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  1. DonRoeber

    HDMI - HD DVR, or Upscaling DVD?

    Makes sense, thanks. Not ready to make the HD/BlueRay DVD switch just yet, maybe around Christmas.
  2. DonRoeber

    HDMI - HD DVR, or Upscaling DVD?

    I've got 50" Sony HDTV, and currently I've got my upscaling DVD player connected to it's lone HDMI port. I've got a Comcast DVR that I'm replacing with the new TivoHD. Since I'm back there messing with connections anyway, I was wondering if it would make sense for me to use the TV's lone HDMI...
  3. DonRoeber

    *** Official HELLBOY 2: The Golden Army Discussion Thread

    I enjoyed the first quite a bit, being a fan of both Mignola and del Toro. Looking forward to the second.
  4. DonRoeber

    HELP. Debt Collector - I have no idea what to do!

    I once had a debt collection agency contact me because I hadn't paid my Zales card. I opened a card during a promotion, with every intention of paying it off as soon as the bill arrived. However, Zales never sent me a bill. A year goes by, and I get contacted by this collection agency. I...
  5. DonRoeber

    what to do in philly for the day?

    I'm a big fan of the museums, especially the art museum. You could easily spend day there. If it were warmer, I'd suggest the zoo.
  6. DonRoeber

    They keep coming after me. Ideas to make it stop?

    Hide your pet rabbits. Seriously, call the cops. It's their job to handle situations like this. Oh, keep a call record too, I'm sure the cops would find that helpful.
  7. DonRoeber

    Gulp!! Getting Married: How Much Did You Spend?

    Not really an expense, but something I'd recommend: get a wedding handler. On the day of our wedding, my brother's girlfriend was standing around with nothing to do, looking bored. Suddenly we realized that she can be the person who makes sure that everyone is where they're supposed to be when...
  8. DonRoeber

    Gulp!! Getting Married: How Much Did You Spend?

    Oh, one more thing. I'm not sure how your fiancee will feel about this, but a growing portion of women are selling their wedding gowns on ebay after they wear it. If she's okay with it, she can always get her dress there.
  9. DonRoeber

    Gulp!! Getting Married: How Much Did You Spend?

    Have you been to any weddings where you liked the music? That's how we found our DJ; my cousin got married, we were impressed, so we took his card and booked him a few weeks later. We spent about $1500 on the photographer, and that was the most expensive thing that we paid for ourselves. My...
  10. DonRoeber

    Frank Miller's 300 (merged)

    I feel like getting 299 of my friends, stripping down to cloaks and loincloths, and going to walmart to buy PS3s.
  11. DonRoeber

    Came home from vacation and found house flooded!!

    Good luck, this process isn't fun. I have a second floor clothes washer. Once it broke mid-cycle. Fortunately, I was just napping in the other room, but I only noticed it when the water started streaming through the fire alarm the floor below the washer, setting off the alarm. Thankfully the...
  12. DonRoeber

    Guests cannot watch DVDs with you, says MPAA head

    My wife and I are about to have a baby. Will the baby be able to watch the movies? I'm worried, and do not want to be accused of piracy. :)
  13. DonRoeber

    Comcast Triple Play

    I recently singed up for the TripplePlay package. As an existing customer I wasn't eligiable for the promo pricing, and just went directly to the $129/month price. Still, I'm happy with it, I'm saving money now that I've canceled my Verizon connection.
  14. DonRoeber

    What's your favorite pie?

    Sour Cream Apple Pie Strawberry Rhubarb Pie I like making pies, and my friends come to me for pie making lessons.
  15. DonRoeber

    Loss of a dear friend

    When my Tivo passed away earlier this year, it was replaced by it's idiot savant cousin, the Comcast provided Motorola DVR. As an idiot savant it does some things really well, like providing a very nice picture, but interacting with it is often a trial.
  16. DonRoeber

    Wii component cables and Nunchuks. Anyone have any luck in finding these?

    If you order from, they're supposed to start shipping again on the 28th.
  17. DonRoeber

    Angry Nintendo Nerd

    After awhile I was able to land the plane on the carrier and refuel in air. I don't think I ever beat the game though.
  18. DonRoeber

    Big Brother experience at the ice cream parlor today

    Heroll's makes the best ice cream on the east coast. I'm in Philly, but find myself in the Happy Valley at least once a year, and always stop in for a smoosh-in.
  19. DonRoeber

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Cinema Paradiso - Limited Collector's Edition (A MUST SEE!)

    Thanks for the review, I think I'll keep my current copy. Fantastic film, I always enjoy watching it.
  20. DonRoeber

    Frank Miller's 300 (merged)

    Wow, and here I was thinking I was the only one who thought that.
  21. DonRoeber

    Wii question and average age

    I guess I'm Gen-Y? I dunno.... I'm 28, so whatever. Anyway, my wife (also 28) and I are giving each other a full Wii kit for Christmas. We've preordered the system, three games, two extra controllers, and two virtual controllers. We're also opening it early, on November 19th :)
  22. DonRoeber

    Cars: November 7

    It's kinda like choosing which child you like least.
  23. DonRoeber

    Cars: November 7

    It's kinda like choosing which child you like least.
  24. DonRoeber

    The Irony of it All...

    I once got a copied DVD in a netflix envelope. Clearly someone was duping their rentals, and accidentally sent back the wrong disc. Netflix gave me no problems, I always wondered if they did anything to the guy who returned the disc before I got it.
  25. DonRoeber

    Scarlett Johansson is delusional

    I am also happy with Scarlet Johansson's curves.
  26. DonRoeber

    Is Scaring People Illegal?

    Is she naked at the time?
  27. DonRoeber

    Weekly RoundUp 9-12-2006

    I picked up Teen Titans season 2 at Best Buy today. It was $15.99.
  28. DonRoeber

    Audio/Video things that irritate you.

    Oh, cool. Is that considered High Definition though, or just digitial? The radio sin my last two cars have had "digital" indicator lights for awhile now. All along I thought they were just making this up.
  29. DonRoeber

    Audio/Video things that irritate you.

    The local radio station advertises that it broadcasts in High Definition Radio. I'm not sure WHAT that is.
  30. DonRoeber

    "RadioShack uses e-mail to fire employees"

    My card swipe normally takes two or three tries to work. Those first few swipes always make me wonder. I once worked at a small company where there was a printed phone list handed out to everyone, with all of the employees office numbers printed on it. It was always updated after someone left...