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  1. EricW

    probability question / brain teaser!

    hey guys, i need some input as i've been going back and forth with my brother-in-law with this all night. it a probabilities question involving three coins. here is the scenario. 1) you have three coins in hand 2) you throw all three in the air 3) the three coins fall to the...
  2. EricW

    the Venture Bros. season 4

    the second part of the 4th season started up recently, and there wasn't even a thread for the first part the show still entertains but it seems a bit bloated now; i don't follow it with the same vigor i used to.
  3. EricW

    does your blu-ray player remember your bookmarks?

    does your player remember your bookmarks after you turn it off? i usually bookmark my demo scenes and find this feature pretty convenient (too bad so few discs have this feature). anyways my old PS3 would remember all my bookmarks, but my new player (samsung BD-P3600) erases them after i turn...
  4. EricW

    lip-syncing is now okay

    wow, Jennifer Hudson's pre-recorded rendition of the National Anthem is now available for DL on itunes. also it's totally open that she and Faith Ford both lip-synced their songs: Jennifer Hudson Lip-Syncing National Anthem During Super Bowl XLIII so now it's okay. :crazy: i realize...
  5. EricW

    Triumph at Comicon

    just an FYI - Conan O'Brien friday night - Triumph at Comicon
  6. EricW

    The Venture Bros. 3rd season

    no love for this show? :) 4 episodes in, and they've all been great so far. the backstory episodes have been great, though i hope they don't overdo it. i only caught on to this series last year, so this is my first episode-to-episode watching experience. go team Venture!
  7. EricW

    NEW YORK trip (Yankee Stadium, Conan tickets, etc)

    hey everybody. because they're tearing down Yankee Stadium, i've finally stopped putting off my NYC trip and am making the mecca in April (first game against the Sox!!! ). there was a great thread on this board before but that was more than 4 years ago. anyways, it will only be 3...
  8. EricW

    need help finding a commercial...

    i was watching my friend play Beautiful Katamari on the 360 and it reminded me of a commercial... it's San Fran or something, and a guy starts rolling down the street and collects things and snowballs into a huge ball about a hundred feet high, collecting everything that crosses its path. anyone...
  9. EricW

    who started the whole "wait for it" line?

    you know what i mean... i remember in Arrested Development; GOB would say stuff like "macaroni, wait for it... with cheese!". How I Met Your Mother's Barney says "Legen, wait for it... dary!". i was just wondering if there are any references that predate these.
  10. EricW

    what are your ten most played songs on your iTunes/ipod?

    -according to playcount of course, with 1 being highest 1. new slang (the shins) 2. shoot the moon (norah jones) 3. scotty doesn't know (lustra) 4. boom boom ba (metisse) 5. i can't imagine the world without me (echobelly) 6. angel of harlem (u2) 7. american idiot (green day) 8. lo...
  11. EricW

    Ikea couch fabric: machine washable?

    i have the Ikea cough that has the removable covers. i was just wondering if these things are really machine washable. they say they aren't (dry clean only) but i just thought i'd ask... the colour is white (no pattern) so colour running isn't really a problem. only shrinkage i think.
  12. EricW

    are we ready for an animated series where the characters age?

    just read an article on "King of the Hill" at CNN, celebrating it's 11th season. and Hank is still the same, Bobby is still 11 or 12 and Luanne is still 18. i used to watch this season faithfully on DVD until a couple years ago, when it just didn't seem as funny. still, i remember it fondly and...
  13. EricW

    this week on Letterman...

    though the show is waaaaaaay past its prime, and Dave is usually just a grumpy old man these days (here kitty kitty kitty), this week it's 'impressionist week' so it might be good to watch. Kevin Pollack is on friday night and he does an UNBELIEVABLE Christopher Walken.
  14. EricW

    downloadable HD movies and HD tv on the 360...

