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  1. David Rain

    Ive noticed with some CBS DVD releases

    So now we're too lazy to click on an individual episode in order to view it? Shouldn't THAT we the real concern here?
  2. David Rain

    TimeLife announces "The Lost Episodes" of The Carol Burnett Show

    Unsatisfied purists will proceed to lose their minds in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...
  3. David Rain

    Classic TV Shows on Sundance Channel

    Lots of people love comfort food TV. That's exactly why some of these shows are still shown so much. It's basic common sense. Most people have never even heard of U.S. Steel Hour. The fact that some of you are TV snobs does not detract from the legacy & quality of these shows.
  4. David Rain

    Are studios moving away from blu-ray in favor of streaming?

    Also, to those of you who insist on having a physical object instead of just a computer file, I hope you enjoy buying (or building) plenty of bookcases to hold your massive collection. Everything is already heading to streaming & downloads, as it should be. Technology changes for a reason...
  5. David Rain

    Meeting A TV Legend Tomorrow

    Yes, do take an everready battery with you and knock if off of his shoulder. I'm sure a distinguished actor like him would love to be reminded of a campy TV commercial that he did decades ago. I'm quite certain he's never once been annoyed by it. Also, how did posts that belong on social media...
  6. David Rain

    When are We going to see a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Blu-ray Release?!

    I'm sure this has been asked, but I'm not scolling through 100 pages to find out so ... Does anyone know if "Voyage" was filmed or was it recorded on videotape? That would likely dictate whether it's a candidate for blu-ray.
  7. David Rain

    Please FINISH Peyton Place on DVD! *Official Thread*

    I get the idea of wanting your favorite show to come out (or finish up) on DVD. However, I don't get the point of saying that it SHOULD come because it's "a good show" or it's the anniverasary or a cast member has died. Those are not legitimate reasons for a show to be released. Otherwise...
  8. David Rain

    Are studios moving away from blu-ray in favor of streaming?

    Good. Hope this is true. Streaming & downloads are the present and the future.
  9. David Rain

    Blu-ray Review Pee-wee's Playhouse: The Complete Series Blu-ray Review

    I love Pee-wee but, to this day, my favorite project of his is still 'Big Adventure' To me, nothing has come close to it.
  10. David Rain

    Tonight Show "Vault" Series-Some Thoughts

    I'm shocked that people are still complaining about changed/missing theme songs. This has been going on for years. And wasn't TTS theme replaced on other releases? Not a dealbreaker for me. Some people are never happy.
  11. David Rain

    Sonny and Cher boxset

    There's no reason for the Letterman appearance to be on any S&C release. Wanting it don't make it true.
  12. David Rain

    "My Living Doll"?

    Yes some shows thought to be lost do sometimes show up again. But that's very rare & not something that anyone should count on. Be thankful for what's available. It could be nothing.
  13. David Rain

    The A-Team, Magnum PI, & The Incredible Hulk announced...

    so which of these would actually be viable on blu-ray? Wouldn't at least some of these have been filmed on videotape?
  14. David Rain

    Twin Peaks: The Original Series, Fire Walk With Me & The Missing Pieces (Blu-ray) Preorder

    it's like I'm having the most beautiful dream... and the most terrible nightmare, all at once.
  15. David Rain

    Believe It Or Not - Grady Is Coming To DVD!

    "The Best Of" a 1 season show?
  16. David Rain

    Dukes of Hazzard on Blu-ray

    Hipocrisy? We're talking about The Dukes Of Hazzard not Citizen Kane.
  17. David Rain

    Ab Fab on Blu?

    If Ab Fab was primarily (or totally) produced on videotape then you're not getting a blu-ray. Sorry, sweetie darlings!
  18. David Rain

    Believe It Or Not - Grady Is Coming To DVD!

    About the price, is it possible that music rights issues or remastering are to blame?
  19. David Rain

    Monty Python's Flying Circus 45th anniversary remasterer/ reissue?

    Don't anybody uncross your legs. An anniversary is not enough reason for anybody to start remastering a series or trying to track original elements. Every series has anniversaries but it's actually quite meaningless as far as getting a show released or released.
  20. David Rain

    Cagney & Lacey Complete Series Limited / Standard Edition Box Sets

    "I'm thinking about having my tits done." groundbreaking dialogue at the time.
  21. David Rain

    What Happened To Hour Long Syndicated Reruns After The Early 80's

    hour long syndie shows likely don't do well in the ratings & that's why you don't see former hits like NYPD Blue, Thirtysomething & LA Law being widely available. Ratings are the bottom line, kids.
  22. David Rain

    80's and 90's tv shows on bluray wishlist

    Good luck getting videotaped shows from the 80's onto Blu-ray. Some of you don't seem to know what Blu-ray actually is. You can't release just anything onto it.
  23. David Rain


    "I'm Vera Louise & I'm here to please."
  24. David Rain

    Grace Under Fire complete series

    If you watched the entire run of the series when it first aired (as I did) you'll know this show's quality & ratings success took a sharp nosedive as series star Brett Butler became undone by alcohol in real life. IIRC, it barely got renewed it's last season & was quickly cancelled as Brett...
  25. David Rain

    As the World Turns - 20 episode set

    A deal with Netflix or Hulu to do which? Streaming old episodes would still require that the network videotapes be "digitized" first. That's expensive & time consuming. Hulu has already hosted new episode revivals of both AMC & OLTL.
  26. David Rain

    As the World Turns - 20 episode set

    If more DVD's are released it would likely be a different company doing it since the contract between P&G and the previous company ran out. This was the "official" reason the DVD's stopped. Low sales might also have been a factor. As for reviving some of their soaps, it's unlikely. Prospect...
  27. David Rain

    As the World Turns - 20 episode set

    Yes, it's true that P&G supposedly have everything after the late 70's. Before that, few episodes of soaps were saved because of tape space. That's true of most soaps with a few exceptions like 'The Doctors'. At one point, P&G were "digitizing" their entire tape archive to make them available...
  28. David Rain

    Other short lived shows I'd buy if available

    Bagad Cafe The Powers That Be Women Of The House Filthy Rich
  29. David Rain

    Am I The Only One Tired of Previews?

    Previews might be annoying but they help advertise & sell other product. It is a business, after all.