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  1. Robert Barker

    FS: Three Denon 2802 A/V Receivers

    The product is in perfect working order. I will let someone else answer about the quality vs. the new model.
  2. Robert Barker

    FS: Three Denon 2802 A/V Receivers

    I acquired three Denon 2802 Receivers yesterday. They work fine and all three have working remotes. The first to will receive owners manuals as I only have two. Buyer will pay shipping from zip 78660 via DHL Ground. If they are not sold by end of business 12/17/2004 they will be put up for sale...
  3. Robert Barker

    FS: 141 DVD Titles

  4. Robert Barker

    FS: 141 DVD Titles

    Bump Yes, the list is up to date.
  5. Robert Barker

    FS: 141 DVD Titles

  6. Robert Barker

    FS: 141 DVD Titles

  7. Robert Barker

    FS: 141 DVD Titles

    As stated in my email I copied and pasted everything from DVD Profiler. If this is not the movie you want please invoice me for the movie and shipping via media mail and I will refund your money once I get the movie back. I apologize for any inconvenience.
  8. Robert Barker

    FS: 141 DVD Titles

    If you are interested in a movie(s) please email me at my home and work email address listed in the original post. I will be out of town starting 7/24 and returning 7/28. First Come, First Serve. I will email you when I return. Thank you, Robert Barker
  9. Robert Barker

    FS: 141 DVD Titles

    - Majority of the titles only viewed once. - All Titles are WideScreen - All titles priced at $8.00 unless otherwise noted. - Will only ship to the lower 48. - Buyer pays shipping from zip 78660 via US Mail. - Will only accept PayPal as a payment method. - You may view details on each...
  10. Robert Barker

    Leaving amps on - how much does it cost?

    Take a look at this switch from Sears. I used it because my Acurus Amps do not have a 12v trigger. You can find it here Cheap solution that works great. Robert Barker
  11. Robert Barker


    Philip, Please elaborate a little on the "6-CH IN". I picked up the Pioneer 563 a few weeks ago for its DVD-A and SACD capability. I thought I was going crazy, but I think this post may clear a few things up for me. I use Aux 1 on the 950 for both an AudioTron (MP3 listening) and...
  12. Robert Barker

    24/25" Television Recommendations Needed

    I'm in the market for a 24/25" Flat screen 4:3 Television for the bedroom. Must have a minimum of One S-Vide and Component input. I would prefer two S-Video and One Component. This will be a stand alone TV w/ a DVD and Direct TV Box attached, no 5.1. I found a Philips 27", Model 27PT643R...
  13. Robert Barker

    Of these line conditioners - which would you choose?

    I'm running the 5300 and love it. Got it for a tad under 300.00 on line. The switched outlets are great.
  14. Robert Barker

    Acurus A250 X Adcom GFA555II

    I push two 4 ohm GR Rsearch AV1+'s with my A250. The amp has never given me a problem and runs very cool when compaired to other amps. I can not speak for the Adcom.
  15. Robert Barker

    FS: Polk RT800i / CS400i and Def Tech BPX2

    FS: Pair of Black Polk RT800i Tower Speakers which can be seen here. CS400i Center Channel in Black which can be seen here. I also have two Definitive Technology Black BP2X which can be viewed here. Asking $550.00 for the Polks and $250.00 for the Def Techs, or $750.00 for all 5. Local sale...
  16. Robert Barker

    Anyone heard GR Research Speakers?

    I just received three A/V-1+ built by Brian at Rutledge Audio Design. One word... Incredible! I auditioned the Sonus Faber Concertos and B&W N805s prior to pulling the trigger on the A/V-1+. I have no regrets at all. The speakers sound as everyone describes and the custom finish is beautiful.
  17. Robert Barker

    GR Reseach AV1+ sound qualities vs. B&W / Sonus.

    I'm currently in the market for new speakers but can't seem to make up my mind on what I want. I am running Polk RT800i's for mains and a CS400i for the center. In the last few months I have auditioned Sonus Faber Concerto's, Grand Piano and the B&W N805. The imaging of these three speakers was...
  18. Robert Barker

    Sonus Faber or Rocket ???

    I may have the chance to pick up a pair of Sonus Faber Grand Piano in gloss black w/ a Piccolo Solo Center for around 1800, used of course. These are not the new "HOME" version, but the models right before. I will be driving these speakers w/ an Outlaw 950, Acurus A250 for the mains, and A125x5...
  19. Robert Barker

    Pronto Hex Code for Outlaw 950 "SAT" source button?

    Please, someone post or e-mail the Hex/IR Code for the "SAT" souce button on the outlaws remote from your Pronto / RC 5000. I can't get the ProntoNeo I just purchased to learn any of the source buttons on the Outlaws remote. The solution I found is a little program called Pronto2NeoConverter...
  20. Robert Barker

    Parasound HCA-855A Amp 12V Trigger

    Currently I'm running my Onkyo 777 as the pre/pro and an Acurus A125x5 for amplification. THe Acurus Does not have a 12v trigger, but this little product from sears works great. Robert Barker Austin TX
  21. Robert Barker

    Clicking / Popping from all 5 speakers, why?

    Did the Onkyo 777 even have this "ticking" problem? All the archives talk about the 797 and 696, but none about the older 777. Thanks, Robert
  22. Robert Barker

    Clicking / Popping from all 5 speakers, why?

    The "ticking", popping or clicking started when Acurus was added for external amplification. With the speakers connected directly to the Onkyo the "ticking" is not present. Does the Onkyo "ticking" problem only occur when using the pre-outs?
  23. Robert Barker

    Clicking / Popping from all 5 speakers, why?

    Geo, Thanks for the quick response. Once the Outlaw 950 Ships this should be a non-issue, but until then I would like this problem resolved. Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks, Robert
  24. Robert Barker

    Clicking / Popping from all 5 speakers, why?

    After connecting an Acurus A125x5 as external amplification for my Onkyo 777 over the weekend I now get erratic clicking / popping from all speakers. When this occurs it comes from all speakers at the same time. It is really noticeable when pulling up the channel guide for Direct TV and...