Untitled Knives Out Sequel

    The Fugitive? Are you talking about the film with the Spectacular Train Wreck sequence that is just so-so on a TV screen?
  19. David Weicker

    Coming Soon From Classic Flix: The Little Rascals Preservation & Restoration Project

    From that picture, it looks like the inner portion of that reel is gone. Are you able to possibly use some of the outer portion of the reel? Also, a few posts back, you mentioned that Vol 1 might be delayed from the 4/13 date. Any updates on this?
  20. David Weicker

    Death On the Nile (2022)

    I think people here are over-estimating the scandal (and how it will affect box-office a year from now). Like Sam, I'm only aware there even is a scandal from reading this thread (and then I had to so some googling to find it). If they put this directly to streaming, they are guaranteeing a...
  21. Quatermass spines300.JPG

    Quatermass spines300.JPG

  22. David Weicker

    Custom Cover Blu-Ray Custom Cover art thread

    Over the weekend I decided to create new spines for my Quatermass blu-rays. I like a consistent design (although to be fair, they did come from three different companies). The three on the left are the originals, the three on the right are my new ones.
  23. David Weicker

    Is Warner All MOD now?

    Well a quick search showed Tenet came out in December, and Wonder Woman 84 just came out, and neither was MOD, so I would say the answer to the OP's question is NO.
  24. David Weicker

    UHD Review A Few Words About A few words about…™ Soul - in 4k UHD

    Gee, it’s almost as if we were all in the same theater, but with proper social distancing
  25. David Weicker

    Press Release Star Trek: Lower Decks Season One (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    I now pronounce it non-canon. Now you can enjoy it. I'm sorry you weren't able to enjoy it before.
  26. David Weicker

    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: The Towering Inferno

    The first elevator ride was not the scenic elevator (initial evacuation). And she didn't have a chance to speak to Fred (she was carried in with the crowd). Her scenic elevator exit was 'unplanned'
  27. David Weicker

    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: The Towering Inferno

    I actually watched this last night. Jennifer Jones (Lisolette) leaves the Promenade in the very first elevator (not the second bbq one). She apparently got off to get the kids. It was ‘above’ the fire, so she and the kids were rescued by OJ and Newman. OJ took the deaf mom down, but Newman...
  28. David Weicker

    New Superman and Lois series in Development for the CW

    One thing that I found odd. I was under the impression that, other than the people who remember pre-crisis, everyone on this new earth views Lex as a major hero. Lois made a disparaging comment about Lex, and the other journalist (Captain Luthor in 'disguise') agreed with her. I expected...
  29. David Weicker

    Coming Soon From Classic Flix: The Little Rascals Preservation & Restoration Project

    I will keep my orders at CF then. I was a proud supporter of your crowd-funding, and wished you could have kept the contributions (I understand why you couldn't)
  30. David Weicker

    West Side Story - Spielberg remake (2021)

    What do you mean 'everyone else is already open'? Maybe where you are, but a lot of the country has not yet reopened, and definitely not at regular capacity (or where people feel safe or comfortable).