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  1. Tony J Case

    Weekly RoundUp 5-9-2017

    Mmmm, more Lee Van Cleef! Got my Sabata on its way to me right now!
  2. Tony J Case

    The Cannon Films / Golan-Globus on Blu-ray! thread

    Not exactly a movie, but if you're at all intrested in the behind the scenes of Cannon, Sam Firstenberg - director of Revenge of the Ninja, Breakin' 2, American Ninja (and others) has a kickstarter for a book about his time with the Go-Go boys.
  3. Tony J Case

    Weekly RoundUp 3-28-2017

    Only Wishmaster for me this week. Well, technically last week since it showed up from Bullmoose on Thursday and I'm already two movies out of the four deep. But yeah, gotta love them Vestron videos!
  4. Tony J Case

    Star Wars Rebels - Season 3

    I loved that how you're sitting there thinking "holy crap, this is going to be an epic throwdown the likes of which we've never seen!" and then BAM - a one swing (well, three swings) victory. That's a playbook straight out of Seven Samurai, and the sword master Kyuzo. And the ending, Maul being...
  5. Tony J Case

    The Cannon Films / Golan-Globus on Blu-ray! thread

    So wound up watching King Solomon's Mines the other day. Yeah it's goofy as hell, but it's kind of fun too. And man - I love the era when you had real stuntmen doing real dangerous things. Hanging off the bottom of the train like that? Insane! That was 13 bucks well spent!
  6. Tony J Case

    Kong: Skull Island (2017)

    Wait - worse than King Kong Lives? But then I have learned that not only are we not on the same page in tastes in movies, we're not even in the same book. Someone ripped out the page, put it in a rocket and then sent that page to Pluto. And my page is written in Swahili.
  7. Tony J Case

    Kong: Skull Island (2017)

    I have been watching Kaiju flicks since 1979 or so. I've seen every Godzilla flick dozens of times, all the incarnations of Kong, everything that Ray Harryhausen ever put to film, giant ants, giant birds, and all points in-between. I can say without fear of contradiction that the new Kong movie...
  8. Tony J Case

    Official KINO Insider Announcements Thread: STRICTLY MODERATED: READ GUIDELINES

    Hey Mr Lime - has there been any word on the Kino/ Scorpion Releasing release of The Apple? From what I recall it was suppose to come out around April, but I'm not finding preorders or new news.
  9. Tony J Case

    Dracula Complete Legacy Collection (Blu-ray) Available for Preorder

    Oh good. Three more legacy sets and I'll have a copy of Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein for every day of the week.
  10. Tony J Case

    Weekly RoundUp 1-31-2017

    But why the hell are they releasing Power of the Daleks on DVD only? Okay, the original show, I get that there are no gains to be made releasing it on Blu (aside from Spearhead and the McGann movie), but Power is built from the ground up as animation. And the UK is getting a Blu release, to...
  11. Tony J Case

    The Cannon Films / Golan-Globus on Blu-ray! thread

    Oooh! Exterminator 2 is coming from Shout here in a couple of months!
  12. Tony J Case


    Well, I seem to recall reading about them shooting at Fort Casey around late spring/early summer. Since that was the climax of the season, the lead time is probably 8 to 10 weeks before that, so I'd guess production started mid march?
  13. Tony J Case

    Weekly RoundUp 12-20-2016, 12-27-2016 and 1-3-2017

    If you guys like Spaghetti Westerns, be sure to check out In A Valley of Violence. I caught it at the SIFF last spring, and it was good stuff indeed! I'm grabbing that straight away for sure.
  14. Tony J Case

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

    John Williams is the soundtrack of my youth. Jaws, Star Wars, Superman, CE3K, Indy - his music is woven into my formative years like you would believe. So it really, really hurts when I say: yeah, the score to E7 was terrible. Even after a year of trying to make myself like it, the score does...
  15. Tony J Case

    King Solomon's Mines (1985) digging up a Blu from Olive.

