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  1. RichMurphy

    Numbering of thread posts ("# of #)

    My numbering system seems to have changed overnight so that I just have the number of the thread in question (#12) instead of information on how many posts are remaining (#12 of 22). I presume I hit something by accident, but can't seem to find it. I think I remember something about "styles"...
  2. RichMurphy

    Could David Strohmaier continue his magic on later 70mm Cinerama films?

    I've ordered the Olive Blu-Ray of HALLELUJAH TRAIL, despite the disappointed comments of those who've already received their copies. I own Kino's Blu-Ray of KRAKATOA EAST OF JAVA and MGM/Fox's THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD. I remember Mister Lime's comment that the poor condition of the...
  3. RichMurphy

    Numbering of posts missing

    I had messaged a moderator before I found this feedback forum. Apologies. If possible, please restore the system of numbering posts on a thread which displayed as "#4 of #17". I found it very helpful to know how long a discussion was going to continue, or how many new posts had been added to...
  4. RichMurphy

    WOMEN IN LOVE Blu-Ray for Region A?

    Before I bite the bullet and order the British Film Institute release of WOMEN IN LOVE on Blu-Ray, which streets on August 22, does anyone have an announcement I missed, or at least a fairly reliable rumor, about an American release? MisterLime confirmed that Kino doesn't have it.
  5. RichMurphy

    What happened to Warner Archives' DON JUAN???

    It has disappeared from the Warner Archives site, and customer service tersely says "the title is no longer being offered. We are sorry." It was just released two weeks ago! It is a Warner Brothers film, so it shouldn't be a rights issue. Anyone have any scoop? This may be an all-time...
  6. RichMurphy

    "Whoopee" and "Kid Millions" on DVD

    It's now been a year since MGM/Fox released its gargantuan "Hollywood Musical Collection" set, with a few new DVD releases included with the other classics. I know "The Goldwyn Follies" was released separately, but what about "Whoopee," "Kid Millions," and any other DVD premieres that might...