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  1. Jeremy Jones

    Celebrity Sightings

    I've got 3. I was walking not 3 feet away from Davy Jones from the Monkees a few years ago. I didn't say anything, though. I went to a Ringo Starr concert and during the finale, we all went to the front near the stage. I kept pointing at him, and finally, he smiled and pointed back at me...
  2. Jeremy Jones

    Apocalypse Now SE?

    Well, I went ahead and ordered Hearts of Darkness on VHS. Something is better than nothing. But, I wish he would put it out on DVD! You know Paramount would be willing.
  3. Jeremy Jones

    Apocalypse Now SE?

    Any insider news on an Apocalypse Now Special Edition? I'm considering buying the VHS copy of Hearts of Darkness and I'm REALLY hoping they're considering putting out at least a 2 disc set with it on there. A 3 disc set with Redux and the original would be nice, too. :)
  4. Jeremy Jones

    I HATE PDFs!!!!!!

    Get a Mac! Then, you can use OS X Panther's Preview, which is the fasted PDF viewer out there. There are some side effects, though. No viruses, popups, and the like. I've had a G4 iMac for over and year and have had no crashes. Get a Mac and get happy! :)
  5. Jeremy Jones

    Hitchhiker's Guide Teaser out!

    I didn't notice it either! Nice touch, though, especially for fans.
  6. Jeremy Jones

    Hitchhiker's Guide Teaser out!

    Try right clicking on the link and saving it. That's how I got it to play.
  7. Jeremy Jones

    Hitchhiker's Guide Teaser out!

    Ain't It Cool News has a link to the first teaser for the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!!! One of my favorite books, radio shows, and movies (okay, television movies)!!! I can't wait! If it's half as funny as the BBC version, it's gonna rock! Here's the direct link...
  8. Jeremy Jones

    "Pirates of Silicon Valley" on DVD?

    Well, I've almost worn out my taped copy from TNT so count me in. But if they do release it, I hope they add a documentary about Apple Vs. Microsoft, maybe even Triumph of the Nerds which is a great documentary.
  9. Jeremy Jones

    Hey Guys! Your favorite shave....

    Mach 3 is the ONLY razor I'll use. So far, anything else is a joke.
  10. Jeremy Jones

    When will Robinson Crusoe On Mars be released?

    Well, any new news from the Paramount guys? This is definately one that should get a nice special edition treatment.
  11. Jeremy Jones

    11 tv show i would love to see on dvd

    Dukes of Hazzard Greatest American Hero Star Trek TOS (Season Box Sets) Remington Steele Knight Rider Seinfeld(Which is in the works) Johnny Quest Police Squad Superfriends Season Box Sets Wonderful World of Disney Actually, all of these should be in Season sets
  12. Jeremy Jones

    Obscure References

    3 orange whips phrase was in the Blues Brothers. John Candy. Heheheh. And, the Dumb as a bag of hammers is O' Brother, Where Art Thou.
  13. Jeremy Jones

    Obscure References

    Smart as paint, you are.
  14. Jeremy Jones

    Remastered "Smokey and the Bandit" - any chance for an SE?

    I just hope they include the edited-for-television version. It's almost funnier with the TERRIBLE dubs. "Listen here...SCUM BUM!" I think I read somewhere that no one had ever used that phrase before that. Heheheh!
  15. Jeremy Jones

    Scenes That Gave You A Chill...

    First and foremost, "No. I am your father." The moment Neo walks into the lobby and opens his coat. You know it's about to get messy. The best romantic scene to me, believe it or not, is in It's A Wonderful Life, when Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed are using the same phone to talk to their...
  16. Jeremy Jones

    The Matrix Revolutions (2003)

    My vote. Sucked. Reasons? 1. Too over the top. There were way too many bullets and squiddies flying around. 2. The Merovingian. This guy is pointless. You could take him out of both films and wouldn't lose a thing. It feels like filler every time you see him. 3. Too much blood and...
  17. Jeremy Jones

    ***Official LOTR: The Two Towers DVD Discussion Thread*** -- All Posts Here; NO EXCEPTIONS

    I watched it on my Samsung 30" TXM3096. RED STREAKS. I thought it almost looked like it was supposed to be a 3-D movie. Very distracting. Also embarrasing was that I had people over to watch it. They noticed it immediately. I was worried I had my television contrast wrong until I read this...
  18. Jeremy Jones

    All heed! The end is near!

