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  1. Brad HP

    Should early adoptors fully support Fox with their higher priced BRD?

    One of the problems of looking back to 1997 SD DVD pricing is that back then, many people didn't already have copies of these titles in their collection, and if they did they were probably pan & scan VHS. As such, paying the early Sd DVD prices was somewhat justifiable for the incremental value...
  2. Brad HP

    What are the pros and cons after updating to 2.0?

    I was in the same position up until this past weekend. My A1 (connected via component) had original firmware and it had not given me any issues since my purchase of it in April 2006. There are quite a few titles out and due out soon with U control and other new features so updating was only...
  3. Brad HP

    the Adventures of Robin Hood on HD DVD "An Event coming sooner than some may think."

    This may not mean much, but I noticed this title now has an HD DVD Amazon placeholder (you can't pre-order it yet but can sign up for an e-mail when available). I also noticed Casablanca, 2001 and Clockwork Orange added as well (among a few others). All very exciting titles if they pan out soon...
  4. Brad HP

    Movies that will push you over the edge...

    I think many of us already own our 10, 100 even 1,000 favorite movies in an acceptable format (DVD). That being said, I have decided to support HD DVD as the Picture and Sound quality is excellent (and the price is so much more reasonable than the other format). I also don't feel limited from...
  5. Brad HP

    Problems with the Player for Specific Discs????

    For the folks having skipping or audio issues, how are your players connected (HDMI or Component)? I have mine hooked up via component and using the original firmware and I have not had a single issue to date. I've watched 16 movies in their entirety. I'm just wondering if issues are hardware...
  6. Brad HP

    Studios want Bd50s for exhaustive extra content...sez who?

    I don't see a point where the studios put out enough QUALITY extras that anything more than a dual layer HD 30 will be needed. Personally, I like a audio/video commentary or two, trailers and deleted scenes/alternate endings. That's about all I need. Last night I watched a Fox sd dvd (that I...
  7. Brad HP

    Samsung BR player with possible defect or is it the real problem? See Post #25

    I would bring a copy of the news article that the player is faulty to CC and not leave until I had a refund. If you are calm, considerate and presistent eventually someone will take the return. You can't be that many days past 30. Did you buy it with a service plan? If yes, then if all else...
  8. Brad HP

    Samsung BR player with possible defect or is it the real problem? See Post #25

    I spent a couple of weeks using the Samsung via component and noticed the softness and other distracting artifacts that others have reported. If this chip is at fault and component bypasses it, then there are probably other issues at play with the current BD hardware or software as well (i.e...
  9. Brad HP

    HD-DVD and the language the studios understand

    I am doing the same. I find that within 2 weeks of release I can find a used copy of just about any SD DVD movie at the local shops. I make sure I pick up all Sony/Columbia, Fox, Lionsgate, Disney titles that I plan to buy in SD DVD in this manner. I buy all HD DVD titles new. Newbury Comics...
  10. Brad HP

    Panasonic officially announces its Blu-Ray Player

    I ended up taking back the Samsung. If the movies look better in the fall and the other studios actually start putting some out I would consider a Panasonic BD player. I have been very pleased with my RP-91 DVD player which is still my main SDVD player.
  11. Brad HP

    When will the price of Blu-Ray hardware start to drop?

    I bought my Samsung for $775 and I am on the fence about returning it. This price required me to buy 4 BD movies. I have watched 3 movies on it to date (T1, T2 and 50 first dates) and while the picture can be very nice it is just not consistently as sharp, clear and artifact free as I would...
  12. Brad HP

    Okay, I have FINALLY seen HDdvd in action!

    If HD DVD and BD are the next technologies I would guess using a total of 2 TVs for displaying each wouldn't be much of a burden on BB. They usually have more than 100 sets going in each store. I imagine so long as either brand can provide an acceptable supply that would be reason enough to...
  13. Brad HP

    Heavy (Liv Tyler): Anybody have this DVD?

    The DVD looks fine to me, but I'm not a tough judge. Especially with a film like this which has just about no chance of being treated to a souped up re-issue. I seem to reach for this one a couple of times a year. The commentary was also good in my opinion (although it has been a while since I...
  14. Brad HP

    where do you buy your DVD's at?

    I visit BestBuy just about every Tuesday and pick up the attractively priced titles on sale that week. I bring copies of other stores weekly flyers to price match. Any title that I think may not be widely available at BestBuy, I buy from DeepDiscount DVD. Rarely I will buy from Amazon if...
  15. Brad HP

    DVD Review HTF Review: Lost In Translation

    Here is another vote for Landmark theatres. I saw LIT twice at the Embassy Landmark in Waltham, MA. It is STILL playing there today and has been there since opening weekend in mid September. I am also greatly looking forward to the DVD.
  16. Brad HP

    Any The Station Agent News?

