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  1. Tom M

    UK Earth Blu-Ray Region Free?

    Does anyone know if the UK Blu-Ray of the movie Earth is region free? There is conflicting info on the web. The scans of the disc and rear case cover both have a big "B" on them, but some other info says it's "ABC". I'd really like to know as I hear the UK version has Patrick Stewart as...
  2. Tom M

    Anchor Bay and TV Soundtracks

    I saw Anchor Bay's 2 disc set of the Incredible Hulk TV movies today. The audio was listed as mono. I decided not to get it untill someone can confirm this. All 3 of the Hulk post TV series should have stereo soundtracks. In fact, I have a VHS copy of Return Of The Incredible Hulk which is in...
  3. Tom M

    Close Encounters Criterion CAV Laserdisc Box Set Question

    I recently bought a used copy of Criterion's CAV laserdisc box set of CE3K. My question is this: Can anyone who owns this set please send me the chapter listing for the movie? The supplement chapters are listed on the back of the box, which also says the chapter listing for the movie is on...