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  1. Chris_HA

    "Widescreen" ratio no longer available with DVI input on Infocus 4805

    I realize that I'm replying to a much earlier post. If you are running a Mac, you want to use SwitchResX ( ), which is the PowerStrip of the Mac world. There is also supposed to be a version for the new Intel based Macs.
  2. Chris_HA

    Paint color for the room.

    Bryce, thanks for the info. I was able to look up that color, and confirmed that it closely matches the color of the LaZBoy couches that we will eventually move downstairs (C851186 Midnight). I wish I could afford real theater loungers, but the couches have low backs, and are very comfortable...
  3. Chris_HA

    Paint color for the room.

    Bryce, I was able to look up all of the paint colors on Behr's website. Nice color choices, and are something similar to what I was considering for my theater (currently beige and beige). I was trying to find the La-Z-Boy fabric color on their site, but they list it as fabric number, but not...
  4. Chris_HA

    Source for Fml to Fml VGA cable coupler??

    If your in Hollywood, why not try Fry's? I'm 99% sure they have what you are looking for. I bought mine at a local Microcenter, and they have one at their online store as well: No idea on what shipping will cost.
  5. Chris_HA

    LCD In the kitchen - Wireless?

    Personally I don't want to drill holes in MY walls, rip up my sheetrock only to have to patch and paint to be able to watch my LCD TV in my kitchen. Just saw the Belkin RemoteTV device in Home Theater mag, and it might do this trick. 5.8ghz MPEG2 streaming, component video, IR remote pass...
  6. Chris_HA

    Mac mini

    I have the DELL W1700 LCD TV with DVI-D. While I don't have a Mini (yet), it works perfectly with my wife's G4 tower and with my 15" Powerbook. If memory serves, it runs at 1280x768. Unless the monitor is running some non-standard resolution, it will probably work perfectly.
  7. Chris_HA

    Mac mini

    The Superdrive is built in, not external.
  8. Chris_HA

    Mac mini

    Smartly, Apple doesn't want to cannibalize their higher end systems with the Mac Mini. It's purely a 'get you foot in the door' system, and from everything I have heard about it, a good one too. I have been using Mac since the beginning. I am also an IT back office guy during the day. I have a...
  9. Chris_HA

    Replacing the motherboard in a DELL 600SC...any suggestions?

    No recommendation on Mobos, but be aware the Dell uses custom power supplies the don't conform the the ATX wiring standard. Plugging it into a new non Dell Mobo will fry it. EDIT: Sorry, apparently I was having the same problems as Seth and didn't fully read your post and the part about the...
  10. Chris_HA

    Mac mini

    Try this: Go to and download the Safari Scripts to you hard disk. A DMG (Disk Archive) file will open and install a folder call Safari Scripts to your download directory. Drag this folder into the following path. /Macintosh HD/Library/Scripts...
  11. Chris_HA

    Splitting my satellite feed: Will it greatly degrade HDTV signal?

    Ron, why not use one of the additional lines off of the triple LNB and avoid the hassle of an A/B switch? The A/B switch will limit you to having one operable receiver at a time.
  12. Chris_HA

    Best webstites for Hometheater accesories, best ideas for gifts ??

    BUMP. There are some great product ideas in this thread. There's still time for last minute gift ideas. I'm leaning towards one of the Color Kinetics lights for theater/office mood lighting. GREAT THREAD!
  13. Chris_HA

    iPod and HP iPod: What's the Difference?

    Chris, I don't think that there is even a difference in firmware as it is the Apple iPod sold by HP (yeah, I don't get it either). As others have noted, a better warranty and slightly lower price can be found on the HP boxed unit. The best best prices and warranties can usually be found by...
  14. Chris_HA

    Plasmadocs! Feedback needed.

    Anthony, it would be nice to see altitude rating on applicable plasma panels and/or make a special section listing higher altitude displays (6000-10000ft range). Since LCD panels are not altitude dependant, I would love to see the newer Sharp and Samsung 1080i/p compatible LCD panels listed.
  15. Chris_HA

    Non-shielded speakers and DLP TV

    They won't affect a DLP. It only affects CRT based displays because it warps the magnetic field from the electron gun. No electron gun in a DLP. :)
  16. Chris_HA

    New upgrade..HTPC..

    What a pain. Makes me happy I gave up my SB 5.1 card a while ago. Get a M-Audio Revolution 5.1 or 7.1 card with has an RCA Coax-Out on the back. I never need to change any settings, and it passes DTS every time, something I was having a problem doing with the SB card.
  17. Chris_HA

    Spybot Search and Destroy

    Yes, AdAware does catch stuff that Spy doesn't and vice versa. You really need to run both to be fully protected.
  18. Chris_HA

    Projector lens flip question

    Gabriel, thanks for the words of wisdom. I am sire that there is dust on the LCD panels, and will probably get around to cleaning them soon. Do you by chance know which lens assy does the keystoning?
  19. Chris_HA

    Projector lens flip question

    I know, I ask the hard-hitting questions, but surely someone out there has some insight or conjecture on taking these lenses apart. :)
  20. Chris_HA

    Projector lens flip question

    Background I have an older InFocus LP-720 projector connected to my HTPC. In my previous installation, I built my own ceiling mount for it. However, I noticed bad motion artifacts when I selected the ceiling mount mode. I ended up using Nvidia's nView utilities to flip the image on the video...
  21. Chris_HA

    Using My LCD TV as a

    Do you have the latest drivers installed for your Nvidia card? Go out and download them, then give it a shot. Had them same problems with my Dell W1700 @ 1280x768 on my old Dell with a TNT2 card. Once I upgraded the drivers to the latest, it worked perfectly.
  22. Chris_HA

    what about audio?

    The audigy 5.1 is about $45 or so if you look. The REVO 7.1 can be found for about $80 or so. I had the hardest time getting the Dolby Digital out working on an older SB card I had, and DTS was always dropping out. It also does not have an RCA style connector for the COAX out. I believe...
  23. Chris_HA

    what about audio?

    I have the M-Audio Revolution 7.1 card with Coax out. Love it!
  24. Chris_HA

    Home Page Hijack

    If you are using SpyBot and Ad-aware, what are those programs saying is installed?
  25. Chris_HA

    Home Page Hijack

    Guys, GET OFF OF Internet Explorer. Yeah, I know the truth hurts, but the HOURS I have spent fixing clients/friends/family removing this crap is ridiculous. Yeah, it's pretty easy to accidently pick up a malicious BHO these days, even by accident. Get onto a browser that is not affected...
  26. Chris_HA

    Energy-saving dimmables

    To not venture too off topic, I will say that you COULD use these in a HT setup as well: Look at this product from Hella. I use it for exterior lighting when camping. It is fairly bright for an LCD fixture, but pretty directional. It also uses only 0.7W...
  27. Chris_HA

    Energy-saving dimmables

    To not venture too off topic, I will say that you COULD use these in a HT setup as well: Look at this product from Hella. I use it for exterior lighting when camping. It is fairly bright for an LCD fixture, but pretty directional. It also uses only 0.7W...
  28. Chris_HA

    Energy-saving dimmables

    I have always wanted to install this little guy in my home theater. I currently use it in my VW camper for a low wattage, non blinding task lighting. I LOVE it! It give off a nice cool white glow at about the intensity of the full moon.
  29. Chris_HA

    DTS or Dolby Logos to Print

    And right as I said that, I found one source. There have to better.
  30. Chris_HA

    DTS or Dolby Logos to Print

    Those are nice, but does anyone know of a good source of vector based logos (ie EPS, PDF or illustrator format)? It would allow you to scale them to various larger sizes better.