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  1. Sean Eldridge

    Refurbished systems

    I was thinking of picking up a refurbished Xbox and was wondering if anyone had any experience with these. Breakdowns, reliability, etc. thanks in advance, Sean
  2. Sean Eldridge

    512MB of Rambus PC800 F/S

    I just upgraded to faster memory and have no need for this soon. I am asking for $125/shipped. This is a pair of 256MB, 16-bit, Non-ECC PC800 and run at 400MHz. These must be used in pairs. My new RAM is not here yet, but should be early on the week of 2/10/2003. Items will be shipped as soon as...
  3. Sean Eldridge

    Bond Nightfire-PC $14.99

    At Circuit City, at least the one near me. Incredible deal since it hasn't been out long. Sean
  4. Sean Eldridge

    Enix Merges With Square

    http://www.gamers.com/news/1274383/ Square just got itself bought. Sean
  5. Sean Eldridge

    GTA:Vice City - PS2 Exclusive

    Rockstar announced this at E3 today. http://www.gamers.com/news/1154943 Sean
  6. Sean Eldridge

    EA Online Games: PS2-Yes Xbox-No

    Apparently, EA doesn't like the microsoft model. Link Removed http://www.gamers.com/news/1148272 Sean
  7. Sean Eldridge

    Timesplitters 2 Demo

    I just purchased the monthly OPM and this is the month for the PS2 demo disc. Well, lo and behold, they had a demo for TS2. It feels so much further ahead than the first game. The one level they let you play actually felt like there was some purpose to what you were doing. Control was good...
  8. Sean Eldridge

    Malice is coming to PS2

    For those interested, this once X-Box exclusive is coming to the Playstation 2. Here is a link: Link Removed Sean ------------------ "My girls won 10 out of 11. And the 11th was won by a deaf mute. You can't beat that."
  9. Sean Eldridge

    Playstation Console, Games, and Accesories Bundle

    This is the original Playstation system. It comes with two standard Controllers(not dual shock), one Sony Memory Card, one Namco Guncon Lightgun, all cables(composite AV, power), 8 games and a carrying case for the games. The games are: Point Blank Tekken 3 Bushido Blade Street Fighter...
  10. Sean Eldridge

    Selling some PSX games

    I've got some games that I wouldn't mind getting rid of. All games are $12.50 including shipping. All(games and manual) are in very good/excellent condition. Point Blank(I'll include the gun for another 15 + shipping) Tekken 3 Bushido Blade Street Fighter Alpha 3 Driver(no manual with...