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  1. Peter McDonald

    DIN or Music?

    Hey everyone! I was recently given a pair of speakers. I looked to see what power rating they had, and this is what it says on the back of the speakers: INPUT: 140W (MUSIC), 70W (DIN) What's the difference between Music and DIN? Thanks, Peter
  2. Peter McDonald

    HTML help needed

    This is how you have set up your cells: (TD) (a href="pictures.html" onMouseOver="turnOn)'Pictures');" onMouseOut="turnOff)'Pictures');")(img name="Pictures" class="imgTrans" src="images/meandghost2.jpg" border="0")(/a) (/TD) You need to change the cells to this: (TD) (a...
  3. Peter McDonald

    Tuesday (5/20/03) is insane! What are you gonna watch...

    Here in the west: 4pm: 24 5pm: Smallville 6pm: Hitler I already watched Buffy yesterday. Oh how I love Canadian satellite TV... :) Peter
  4. Peter McDonald

    The New TNN soon to be The Old TNN (the network is changing its name)

    Up here in Canada we have MenTV... and no, it's not gay porn :) Peter
  5. Peter McDonald

    Xbox Component Hookup

    Hey everyone. My friend is getting a new TV this week (20" Sony Wega). He's going to be hooking it up to his X-Box. The TV is only capable of 480i, but it has component inputs on it. Would the difference in quality between between S-Video and Component be significant? Does the X-Box even...
  6. Peter McDonald

    The Eternal Angelriffic Thread (Merged)

    I just turned on the NewRO, expecting to see Angel. But instead, they are showing an old episode of Buffy. I checked the NewVR as well, but it is also showing an episode of Buffy. Anyone know why? The guide says Angel is suppose to be on... Peter
  7. Peter McDonald

    HDTV clip of Jennifer Garner from the Oscars

    Nick, it plays fine on my computer: WinXP Home 512MB DDR333 RAM Athlon Xp 2000+ GeForce4 Ti4400
  8. Peter McDonald

    Real Time with Bill Maher

    Does anyone know if this is available on a Canadian station? Thanks, Peter
  9. Peter McDonald

    24: Is there going to be a Season 3

    If Kiefer doesn't come back for a third season, they can still do the show. They just have to focus the plot on another character... for example: Season 3 Plot: Kim falls while going for walk, hits her head, remains unconscious for 24 hours. Peter
  10. Peter McDonald

    Alias 01/26/03 - Phase One

    This is the first episode of Alias I've watched from beginning to end... and I'll definitely be a regular viewer from now on. One of the best shows I've seen in a long time. Any chance of the first season coming out on DVD any time soon? :D Peter
  11. Peter McDonald

    Math (probability) Help Needed

    Thanks Denward, I think I'm getting it now :)
  12. Peter McDonald

    Math (probability) Help Needed

    24/365 is the same as (1/365)*24 But why is it 24, and not 25? Peter
  13. Peter McDonald

    Math (probability) Help Needed

    Thanks for the help guys. I still don't really get it. But at least I know how to get the answer now. Nick, I'm 17. I'm not actually from Vancouver though, I'm from the BC interior. I just put Vancouver to remain a bit more anonymous on the net :) I'm in grade 12, and I have my math final...
  14. Peter McDonald

    Math (probability) Help Needed

    I've been trying to figure this one out, but I just can't... hopefully someone here can help out :) There are 25 people in a group, what is the probability that at least one person has their birthday on June 19. Assuming that the probability of being born on a day is 1/365. The answer is...
  15. Peter McDonald

    New SQL Server worm is spreading fast!

    What a surprise, a Microsoft product with a massive security hole...
  16. Peter McDonald

    Question for HTML Coders

    I went through it, and I can't find the problem. However, if you take the doctype out of the page, everything loads fine... Peter
  17. Peter McDonald

    Question for HTML Coders

    Hmm... I tested the code and I can't see anything wrong with it in Netscape 7. Do you have the site uploaded to the web? Because I really can't see a problem with the code... Peter
  18. Peter McDonald

    Question for HTML Coders

    What version of Netscape is it?
  19. Peter McDonald

    Need a TV tuner / input card...probably.

    I also have this problem. My MSI Ti4400 has a video input, but MSI didn't include an app that could actually use it. (there's nothing on their website either) It's not very helpful when a company includes a driver, but not an app for using it :angry: Peter
  20. Peter McDonald

    Surround Games via Digital Out

    If you want DD on the fly encoding than you will need an NVidia NForce motherboard. Peter
  21. Peter McDonald

    Flat Earth Society

    LOL. They seem to be disputing gravity as well...
  22. Peter McDonald

    John Doe 12/13/02

    I only watched the first half hour (I'll be watching the rest of it later)... but I think I have a good idea who the bad guy is: Is it the first guy John saved?
  23. Peter McDonald

    ATA 100 Hard Disk?

    Thanks Paul. I found it :D
  24. Peter McDonald

    ATA 100 Hard Disk?

    The OS is XP Home. Any ideas on a good benchmark programs for hard disks? Peter
  25. Peter McDonald

    ATA 100 Hard Disk?

    Thanks for the quick reply. When I restart though, it goes by so fast that I can't see it. Any other ideas?
  26. Peter McDonald

    ATA 100 Hard Disk?

    Hey Guys. I recently bought a new computer and put my 60GB ATA 100 HDD in it. How can I tell if it's running @ ATA 100? (not ATA 33 or 66) I've looked through the BIOS, and couldn't find anyting. (It's an "Award" BIOS BTW) Peter
  27. Peter McDonald

    Aw, Bigfoot died, boo hoo for the believers

    I actually shot and killed a bigfoot a few years back. It's hanging on my living room wall. Unfortunately, I can't show it to anyone because of the curse the witch put on me. :)