    WOW. check out xbox.com or engadgetHD for the details (i don't know the policy on links here), but this is kinda HUGE. movies are only temporary unfortunately, tv shows are not. when are the bigger 360 HDDs coming out? :)
  15. EricW

    will 360 controller/headset work on PC + teamspeak?

    as titles asks...will an xbox 360 controller+headset work on PC + teamspeak (as in the voice application)? thanks
  16. EricW

    how long for a cold to transfer...

    just wondering how long it takes a cold virus to gestate/manifest before you start showing symptoms. i high school teacher once told me 3 days but that was a while ago and i don't know if i'm remembering correctly...
  17. EricW

    play WMV HD stuff off disc on the 360...

    with the new update, the 360 can now play the WMV HD material like stuff here: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/win...tshowcase.aspx this is pretty cool, i never bothered to do the win media center networking stuff so i'm seeing this material for the first time. i put the T2 Extreme...
  18. EricW

    monsters for 360?

    just wondering if anyone on this board has got the Monster components for the 360 and if there's a difference. the HD-DVD drive is coming soon and i don't know if i should spring for the monsters... also please tell me what kind of tv you got... thank you! ps. is HDMI for the 360 just a...
  19. EricW

    360 dvd playback - stereo only

    after all this time i decided to try the dvd playback on the 360 and it comes out in stereo only - yet the games are full 5.1 of course. is there something in the settings i have to change? normally i wouldn't care, but i am planning on getting the hd-dvd drive add-on and i don't want this...
  20. EricW

    360 as an upconverting dvd player?

    i will be upgrading to a bigscreen soon - 56" (JVC 56FH97). right now because my screen is 36", i never felt the need for an upconverting player. anyways, i was just wondering if anyone could tell me if the 360 upscaling capabilites are good - it'd save me $ and an input. does anyone have both...
  21. EricW

    getting into HTPC: audio formats?

    i will be getting into HTPC with my next tv, and using it also as a monitor, so i'll be doing more PC games. my question is do most games use DD5.1 as surround? if not, will i need to get a new receiver to decode something else? i was hoping to simply connect the pc to my existing HT pioneer...
  22. EricW

    PC usb adaptor for wireless 360 controllers?

    i was just wondering if MS had any plans to make wireless usb adaptors for the 360 wireless controllers? i have 3 wireless controllers but no wired ones and i want to use one to play PC games; i'd rather not spend $$ for a wired controller if i don't have to.
  23. EricW

    wes anderson's latest movie: DARJEELING

    news on anderson's latest. Owen Wilson IS involved. link here
  24. EricW

    Guy Ritchie's REVOLVER in R1?

    are we ever going to see this released in north america?
  25. EricW

    pro gamers get $1mil contract; claw move?

    could someone tell me what the "claw" move is? http://www.shoutwire.com/viewstory/1...ssional_League Halo 2 Players Signed To Professional League On Wednesday June 21, 2006, the first professional video game league, Major League Gaming (MLG), announced it signed Final Boss, the top...
  26. EricW

    west wing S6: no english subs?

    this question is for the Canadian release... the packaging says subtitles in english, french, and spanish. but on the actual DVDs the english subs are missing - even in the menu. anybody get Canadian versions ~with~ subs? do the US versions have them? it wouldn't be as annoying if they'd been...
  27. EricW

    Conan in Finland?

    did i miss something, or didn't Conan make a trip to Finland during the Olympics? i was hoping he'd make a big deal about it on his first show back, with some skits etc, but he hasn't mentioned it in 2 shows. did he do something during the Olympics?
  28. EricW

    HD vs. SD on a nice TV

    i was over at my friend's place watching the new samsung DLP 50" (the HL-R5078w). it was right out of the box and uncalibrated, but the images were NICE (1080p). we had it connected to an upconverting DVD player. anyways, we also connected it to an xbox360 and watched some of the hi-def...
  29. EricW

    new ipod

    is anyone tempted to get this? http://www.apple.com/ipod/ipod.html my ipod is a 3rd gen (and a shuffle), so it's tempting. i wonder how the video encoding is. in terms of media players, there might be better ones on the market, but this is ipod! :P
  30. EricW

    LED space watch

    saw this on gizmodo and i'm tempted. what do you guys think? anybody bought these products before? http://www.led-watch.com/space.htm