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  1. B-ROLL

    Weekly RoundUp 11-15-2016

    Wal*Mart had "All versions of Finding Dory ... Except 4K" per a cashier in the Electronics department for $15.00 (AFAIK there isn't a 4K UHD) Wal*Mart's Exclusive for GOT Season 6 Bluray is an additional disc "The Special effects of" Target's is "The Fight for Meereen" it's on a separate bluray...
  2. B-ROLL

    Weekly RoundUp 11-15-2016

    Thanks for the Round-Up lots of pre-orders Breathless & Kurosawa's Dreams are coming via B&N sale Dory is finding her way via Target.com Boomerang,The House on 92nd Street & Cry of the City via the Kino sale