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  1. rob007

    Dallas on blu ray??

    Any more insider news on this coming to Blu Ray? Or should it last out it's initial streaming period first?
  2. rob007

    Started This Page To Prepare For The Release Of The Classic Flash Gordon Serials On Blu Ray!

    Never give up, never surrender? No wonder Bill Hunt went off his nut recently. For one thing, why would the major studios start an archival line of their own for outside titles? Profit margins are too low unless they already have a decent home video division in place. Even then, it's not very...
  3. rob007

    Started This Page To Prepare For The Release Of The Classic Flash Gordon Serials On Blu Ray!

    Is this still imminent? Or is it now stuck in a loop where different companies are fighting for distribution rights? I wish all studios had programs like Warner Archive. MOD can really be fantastic if done correctly. Hell, I don't mind pressed vs burned discs. If a burned disc only lasts a few...
  4. rob007

    Started This Page To Prepare For The Release Of The Classic Flash Gordon Serials On Blu Ray!

    I would definitely purchase this guaranteed, unless it was some Mill Creek-y type of outfit where all 12-15 chapters are slammed on one disc and interlaced. Is there any more news on this? I know Flash is stuck in "rights hell", but it would sure be great to see it restored. I also wish one of...
  5. rob007

    CBS Press Release: Mission Impossible: The Original TV Series

    I am one of the lucky ones who never purchased this series before. The cheap sets of Desilu and studio shooting kind of put me off. I think watching I Spy spoiled me. However, the strength of the later seasons cast has pulled me back in and I feel confident in purchasing it. Besides, I want to...
  6. rob007

    Criterion Releases for 2019

    I took advantage of Criterion's flash sale and picked up the 100 Years of Olympic Films on BD at 50% off. Not a bad reduction in price considering that it will cost me $270 CDN with shipping instead of the usual cost, which is astronomical when considering the exchange rate and the shipping fee.
  7. rob007

    What Vintage War Series Left to be Released on DVD?

    I think that I can help you out here. I am from Edmonton, Alberta and currently live in China. I also remember watching this on ITV, which was a local station that was famous for filming SCTV in the 80s in Edmonton. When it switched to Global TV Edmonton, it dropped the show. The name, "The War...
  8. rob007

    Fugitive comes to DVD in a 33 disc set on Nov. 1st 2011

    I am also having this issue with my four discs. Does anyone have the right contact info to get any replacement discs from CBS? Thank you all.
  9. rob007

    Fugitive comes to DVD in a 33 disc set on Nov. 1st 2011

    I had purchased the 2011 set, and just returned it to Amazon for a full refund. I wanted to let everyone here know that at Costco today, in Canada, I bought the 2012 set for $129.99, much cheaper than anywhere else I have seen it. I am sure Costco in the US will probably also be carrying it. I...
  10. rob007

    where is L.A. Law?

    I have purchased the L.A. Law Season 1 DVD set that is being sold by a third party seller on The box is definitely the UK version, with a Region 2 symbol and ratings listing. However, when it says it plays on all regions on the Amazon listing it turns out they are correct. It plays...
  11. rob007

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Gettysburg -- in Blu-ray

    I just picked up both of these films today at my local HMV store here in Canada. I guess someone goofed up and threw them on the shelf a few days early. Also picked up Papillon and Le Mans. As Gods and Generals is the only one I have viewed so far I shall comment on that one. I saw this film...
  12. rob007

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Battlestar Galactica -- in Blu-ray

    I shall have to try hitting Enter. If I hit play or pause it does not work for me. Very frustrating for an otherwise decent set.
  13. rob007

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Battlestar Galactica -- in Blu-ray

    I really enjoy the set but am having one problem with it. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem. If you are watching an episode and you let it stay on either pause or stop for too long it turns over to some Univeral logo and then you cannot re-play from the part where you stopped or...
  14. rob007

    World War I Documentaries

    I totally agree that the Great War should be made available here in Region 1. I personally have owned a region free copy of the series for years (thanks Ebay!) and think it is one of the finest documentaries ever made. It certainly goes hand in hand with the World At War and should be a must-see...
  15. rob007

    Route 66 Season 1 Volume 1

    I am really surprised nobody is commenting on this: Amazon - Route 66 Season 1 Part 1 Does anyone have any info on this release? Are the episodes going to be uncut? I, for one, cannot wait to but this show, one of the best series ever made for television, in my opinion. It lists 780...
  16. rob007

    What is this anime?

    It might be Robotech. I remember in one of the episodes that the main guy and girl characters crash in a remote section of a spaceship and have to live together for a while. Upon release they find out that their old city from back on Earth is now in the bowels of this huge alien spaceship that...
  17. rob007

    Possible Release of Disney's "Song of the South"?

    I am posting this because I figured some people might be really interested to read it. I'm not a huge Disney fan and couldn't care if the movie was ever released. Personally, i'm holding out for Monster Squad (which may have just been announced). Anyways, this article ran in one of our Canadian...
  18. rob007

    Untouchables Syndicated 1993 Series

    I hope that it comes out in the near future. Nice to know you met William Forsythe. I have been to AC's grave in Chicago as well as the graves of many of the gangsters who appeared as characters on the show. Any news on when the prequel movie comes out?
  19. rob007

    Untouchables Syndicated 1993 Series

    Is there anyone here who would be willing to have this released on DVD one day? It's been my favourite show since I first saw it and still have all the episodes on VHS in varying quality but still watchable. Tom Amandes went on to Everwood, David James Elliott did JAG, John Rhys-Davies has been...
  20. rob007

    Sex and the Single Girl?

    How could this classic film not be out on DVD yet? Natalie Wood, Tony Curtis, Lauren Bacall, and Henry Fonda are not exactly small time stars, yet this movie seems to be forgotten by most people, or maybe by just Warner Bros. Even the VHS was hard to find at times. I used to love watching this...