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  1. Adam_WM

    Inside Out DC+ for sale

  2. Adam_WM

    New projector opinion

    Hi everybody, Question for the forum: I have the opportunity to buy a projector for my newly constructing home theater (being built right now). I am working with a local Home Theater place and the owner is a friend of mine. My choice of projectors are the Sony BRAVIA VPL-VW70 (which is not a new...
  3. Adam_WM

    Pre-show trailers and video

    Guys, what's the best way to run trailers and "welcome to the movie"-style video before a movie in my home theater (without changing discs)? Does it involve hooking up some kind of PC to my setup?
  4. Adam_WM

    Wood sub-floor?

    There are quite a few people in the "things I would have done differently" thread who mentioned they would have put down a wood sub-floor under the carpet in their basement home theaters to help with bass. Can anyone offer specifics about what type of material they used for it? My builder...
  5. Adam_WM

    SAW III SE??

    Over the past few years, there have been UNRATED editions of SAW and SAW II released when the following film came out. However, when SAW III was released they did put out a UR version on release day. Has anyone heard anything about a SAW III UR: SE to coincide with this fall's SAW IV release in...
  6. Adam_WM

    Twin Peaks Season One OOP?

    Now that Twin Peaks Season 2 is finally coming out, I noticed that Season 1 is OOP. Have we heard anything more about this being re-released by Paramount?
  7. Adam_WM

    SAW 3 announced, no double dip this time?

    DVDactive is reporting that Saw III is slated for release on January 23rd in both rated and unrated editions. http://www.dvdactive.com/news/releases/saw-iii.html Does this mean that they won't be double dipping next fall for the release of Saw IV? Perhaps it has something to do with the...
  8. Adam_WM

    $10 off $30 @ Buy.com with Google Checkout

    Sign up for Google Checkout @ Google.com and when you use it @ buy.com you save $10 on your $30 purchase. I just picked up Battlestar Galactica Season 2 and 2.5 for about $25 each. AWESOME.
  9. Adam_WM

    FS: Star Wars Trilogy

    FOR SALE: Star Wars: A New Hope SOLD Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back SOLD Star Wars: Return of the Jedi SOLD These are the one-dics editions from the 2004 box set. They are in AWESOME condition and have only been watched a few times. They are the widescreen editions. These are FS...
  10. Adam_WM

    Your name in the CLERKS 2 Credits

    Hey guys... for you Kevin Smith fans, this is pretty cool (if you have a MYSPACE account). Check this link: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm...endID=89143187 Go there, add them as a friend, then hit the big purple button. First 10,000 people get their names in the credits of...
  11. Adam_WM

    Re-editing flops for DVD

    I saw this article in USA TODAY this morning. I hope this doesn't become a habit for Hollywood. Just because a movie bombs, they shouldn't re-edit it for DVD.... Wait a minute, don't we already make movies "Unrated" for DVD? This is just going in the other direction. Either way, the had better...
  12. Adam_WM

    Robot Jox: Full frame or not?

    This comes out this Tuesday. Do we know if it's full frame or widescreen?
  13. Adam_WM

    Wwe Undertaker Dvd - Worst Package Ever!

    I got the new Undertaker DVD today. It is a 3 disc set... I get to the store and there it is sitting on the shelf. Looks like a single disc to me, but it says 3 disc right on the box. I pick it up and sure enough... SHAKEY SHAKEY, uh oh! Loose disc inside! So I take it to the counter to open it...
  14. Adam_WM

    New BEN FOLDS DVD coming soon!

    Just got this is my email from Ben Folds' official site... Live DVD Coming This Fall Stay tuned for details of the upcoming Fall release of a live DVD featuring Ben with the Western Australia Symphony Orchestra in front of sell-out crowds at Kings Park in Perth, Australia. Recorded during a...
  15. Adam_WM

    DVD SPOT down?

    www.dvdspot.com Doesn't work? I hope our collections haven't been lost.
  16. Adam_WM

    FS: Alien vs. Predator Blockbuster Exclusive with busts

    My friend had me pick up a few of them for him and now he doesn't want them. I have two of these sets for sale. $45 each + $6 shipping. LIMITED EDITIONS OF 25,000
  17. Adam_WM

    Happy Gilmore/ Billy Madison: NEW SE's ZOOMED?

