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    Any other guys into cologne?

    I use TW. Never heard of it? Its Toilet Water!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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    What's the best way to approach the ladies?

    My 2 cents. My experience is that women are emotional and thats an advantage to a guy at first. Them being emotional in nature is a plus and a minus for us guys. THe minus is they get upset easily and stay angry. Guys are back to normal the next day. WHen you strike up a conversation its gotta...
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    Does a cable amp make a difference in PQ?

    A friend from work said I should do it. This is for analog tv reception coming from the cable tv line. Connect the cable tv line (coaxial) to a drop amp from Electroline and the other end to a Monster video cable which then attaches to your TV. Its ac powered with a 2 port exit. The claim is I...
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    Need recommendations on budget home theater recliners

    I want to get two cool recliners for my HT set up. Preferably in black color. Most of these type chairs are in the stratosherpe price range. Any one know of any recliners that are comfy, cool looking, dont take up too much space, and most of all dont break the bank. Thank you. Any info on this...
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    Help on H02 error code on Denon 1600

    My friend has a Denon 1600 DVD player. Highly regarded player. It does not play discs now and shows "H02" error readout. Looked up those numbers in the manual and says to bring the player to a service technician. Anyone have experience with this code and what to do? Is the player shot and just...
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    Click here for REAL size of your widescreen TV.

    You guys got me there. Nice arithmetic.
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    Click here for REAL size of your widescreen TV.

    O.k. fellow HT nuts. Here I have the real size of your widescreen tv when watching DVD movies. Sorta a conversion chart. Old crt full screen TVs are 1:33 aspect ratio. Your widescreen standard TV aspect ratio is 1:78. Most movies are made in 1:85 and 2:35, so you're gonna get the black bars at...
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    HDMI or DVI?

    HDMI (High Definition Media Interface) will take over. HDMI is the future. Its o.k. to use DVI. I have a DVI input on my 52" Widescreen CRT PRTV. HDMI and DVI both will give much better picture quality than traditional composite, S-video and component connections. The display device is gotta...
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    DVI Inputs

    Make sure the DVI switcher can pass HDCP. Two companies that do this with switchers: DTronics DVI 2x1 Switcher (model RS-232) Lindy DVI-2 Switcher The Lindy being the best value. These switcher boxes are not cheap From $ 175.00 to 250.00 is also a good place to check out...
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    Tube TV's 1 year from now?

    Plasma is dead. Tube tvs will be around. HDTV Tube that is. The drawback is they're heavy. They have a much better picture than CRT RPTV.
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    Rear Speaker Height?

    Tweeters of speakers should be at height of your ears when you're sitting down. Not sub or center, but the other four (2 fronts and 2 rears). Placement of speaker is a different matter.
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    Question on using the external speaker switch on RPTV

    I know I can do that, but I only want my main system on for DVD movies. I dont want to turn on all my stereo crap for just regular tv. I like variety. No takers? I'm surprised no one is into this. Maybe I will try PSB Alphas speakers and see where it goes.
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    Question on using the external speaker switch on RPTV

    I dont know if this belongs in TV or the speaker forum. Anyway, I have a 52 inch CRT Rear Projection Widescreen TV. HD ready, etc. I know the best sound is thru your 5.1 A/V receiver, but a lot of times I just want to watch regular tv using the speakers that come with the TV. When I want to...
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    How come Widescreen TVs are not made in 1:85:1 or 2.35:1 size?

    HT Gurus, Why are today's standard widescreen tvs in 16x9 (1:78:1) aspect ratio? Most movies are shot in 1:85:1 and 2:35:1 ratios. 2:35 we get some black bars unless you do the dreaded zoom feature. Zooming is a trade off for the picture quality. I want the picture in its purest form. Of...
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    Help me decide between a 30" widescreen and a 36" fullscreen.

    I would go for the 36 inch 4.3. with V compression. V Compression is a cool feature on some new 4.3 TVs that squeeze a widescreen movie onto 4.3. screen with less or no black bars. Dont forget the 3 line digital comb filter. Makes a better picture. It seems that is standard nowadays. HDMI and/or...
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    Does prolong watching 4.3 on widescreen TV ruin the TV?

    I own a 52 inch HD ready widescreen CRT RPTV. My friend who also owns a RPTV says that I should not watch 4.3 autoformat tv shows or movies on my widescreen TV. Because eventually it ruins the CRT display. Something to do with only projecting a certain area and not projecting the edges enough...
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    Recommendations on decent DVI cable that does not break the bank

    Any good quality DVI cable out there that doesnt break the bank? I need a two meter run. Thanks.
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    Possible to convert a mono sound tv to be in stereo sound?

    --odd question-- Hi, I dont know if this is the right forum for this type of question. On some of the older TVs and even some of todays 4.3 TVs have mono sound. Anyway possible thru an adapter or something to convert the TV to broadcast in stereo sound? I mean not hooking it up to a external...
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    Looking to buy an inexpensive 27"

    Best Buy has a Sansui 27" inch flat or near flat for under $200.00 In stereo sound too. The speakers are on the bottom and not on the sides which is a good feature. I dont like the side speakers. Dont be fooled by the brand name, its a good quality picture. Best deal out there for 27 inch TVs...
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    My Bro's Lookin For a Car, HTF Help Needed

    Stay with a domestic car with a V8. Nothing else.
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    Well, if *I* won the lottery...

    Two chicks at a time? Yeck I get that now without 5 million. First of all, I would'nt claim the money until the last day to keep everyone in suspense and make a dramatic entrance. I would want to be anonymous if possible. No name or photo in local paper. I would definitely quit my job and throw...
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    The spouse acceptance factor

    Are you guys are wimps. WAF is a term I believe Corey Greenberg made up when he wrote for Stereophile magazine a few years ago. It was kinda funny and stuck around in stereo talk then spread onto the home theater folks. Greenberg now writes for best stuff. com. Greenberg is a entertaining and...
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    Proposing to g/f in Manhattan, need ideas...

    Try to do it in front of some kind of audience where other people are watching the proposal. Makes it more exciting and dramatic. Over the PA system in the restaurant with approval of managment. Let the folks know before hand. Say a little story to build up to the proposal. Dont just say "Will...
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    FS: Horror/Sci-Fi/Comedy DVDs

    ditto YGM
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    Are two channel amps dead?

    It seems like more and more folks are getting into HT and multi channel receivers and amps are becoming the norm. Also companys going more multi-channel. The mainstream electronics stores visited by the masses ala BestBuy, Circuit City, I never see a 2 channel amp for sale. In high end stereo...
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    Denon DVD-1600 for sale!!!! Must go!

    What is this "secrets" review site? Please post.
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    Borrowing without asking...

    Always notice a persons track record with you. Some people are reliable and others are not as much or never. I would let this one incident slide if they are good friends. But you need to tell them the rules of borrowing. You probably never told them. Some people need to be told. Tell them hey...
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    Buy a house or rent an apartment?

    You're only one person, so a house right now would be the wrong move IMO. A house is more suited for a family. A condo is about right for one person. A condo is just an apartment except you own it. You can always move out in a year or two if you dont like it and even get a profit. YOu will have...