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  1. Chris Brunner

    Press Release BVHE Press Release: The Abyss, True Lies, Aliens, Titanic, Avatar and Avatar: The Way of the Water (4k UHD) (Blu-ray)

    True Lies just landed on my doorstep from Amazon. The Abyss still does not have a ship date. I was asked via email If I still wanted it. Obviously, I said yes. No idea when it will ship. There goes my James Cameron double feature this weekend. The bright side is that I have been waiting for an...
  2. Chris Brunner

    Audio HDMI ARC or Digital Optical

    The Fire TV Cube 3 WILL control another device. I have my cable box connected via the single HDMI input on the back and the remote can open the guide and navigate channels. I can tell the Cube "Alexa, switch to cable" from the main streaming menu. I can even tell the Cube to go to a specific...
  3. Chris Brunner

    Press Release WHV Press Release: Poltergeist (1982) (4k UHD)

    So, has anyone watched this new 4K disk and can comment on the new transfer?
  4. Chris Brunner

    Weekly RoundUp 10-29-2019

    Thanks Mike! I hadn't heard about the American Werewolf SE. I have been meaning to revisit the movie that scared my 15-year-old self (and his new girlfriend) nearly out of the theater. Looking forward to the new transfer and all the extras. Trick or Treat! Chris
  5. Chris Brunner

    Blu-ray Review Pride and Prejudice (1995): Keepsake Edition Blu-ray Review

    Thank you so much for this review. I have bought this series in EVERY format release (x2 on DVD) since laserdisc for my wife, who is probably this series' biggest fan. I'm glad to know in advance that I don't have to buy it one more time, at LEAST until the "Colin Firth Brings It To Your Door"...
  6. Chris Brunner

    Smallville season 10

    How many more episodes are left? It cant be much more than 6 or so. I'm hoping it will start rocking ASAP. I have been waiting for this s a LONG time and am tired of the "let down" episodes, which seem to be in the majority this season. If it weren't "big finish" time, I actually believe I...
  7. Chris Brunner

    Saturday Night Live Season36

    It was odd that it took a cast member from 15 years ago to make the show very funny again. Dana Carvey is a real talent. He was born to be an SNL cast member. It was also just great to see an actor on the show who didn't clearly stare at cue cards all night long. I hope to see him more often on...
  8. Chris Brunner

    Mad Men - Season 4

    Funny, I did too.
  9. Chris Brunner

    *** Official MACHETTE Review Thread

    I think I would have enjoyed this movie a LOT more had my wife not been sitting next to me.   I will have to sneak in the BD when it's available for a more relaxed viewing.
  10. Chris Brunner

    Weekly RoundUp 9-7-10

    Is the "Poltergeist" BD something new, or is it just a price drop? Been wanting to pick that one up.   c
  11. Chris Brunner

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Pride and Prejudice -- in Blu-ray

    Does anyone know what's the deal/differences with the NEW version of this Movie on BD that arrives this week? I just bought the old BD version to give my wive for Mother's Day, and, this morning, I see a new re-issue is due on Tuesday. Thanks. C
  12. Chris Brunner

    American Idol - Season 9

    Hanson, Thank you for expressing my EXACT sentiment for the Miley Cyrus showcase last night. The only way the producers could have a LESS credible mentor would be if they start using ex-contestants to "give advice" to the current crop. I felt sad for the eleven who had to look her in the eye...
  13. Chris Brunner

    American Idol - Season 9

    Sad to see Lacey go. I actually enjoy her voice soft voice and modest approach. Can't understand why Page didn't go first. Also, while I am in no way adverse to seeing a cute blond shaking her stuff all over the stage, I don't know why AI puts someone like Kesha on the show. With the main...
  14. Chris Brunner

    Les Paul Tribute by Jeff Beck at 2010 Grammys

    And I highly reccomend Imelda May's album Love Tattoo. I have been listening to it for almost a year now and cannot get tired of it. She really rocks "old school". Enjoy! And, though not on Love Tattoo, this one also keeps me boppin': C
  15. Chris Brunner

    Warner & Netflix announce a way to throttle BD new releases

    Longer wait times for WB titles PLUS an new $4 extra per month for BD discs? (I didn't have to pay a surcharge when I added HD-DVDs to my account back in the day.) Sounds like Netflix is making good money on these new practices, but I am getting nothing in return. In fact, services I have...
  16. Chris Brunner

    Oppo to introduce lower cost BD player

    Of course! This is happening because my wife really outdid herself and bought me a BDP-83 for Christmas. :( It's not the lower price that will make me sick, it's if there are newer/better features. I didn't want just ANY BD player and had a hard time convincing her the justification of the 83...
  17. Chris Brunner

    Black Friday 2009 sales thread (DVDs/BDs/videogames/HDTVs/players)

    I sure wish Oppo was having a killer Black Friday sale. I showed my wife the URL for the BDP-83, but she can't justify the price when so many other players are dipping below $150.
  18. Chris Brunner

    WHV Announce: Fawlty Towers and Black Adder Remastered

    I can't wait to hear some reviews about the new PQ of Fawlty Towers. Anyone have any input or links to such reviews? Thanks! C
  19. Chris Brunner

    Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season Seven

    I had that EXACT same breakdown when I bought a 3 pack of scissors from Costco. "How am I supposed to open this if I have no scissors?!?!?!?!?!" Those blister packs should be OUTLAWED! I cut myself on them almost every time. Thank you LD! C
  20. Chris Brunner

    Oldie of the day

    I love all these old songs. My mom has a huge 45 collection and, when I was in elementary school, I went through every one, A & B sides. I grew up with songs from the 50's and early 60's during the 70's. The simplicity and energy of the music from that era will always be my favorite... oh and...
  21. Chris Brunner

    Superman Returns Sequel discussion thread

    Chris, you said it perfectly for me, EXCEPT that I am STILL watching the show hoping that each episode will be the one to put it back on track. Actually, I should say that I'm "dozing" through each new episode. C
  22. Chris Brunner


    This is a really great show. I keep forgetting that I am not watching a "made for HBO" series. The quality is amazing. I could watch Ian McShane fold the laundry for hours, provided he makes commentary while doing it. C
  23. Chris Brunner

    The Master, Merged TRUE LIES reissue thread: When, oh when?

    OH COME ON!!! A thread EIGHT YEARS OLD with people begging for this movie to be properly released in the U.S.. WHERE IS THIS DVD???? This is NOT an obscure film. It has MEGA stars with a MEGA director (who happens to have a new "cutting edge" film on the horizon). The SE materials already...
  24. Chris Brunner

    Your Favourite E.L.O. Music DVD?

    Zoom. I have the Discovery DVD set, but I actually WATCH Zoom from time to time. Amazing audio on that one.
  25. Chris Brunner

    Weekly RoundUp 4-21-2009

    Thanks Dave. I had forgotten that it came out this week since it wasn't in the Roundup. Off to Best Buy!! Gratefully yours, C
  26. Chris Brunner

    Star Wars the TV show?....

    Is six months too long to not have heard one peep about the live action show? C
  27. Chris Brunner

    Superman Rebooted

    Lobo? He was great in the Animated Series. C
  28. Chris Brunner

    Midseason Premiere/Return Dates?

    That was the only show I was looking for in the list. I'm also glad to see it still has a pulse. Thanks C
  29. Chris Brunner

    Saturday Night Live - Season 34

    What was Coldplay's FOURTH song? They must have played it after my DVR stopped recording during the final bow. C