    Also, Samsung makes a nice 30" widescreen tube. I bought one for my bedroom and LOVE it! Great home theater for a smaller room or bedroom.
  19. Jeremy Jones

    All heed! The end is near!

    Yes, the end is near, and it's a good thing! I went by Wal-Mart last night to check out the new renovations to the electronics department. There, in the back, are the rear projection televisions. So far, there'd only been 4x3 hdtvs. Now, there are 4 16x9 hdtvs and only 1 4x3! I guess people have...
  20. Jeremy Jones

    Robin Hood, Sierra Madre, Yankee Doodle Dandy - 2 Disc Specs

    Wow! I wasn't expecting a 2 disc special edition for Treasure of the Sierra Madre (my favorite movie of all time!!!)! Thanks Warner, you've definately got 3 sales here. Can't wait to see all of them in the 'night at the movies' format.
  21. Jeremy Jones

    New Cover Art: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

    Top 10 Reasons to buy Sgt. Pepper 10. Where else do you see Peter Frampton, The Bee Gees and George Burns at a funeral together? 9. Alice Cooper's great boxing moves. 8. That great anthem you'll be singing in your head: "We hate love, we hate joy, we love money." 7. That cool...
  22. Jeremy Jones

    "WOW!" Moments in the Movies

    Okay, I'll bite. 1. Watching Humphrey Bogart change from the affable Fred C. Dobbs to the crazed, gold-fevered, madman in Treasure of the Sierra Madre. 2. The opening sequence of Star Wars A New Hope. Was 5 years old and I hadn't heard anything about it! The only real time I forgot I was...
  23. Jeremy Jones

    The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

    Okay, just a quick thought. If the Architect works for the machines or Matrix, why did he want to meet Neo? Obviously, they could've wrote a program that connected the 'door of light' to the source. Somehow either the Matrix or the Architect wanted Neo to go back into the Matrix or it doesn't...
  24. Jeremy Jones

    The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

    Okay, I've now seen it 3 times. And, like the first one, I still like it. For some reason, I like the Burly Brawl better on each successive viewing, especially the Smithisms("More","Me,me,me.", "Me too."). Things that are more apparent on the 2nd and 3rd viewings: 1.) That Neo does shake...
  25. Jeremy Jones

    The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

    Just an interesting observation. In the Animatrix short Second Renaissance, they talk about the machines city or country called Zero One. It sounds almost like Zion. Probably nothing, but you never know.
  26. Jeremy Jones

    The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

    Wow! Thanks for the quick answers! Heheheh! Actually, I didn't notice that the "White" Room was a construct. Must go see it again! And I work straight through till Friday. Ugh. One more thing I'd like to mention. Although I do love the visions of the Matrix, I really did enjoy the idea that...
  27. Jeremy Jones

    The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

    Well, here's a few interesting things I came away with. First of all, I loved it. Any movie that says "Didn't watch the first one? Too bad. Didn't catch that last bit? Sucks to be you. Too fast and intelligent for you to grasp? GOOD!", I'm there. 1. I think this iteration of the Matrix is...
  28. Jeremy Jones

    Apple sells more than 1 million songs

    Here's a thought. Apple made a million dollars this week. Now, remember, Apple Music ONLY works with Apple computers, currently 5% of the market. So, if they bring in Windows customers, they stand to make a total of $20 million a week. They say they'll have a windows version out before the end...
  29. Jeremy Jones

    Sgt. Pepper's FINALLY coming!

    I agree Matthew. It's the worst film I totally love. Cheese oozes out of it, but somehow it's just fun. I guess I'm one of the few who love both the Beatles and Bee Gees versions of the songs(and yes, I am a BIG Beatles fan, with Anthology, Hard Days Night, and Yellow Submarine dvds). I just...
  30. Jeremy Jones

    Sgt. Pepper's FINALLY coming!

    Yet another guilty pleasure is finally coming out. The 1978 Bee Gees/Peter Frampton spectacular, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Where else can you see George Burns sing a Beatles song, Billy Preston bring back people from the dead, and Peter Frampton kick Steven Tyler's butt. Actually...