    I know how a lot of people on this forum feel about IGN, but does anyone have any way of checking this out? Problems With The Sandler Set Hey - I got hold of the Happy Gilmore/Billy Madison 2-disc widescreen set a few days early STORE NAME REMOVED BY OWNER who put them on shelves...
  18. Adam_WM

    Subwoofer crossover?

    I have a Onkyo TXSR-600 and a Polk Subwoofer. I have the sub running from the SUB PRE OUT on the receiver to the LFE unfiltered jack on the sub. The receiver has a sub woofer filter and so does the sub. What should I do? I have the frequency in the receiver set to 120 so that I can let the...
  19. Adam_WM

    Home Theater Signs

    I see quite a bit of "home made" DTS and Dolby signs on ebay. Has anyone here made their own?
  20. Adam_WM

    DIY HOme Theater Signs?

    Has anyone here made their own Home Theater signs (DTS, DOlby, etc.)?
  21. Adam_WM

    24 not on this week?

    Is 24 not on this week because of the STATE OF THE UNION?
  22. Adam_WM

    Help DVD Aficionado out...

    Just thought I'd share this with everyone since so many of us use DVD Aficionado to organize their collections... Reorganize your collections to help alleviate the load on this wonderful FREE service! FROM DVD AFICIONADO: USAGE NOTICE Our service provider notified us of excess usage on...
  23. Adam_WM

    Top 100 DVDs of the all time... 2003 edition...

    I know there's a guy who visits HTF all the time who organizes the TOP 100 DVD list each year. Who is it and does anybody know when we are doing it for this year?
  24. Adam_WM

    DVD AFICIONADO changes counting system -- BOOO!!!

    To the members of HTF, I have never tried to start something like this before, so here goes. I know many of us use DVD AFICIONADO to keep track of our DVD collections (PS I don't want this be a thread about why DVDAF isn't good, so keep it on track). I noticed today that they have changed...
  25. Adam_WM

    Dawn of the Dead -- Not until HALLOWEEN 2004?!

    Just a note... In the new issue of VIDEO STORE I received today (9/7-9/13), there is an article about Horror Movies and how sales are doing quite well as of late. They mention the newly released DAY OF THE DEAD, and much to my horror (no pun intended) it says, "By next Halloween, Anchor Bay...
  26. Adam_WM

    Just got my new DVD cabinet...

    Well, I just got my new "Dad-made" DVD cabinet. I had asked him to build me one in his spare time. Well, now 4 months later, I have one, and guess what? It's 90% full already! Isn't that the friggin' way? So now, I have this great cabinet which will be full by the end of the year... back to...
  27. Adam_WM

    SHare the Love on HTF?

    Is there a section for Amazon's SHARE THE LOVE here on HTF like DVD Talk has?
  28. Adam_WM

    Picking up discs after work?

    I recently began a regular non-retail full-time job where I have standard 8:30 - 5 hours. The problem is, I cannot get the DVD store (whatever it is, CC, BB, Target) until after 5 o'clock. I haven't bought much in the past few weeks, so I was wondering: Those of you who shop after work, do...
  29. Adam_WM

    TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Re-release specs!!!

    In the new issue of Video Business, there is a big double page spread: SPECIAL EDITION from Pioneer: - A new widescreen Digital Superscan transfer supervised by Director Tobe Hooper - New Stereo surround soundtrack re-mis supervised by Director Tobe Hooper - Original mono soundtrack -...
  30. Adam_WM

    DVDAF down?

    Is anyone else having trouble going to Link Removed