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  1. brentl

    Win a Denon X5200W 9.2 channel Dolby Atmos AVR with a copy of Insurgent on Blu-ray!

    Quality is amazing, but I'm not sure, this would really piss off my landlord, all the new holes in the ceiling, but hey, Id be really happy.
  2. brentl

    We lost Steve Tannehill

    My heart just dropped today, a I always looked forward to reading in the early days, one of the first 3 websites I bookmarked(along with The Bit and HTF) and visited everyday. The community was so much smaller/closer then, and when we lost the DVD resource it threw me for a loop, but nothing...
  3. brentl

    Shameless Season 5

    Having watched the 3 seasons of this show (if only to the hot Emmy Rossum) I'm really annoyed by almost nothing good happening, OK Lip is getting ahead, but everybody ALWAYS ends up back where they started's actually getting quite old!
  4. brentl

    Neill Blomkamp to direct new 'Alien' movie

    OK, Let me see, did the Aliens series need another?? No I don't think so, but what bothers me is the directors that love the series(or part of:)) and think they could do a new episode justice, we saw that with AvP requiem( what a disaster that was)but I'd love to see it, and I will, I still...
  5. brentl

    For something different: Commercials you actually like!

    It would be really NOT to include the current champion of great commercials
  6. brentl

    Blu-ray Review Les Miserables (2012) Blu-ray Review

    Well now that was a discussion about the movie review:) Anyways, coming from my love of the theatrical version, I can only say that It was only the dodgey camera work that took me out of the movie(as stated above), mainly the need for the depth of field to me soooo minimal in certain scenes...
  7. brentl

    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: Les Miserables - The 25th Anniversary Concert - Recommended

    Cmon, Toronto was amazing.....maybe that's back when they had a huge list of top talent to choose from so the concurrent productions didn't have any problems with casting the lead roles As for this disc, I loved it! It's amazing what you miss when so much time has passed, and how intently you...
  8. brentl

    Our Moderator Robert Fowkes passed away last Friday, Sept 30, 2011

    Wow, my jaw certainly dropped when I read the post, RAF was one of those people that you feel would always be there, always willing to help. He will be missed! Brent
  9. brentl

    Rookie Blue Season 2

    "Some shows get shot in Canada but they do their best to make it fairly unknowable the fake city." Let's not forget that they routinely show the CN Tower during transitions. Oh, they went with the obvious on last weeks show with whole Luke and his EX thing. Brent
  10. brentl

    Stepping Down

    Parker, I've always considered you the "rock" of the HTF, somebody that would always be here, ready to help with his knowledge and his valuable opinion. It really is quite sad to see you step away after all these years. Brent
  11. brentl

    Paradigm speakers and a Yamaha a/v receiver

    Where are you located??
  12. brentl

    The Fighter - quick review

    Looking back I have to admit I wasn't completely satisfied with the final product. I certainly feel for Mickey Ward and all of the crap he went through willingly for the love of the family, and the final realization that it's about his life, his future, and how he always did things for the...
  13. brentl

    "Green Lantern" movie news...

    I agree! I remember seeing Blake Lively in Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants in the theatre(don't laugh:)) and said she was a poor actress, and after seeing her in The Town I found out that nothing has changed. Ryan R has good comic timing so this could be interesting if it plays...
  14. brentl

    Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows (Parts I and II) discussion

    Maybe I'm the only one, but I was looking forward to Ron proclaiming his love for Hermoine when he returned after stomping off, I was actually get a little nervous thinking about it when that part of the movie happened. Brent
  15. brentl

    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Press Event Photos, Video and Contest

    Hey, this old man of 42 saw it twice in theatres, I liked it that much. Count me in. Brent
  16. brentl

    "The Walking Dead" - Frank Darabont, AMC

    Sure, but he's got the start of one great fro I'll say I was more than a little impressed for a TV production, ESP for Amc, the first and best channel for mis-cropping movies. I wonder if this will have any staying power, how much can you do with a zombie?? They don't dance very well:)...
  17. brentl

    projector choice HELP!

    Sorry, I should never go by memory:) Sorry, HD20 is more like it! Brent
  18. brentl

    projector choice HELP!

    Look at something ike the Optoma HD-60, it's only a 720P projectore but it's around $600, if you feel the need, hop up to the hd-66, it's 1080P for about a $1000, but you aren't watching it in a critical fashion the hd-60 would save you $400. Brent
  19. brentl

    Need help choosing a new THX system

    Actually unless I'm losing my money, the on difference between select and Ultra is for the difference between a regular (up to 3500 CU-FT if I remember) and a large room. This means you can't use THX select receivers with Ultra Speaker. The THX speaker you are looking at are THX certified...
  20. brentl

    Time to upgrade?

    In general that is the way things have turned. It used to be best to connect directly to your TV(with all of your audio going to your receiver either by Coax digital or Toslink), but with newer receivers and component and HDMI switching and upconverting it's simply easier to connect to the...
  21. brentl

    Alien trilogy coming to blu-ray?!...

    Ted; I'd almost be willing to pay just to see the Bishop that you describe:)   Brent
  22. brentl

    *** Official SALT Discussion Thread

    I have to say I was pretty disappointed in the flick, it seems everybody is trying to do the Bourne things, and that certainly didn't happen here. AJ is too thin, it's that simple, actually it worries me a little, and to think she can handle a bunch of 200lb men is silly. The jumping...
  23. brentl

    What do you think, is there a chance for Arthur(1981)?

    Had this on Video tape and loved it, actually I would buy it on Blue Ray if it were value priced. That being said I think using Russell Brand as a new Arthur is a bad mistake, I've never seen RB have any sort of sadness in his acting, no regret, something that Dudley Moore had along with his...
  24. brentl


    The biggest difference price wise is the name, followed by the gauge, and build quality of the cable. You'll always pay a premium for a brand name cable, and a few bucks might be worth it, but it's worth spending more for a thicker gauge wire, and better build quality over a better name...
  25. brentl

    *** Official PREDATORS Review Thread

    I don't know I can review this movie when the first one seems to to a perfect mix of action suspense and the unknown. All I will say is Adrian Brody was passable as a lead in an action flick, and the rest of them were pretty much cookie cutter personalities. The best part were the obvious...
  26. brentl

    Movies you saw in the theaters more than once

    I'd like to say I can remember all of the flicks that I saw more than once, but I only remember the most recent Inception 2(third coming up soon) Avatar 2 OH wait!! GREASE .... 11 times in the theatre ........ that would be the Mother and 2 sisters influence:) Brent
  27. brentl

    Alien trilogy coming to blu-ray?!...

    It all has to do with a level playing field for playback. I certainly wouldn't be rushing for a THX certified component anymore, unless the price of entry was only a little more. It's certainly not like the old days of pro-logic when the audio processing made a remarkable difference in the audio...
  28. brentl

    TRON: Legacy (2010)

    I'm actually quite happy if the 3D will be better than what I've been seeing lately. All of these conversions "after the fact" have really soured my excitement for seeing new movies in 3d That certainly doesn't mean I'll rush out to see Tron Legacy in 3D unless I really feel it warrants it...
  29. brentl

    Holy crap! I've been a member here over 10 years!!!!

    What's funny is there are lots of members with 10 years here. What seems to happen, certainly with me, is that the interest wains or the $ or location limit upgrading so we move on. This was always my first home for HT advice(getting and giving), and having lots of fun in the "after hours...