    I'm thrilled to get more cannon goodness on Blu, but I'm a little bit sad that Olive is doing it. No extras at a premium price is not my favorite business model.
  16. Tony J Case

    The Cannon Films / Golan-Globus on Blu-ray! thread

    Hurray! Now I can get my Richard Chamberlain double feature on! (My favorite story from Electric Boogaloo was Menahem shouting "Get me the Stone woman!", telling the director to get Kathleen Turner - Romancing the Stone - but winding up with Sharon Stone instead. Whoops!)
  17. Tony J Case


    Awww, so you didnt get to see the Index General Store cameo? I thought last weeks episode was pretty good - the BTTF joke was funny (and, for a moment, I thought the show was JUUUUUUST batshit crazy enough to do something with it), and I thought the idea that deep down inside, Zombies are more...
  18. Tony J Case

    Weekly RoundUp 12-13-2016

    Wow, the Plan 9 From Outer Space remake finally came out? Colored me shocked!
  19. Tony J Case


    So I thought the building they were using for Murphy's HQ was the one overlooking the waterfalls in downtown. Mind you, I've spent 8 hours in Spokane tops, so my geography of the city is shaky at best. I can find Dicks and that's about it. I wish they would do something with the Giant Red Wagon...
  20. Tony J Case


    I had to laugh at "Underground Seattle" in this weeks episode. The entirety of the real life Underground Seattle could have fit in that first tunnel. That concrete, well lit and well maintained tunnel. Ah well - I'm not watching for historic accuracy. :) So when did 10K get captured by Murphy...
  21. Tony J Case

    Jaws 2 (1978)

    And at least 75% more kills than Jaws: The Revenge!
  22. Tony J Case

    Jaws 2 (1978)

    Sweeded Jaws is Best Jaws: The story - back in 1978 or so, teenager Rob Hampton and his friends used their Super-8 camera to make a 4-minute short film set in the Jaws universe. The short was originally filmed with no sound, but now nearly 40 years after it was shot, Hampton has dug up the...
  23. Tony J Case

    The Cannon Films / Golan-Globus on Blu-ray! thread

    /Jedi Mind Trick That's what I said. April. Not May.
  24. Tony J Case

    The Cannon Films / Golan-Globus on Blu-ray! thread

    Ask and ye shall receive! Scorpion Releasing has confirmed that it will bring to Blu-ray director Menahem Golan's film The Apple (1980), starring Catherine Mary Stewart, George Gilmour, and Grace Kennedy. The release, which will be distributed by Kino Lorber, is expected to arrive on the...
  25. Tony J Case


    Meanwhile I'm the other end of the spectrum. I've completely come around on the show - I like the characters (even an insufferable asshole like Murphy) and I want to see where they're going with this. Mind you, I thought last weeks election parody was a weak episode. Eh, it's gonna happen from...
  26. Tony J Case

    The Cannon Films / Golan-Globus on Blu-ray! thread

    By the way, if you need your Chuck Norris fix, Amazon has Hero and the Terror on sale for like 8 bucks.
  27. Tony J Case

    Weekly RoundUp 11-8-2016

    Sausage Party was funny as hell, but I don't know if it has much rewatchabilty for me. Perhaps if I can find it for 5 bucks on Black Friday. I caught the Phantom Boy at the SIFF - pretty good flick. Recommended! Otherwise, not much this week that's catching my eye. Good thing, too as my credit...
  28. Tony J Case

    Blu-ray Review Runaway Train Blu-ray Review

    "quite a surprise coming from the Cannon Group which usually packaged cheap exploitation pictures of no great merit." Hey! I will not hear an unkind word against Invasion USA or American Ninja! How dare you, sir!
  29. Tony J Case

    'Gods of Egypt' Review (Directed by Alex Proyas)

    Going by the trailer, this movie struck me as a Gargantuan Amounts of Weed sort of movie.
  30. Tony J Case

    ***Official 17th Annual HTF October Scary Movie Challenge 2016***

    I really need to watch more Lucha Underground. What little I've seen has been tremendous. I just run into the problem of: no cable, so no El Ray! But yeah - the matches I've seen on youtube have been goddamned off the rails awesome! No kidding! Ever since the brand split, there has been almost...