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  1. tyler O

    What does CAV, CLV, JP6 stand for?

    So I guess all the discs now are actually CLV.
  2. tyler O

    Argh! Bug in Medal Of Honor?

    It sounds like you may be having some other problems. Consider checking your hard drive with a thorough scandisk for errors. You may have a bad stick of RAM or something else that could be causing your problems... Have you added anything recently or anything else like that?
  3. tyler O

    Desert Island Discs (DIDs)

    The God Machine - Scenes from the Second Storey Pink Floyd - Meddle PHiSH - 2.20.93 (cheating I know...) Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral Frank Zappa - Hot Rats DJ Shadow - Endtroducing Sigur Ros - Agaetis Byrjun Coil - Love's Secret Domain Clock DVA - Buried Dreams Chrome...
  4. tyler O

    graphic differences between ps1 and ps2

    Miss Hoover? My desk is shaking.
  5. tyler O

    Digital Bits = HTF???

    and I was about to check the router...
  6. tyler O

    Welcome home Joe Caps!!

    Wonderful news. My reading hasn't been the same as of late. Make you make a speedier recovery and enjoyment with family and friends. Welcome back.
  7. tyler O

    Seeking advice on the Information Technology Field

    I love hardware, so I chose being a technician. I love the job, but I fear the trend towards disposability of the computer as opposed to the ever creating and mutating box of beauty that my box has always been. Other than hardware is the author of code that entails writing running revising...
  8. tyler O

    New Batman movie all but confirmed

    Apologies, A friend of mine is a large comic book geek and he said that Darren had been asked to leave by Joel (Aaronofsky and Schumaker, respectively) and that Year One was to be done by someone else altogether. :frowning: It made me sad, and I'm not too sure what his source is, I will seek...
  9. tyler O

    Is the'Rushmore' in the two pack with 'High Fidelity' the Criterion version?

    I got this at Sam's and passed HF on to my friend and his wife. I just wanted Rushmore. 27.99 was too good to pass up.
  10. tyler O

    Thank you and Happy Holidays

    I would like to echo the gratitude for the moderators. All they do is deal with crap and horribly immature people, at least the ones that they have to do anything about. The rest of us just pour out crap and are only slightly immature. I would also like to offer my hopes for a safe and...
  11. tyler O

    What's with all this cheering and clapping after a movie?

    I don't like to applaud, not even at a location where there is a miniscule chance that the live performance artist in the vicinity may hear me over the cacophony of other hands combined. I like to bow at the end of a movie. Sometimes just my head, sometimes my whole body. This is a gesture...
  12. tyler O

    I think *Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy* is coming to Region 1!!!

    This is truly wonderful news, if true. This is something I am truly looking forward to replacing on VHS. Too much to hope for a commentary from Mr. Adams unless he had some foresight in the matter. It would be nice to have H2G2 in all it's forms and permutations in our digital beloved. Now...
  13. tyler O

    Do you believe in life on other planets?

    I agree. Please allow us to continually discuss things that we cannot empircally prove as yet. (Not that I feel that I haven't, but my theorems are not accepted enough to count. :) )
  14. tyler O

    Do you believe in life on other planets?

    Wonderfully said Jeff. It all comes back around to what we as an organic being can percieve. We use our eyes to see, our ears to hear, our tongue to taste, our skin to feel, our nose to smell. These are organized by their respective neurons into impulses that contain information that is...
  15. tyler O

    Do you believe in life on other planets?

    And so we segue back into the realm of belief.
  16. tyler O

    Thhhpppfffttt!! BLOOM COUNTY movie on the way!

    This is again, odd news. I don't know how to think this may turn out. I wouldn't want anyone other than Mr. Breathed to helm this project. I still have my Opus walking off into the sunset cut out of the newspaper. Quite a sad day indeed. This makes it a happy day.
  17. tyler O

    Some Fight Club questions (Possible Spoiler)

    Kevin - He had control. He was Tyler. They are one. He wasn't conscious of this. He was completely conscious of this. He put himself in a dream/sleep state and allowed his alter ego to take control. Seth - All good man. I was just trying to reiterate my point. That cut was very...
  18. tyler O

    My Elephant Man disc was a Maxell cover disc

    Mr. Blythe, I thank you sir. Only too kind an offer. I have had good dealings with my etailer so far. I know you don't know all the aspects of production and packaging of your product (or maybe you do) but how do you think that these happen? I think they are rather enjoyable and quite...
  19. tyler O

    Sanford & Son, Perry Mason, and The A-Team on DVD from Columbia House

    Maybe offered as DVD club selection in the future? That would almost make it worth it again. Wait... NAH!
  20. tyler O

    Aren't you glad we use real names at HTF?

    eeek. I hate to think i might have been an invalid.
  21. tyler O

    Some Fight Club questions (Possible Spoiler)

    I have seen it a dozen times or so, but thank you. :) As I said, it was just my belief that that instant was when Tyler crystalized as a complete separate entity (as much as one body will allow) and that he had more reign to exist as a fully functioning individual. Now, I say this also...
  22. tyler O

    My Elephant Man disc was a Maxell cover disc

    EEEEK! No DVD inside. This is one of the bizarrest things I have ever seen. All security stickers were in place and so is the insert and magneto strip of stickiness. The disc, however is justa maxell disc that looks like it would be on the top of some spindles. I'm thinking about keeping it...
  23. tyler O

    Need help! (Girl problem!?!)

    I just hope she doesn't get some stuff from her co-workers like "Hey, that freaky nerd came in and hung out a while last friday. It was pathetic seeing him try to look all nonchalant and everything. We didn't have the heart to tell him that you were transferred, we wanted to see how long it...
  24. tyler O

    Do you believe in life on other planets?

    Jack, I hate to disagree with you, my 2001 compatriot, on a couple of points. Granted, we do have the word believe in the question. I don't consider it as a form of belief, if you go back to my personal definitions of life. A rock is alive (in its way). I am not claiming sentience, but...
  25. tyler O

    if you like recordings of live shows

    I second furthur. Great stuff. Not quite as pure as etree, but still good stuff.
  26. tyler O

    Some Fight Club questions (Possible Spoiler)

    I would also like to point out that after Marla stops in the middle of the road and says "You didn't write your name down. What is your name? Rupert? Waldo? Any of those stupid names you use at the support groups?" Of course I'm sure I messed up the quote, but you get what I mean. It is my...
  27. tyler O

    HTF REVIEW: "Twin Peaks: The First Season SE DVD" - REVIEW UPDATED PAGE 2

    Ron, I know you always look out for us and I also know that virtually every other studio seems to be really looking out for us, and cares what we think (Thank you Peter and Martin). That was why it bothers me to know that WB has this piece of art. Look how they skewed Cats and Dogs pre-orders...
  28. tyler O

    Aren't you glad we use real names at HTF?

    I don't mind using most of my name. I just dislike that I was asked to have one capital letter. ;)
  29. tyler O

    Do you believe in life on other planets?

    I prefer to think of it in this way: -What is life? -A process that uses biologically based machines so that we may create or destroy energy. In its basest form it provides the impetus for creating or destructing habitats which will make the organism either adapt to its surroundings or...