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  1. John Giddens

    Can anyone recommend whirlpool bathtubs to consider?

    I've recently looked into replacing my whirlpool tub due to the nasty water issue. Unfortunately there is only one company that makes a whirlpool tub that doesn't suffer the nasty water issue Sanijet. Even the air tubs can be susceptible to the problem due to the fact that when you drain the tub...
  2. John Giddens

    Need Help W/Cartoon

    Was it TranZor Z?
  3. John Giddens

    Someone stole my saw...

    Smarthome sells these products for those that forget to close the garage door. The autocloser shuts the door for you. Autocloser Wireless Garage Sentry
  4. John Giddens

    Power Back UPS....

    I've got a UPS hooked up to my Replay's, works like a charm. Since PVR's are mostly if not all computer parts it isn't an issue. I hooked them up to a UPS for those rare occasions when the power would go off for a second, and I would end up losing allot more than a second worth of the show...
  5. John Giddens

    Anyone use a manual reel lawn mower?

    Greg Rakaska, There is a current discussion about the B&D cordless here As to your questions, How long does it run on a charge? After 4+ years of ownership I'm not sure because I've never ran out of juice lol. I probably have...
  6. John Giddens

    Anyone here have a cordless mower?

    I bought the Black & Decker model back in '99 and love it. I've got St. Augustine grass so I can confirm the B&D model will handle it. I've used the bag attachment when I've let the grass grow too tall for the mulching feature work effectively, but as long as you mow your grass on a regular...
  7. John Giddens

    TiVo or ReplayTV

    I own 3 Replays and I love them. The newer Replays won't work past their trial period without a subscription or lifetime activation and to the best of my knowledge same thing goes with a Tivo. I don't think Tivo has a lifetime activation option. The Replays have a nifty ability to be networked...
  8. John Giddens

    Home Automation Site?

    Here's some of my favorite sites to look at. Link Removed
  9. John Giddens

    Does anybody have a new Hummer H2?

    Check Edmunds if you don't get a reply here.
  10. John Giddens

    Where to Buy Colored Keyboards Online?

    I've had good experiences with Directron.
  11. John Giddens

    Know anything about double paned windows?

    I'd be skeptical about retrofitting you old window frames with double pane glass. Your pictures wouldn't load for me, just says folder is empty, so without seeing your existing frames I'd say it shouldn't be done. The construction of the window frames is specific to what type of glass is to be...
  12. John Giddens

    panamax 5500

    I'm interested. What's my payment options?
  13. John Giddens

    What ever happened to waterbeds?

    I have a relatively new soft side water bed that I'm extremely pleased with. I got it in early '99 so I can only imagine they've improved them even more since then. The features I noticed that were new to the one I got were, separate water bladders on each side instead of one huge bladder...
  14. John Giddens

    Wading through Car Dealer’s ummm, “Truths”?

    Eric, No reason to be confused, Texas doesn't handle registration and inspections the same way Ohio does. I'll go ahead and try to clarify the differences.
  15. John Giddens

    Weed killer

    Most of the weed kill or weed and feed stuff I've used states on their warning labels to not use around anything you don't want to kill, with the exception of Miracle Grow Garden Weed prevent and plant food. I don't recommend the Miracle Grow Garden Weed prevent and plant food though because it...
  16. John Giddens

    Wading through Car Dealer’s ummm, “Truths”?

    Some how I had a feeling you were in Texas before you even posted that you were. I ran into the same issue on my registration but my inspection is correct. I factory ordered my vehicle so this isn't an issue of the vehicle being registered when it's delivered. Looking at the paper work attached...
  17. John Giddens

    Coke In a Glass Bottle!!

    After seeing those outrageous website prices I thought I'd mention that my local Sam's Club has the 8oz. bottles of Dr Pepper Original Formula made with Imperial Pure Cane Sugar in a 24 bottle flat for $12.38. And realizing this is a Coke thread they have the same size flats of 8oz. Coke right...
  18. John Giddens

    How do I get rid of a woodpecker?

    Since the subject of Woodpeckers came up, I thought I'd share my Woodpecker experience. This is a picture I took of a large crow-sized Pileated Woodpecker. His main body is around 17 inches long. He seems as big as my smallest cat. The only reason he stuck around for the pic is my windows are...
  19. John Giddens

    lawn mowers

    I had a real positive experience with a Black & Decker CMM1000 19" Cordless Mulching/Rear Bag Lawn Mower. As long as your yard isn't too big it should work. I used it for a couple of years before I gave up on killing myself, in the Houston heat and humidity, and hired a lawn maintenance...
  20. John Giddens

    Proposed noise legislation in TX

    To give you an idea of what 65 dB's is there's a list of various sound levels found at In my opinion 65 dB's is too low. That's 5 dB's below Freeway traffic (at 15 meters), and a vacuum cleaner. But I also agree with Philip_G that a little common...
  21. John Giddens

    Replay/Sonic Blue Question.

    There's many way's to do this. If you have a Replay with broadband sharing there are programs you can download to do this. If you have an older replay without the broadband sharing I seem to remember reading something about pulling the hard drive and hooking it up to your computer. I'm no expert...
  22. John Giddens

    ReplayTV 5040 HD upgrade strategy

    Have you posted this question in the replay forum at AVS? If you haven't I would highly recommend doing so.
  23. John Giddens

    Sony "Control S" and "A1II" - what are these?

    Control S works differently depending on when your Sony TV, DVD, or receiver was made.When a Sony DVD is connected to a Sony receiver via S control, pressing 'play' on the DVD kicks the receiver onto the proper input for DVD on the receiver, and it will also turn a Sony TV to the proper input...
  24. John Giddens

    Guys, got a question regaurding friends (somewhat long)

    Your situation sounds all too familiar. I've had several friends from high school like your friends A and B. In fact it was a huge circle of friends A,B,C,D,E,F,G,...While no one can predict how strong of a connection you have to these two, only you can decide what their friendship is worth to...
  25. John Giddens

    Mini RC Racers

    Minor hobby for me. In case you haven't been to this site, check it out. Specifically the Custom Modifications and the forum.
  26. John Giddens

    Looking to buy a washer/dryer and *completely* clueless

    I'll also recommend the Maytag Neptune front loading washer, and matching dryer. I got mine in '99 and I'm very happy with the investment. I would also recommend waiting for your new house. See about getting a gas hookup in your new house for the dryer and getting the gas Neptune dryer. That's...
  27. John Giddens

    PC and Videogame Wrapup for 1/5 to 1/12

    I also wanted to let you know I appreciate and read this thread.
  28. John Giddens

    Replay 5040 - horrible color

    Since you've been to the AVS forum then I'll assume your going to exchange your unit? That's what they recommend.