    It is still playing in the theatre near me. I just saw it last weekend (in Cambridge, MA). Great movie. I am also looking forward to the DVD.
  17. Brad HP

    New Panny DVD player with Faroudja DCDi & HDMI - MSRP $299.95

    Is this known for certain or just a guess (I didn't see any mention of it either way in the press release)? I'm holding out hope that Panasonic will someday provide an updated replacement for the RP-91.
  18. Brad HP

    Why do they re-do DVD's

    The installed base of DVD players continues to grow steadily. Releases that are just a couple of years old can be re-introduced to an ever growing population of new DVD hardware owners. Titles sell very well during the week of their initial release, due to heavy advertising and premium shelf...
  19. Brad HP

    Are Multiple releases of the Same film starting to Irk you ?

    Re-releases are ALWAYS a GOOD thing! 1. If you own the first release and like it, you have the option to consider the new release and decide whether something on it attracts you enough to buy it.- You've got nothing to worry about. 2. If you skipped the first release, now you have another...
  20. Brad HP

    DVD Rot! My Sweet Hereafter has gone to the sweet hereafter

    After reading this post yesterday, I decided to give my Sweet Hereafter disc another spin. Just finished watching it all the way through. Also looked at all of the supplements (except commentary and isolated score). Absolutely no problems. I bought this disc back in 1999. This is only the 2nd...
  21. Brad HP

    Buy my first DVD player or wait, situation is...

    It depends on where you want to end up. If you figure to acquire all of the components of a home theatre this year, then it probably doesn't matter which one you start with. The first question I would ask is how much do you expect to budget for this home theatre? Once you can answer that, it is...
  22. Brad HP

    Panny RP-91 Has Died...any thoughts...

    I have an RP-91 and purchased a DMR-E30 three months ago. When I received a letter from Panasonic this week offering me an extended warranty on the E-30, I couldn't believe it. I also recall receiving the same letter for the RP-91 at around 3-6 months after purchase. What kind of a message does...
  23. Brad HP

    Alien: 5 Star Edition? Can this be true?

    The last 2 days, AMC has been showing a documentary called the Alien Saga which covers the four films and is running 2:15 minutes with commercials. The majority of the focus is on the first 2 films but there is a good bit on the other two. Overall, includes interviews with many of key...
  24. Brad HP

    Anyone else having problems playing Criterion's Spellbound?

    Anyone try this disc out on a Panasonic player? How about Panasonic RP-91? I bought a copy last week and have not opened it yet. I'm just wondering whether I should return it and wait for the newer version to be circulated. Thanks.
  25. Brad HP

    Panasonic DMR-E30 questions

    I have been using the E30 for about a month now, and will try to answer your questions. 1. The unit sets up chapters about every 5 minutes. I have not found any way to change the chapter settings, although I really haven't bothered to look. The menu doesn't show thumbnails of the chapters, so...
  26. Brad HP

    Filling up our screens

    I'll agree with Jan. When available I only watch a movie in its OAR. However, I upgraded from a 46 inch Sony 4:3 set to a 55 inch Mitsubishi 16:9 set a couple of years ago. The primary reasons were that I wanted to have a sharper, vibrant, progressive picture and I wanted to enjoy the OAR with a...
  27. Brad HP

    What is the life span of a DVD player

    Thanks Joe, I'm going to have to check to see if Panasonic have similar counters to track hours of usage. Anybody know?
  28. Brad HP

    What is the life span of a DVD player

    Joe Tilley, 22,167 hours in just under three years seems incredible. If you round up and call it 3 years, that would equal 1,095 days, which results in your DVD player working slightly more than 20 hours per day. Based on your usage, does that sound right to you? I am just trying to figure...
  29. Brad HP

    Is Harmon Kardon Reliable?

    Here is another positive story for H/K's service. I have the AVR65 receiver which I bought in 2/00. The center channel blew (resister needed replacing) in 1/02. This was serviced under the warranty (2 year warranty, so this was just under the wire) at no charge. The left front channel stopped...
  30. Brad HP

    Does BEAUTIFUL GIRLS have enough audience to warrant a reissue?

    Here is another current owner of the "Beautiful Girls" DVD that would upgrade to an SE without hesitation.:)